Basic introduction of outdoor rainfall power distribution cabinet

Rain -proof power distribution cabinets are widely used in building lighting and small power control circuits of hotels, apartments, high -rise buildings, ports, stations, airports, warehouses, hospitals, and factory and mines. In the indoor lighting and power distribution lines with a current of 450V and below, the current is 250A and below, it is used as a line overload protection, short -circuit protection, and line switching. This type of equipment is suitable for the venue that civilian use or non -professional personnel can enter. The product complies with the standards of the “Low -voltage complete set switching equipment”.


The box design will be closed safely with the power site, the switching handle is exposed to the box cover, which can be operated outside the box. Open the lid can be maintained.

The power distribution box is equipped with a neutral line terminal (or copper volley) corresponding to the output circuit and the ground protection line terminal (or copper volume);

The inlet hole of the box is knocking on the hole, which is distributed on the upper and lower end of the box. You can also open the waist pores according to the user’s requirements and seal it with the cover;

The size of the wall of the wall is basically consistent with the size of the embedded wall dark -fitting box. The difference is that the dark -loading box panel is slightly larger than the bright box panel;

Conditions of Use

The temperature of the surrounding air is not higher than+40 ° C, not less than -5 ° C, and the average temperature within 24 hours shall not be higher than+35 ° C. When exceeding, it shall be reduced according to the actual situation;


Used indoors, the altitude of the use place must not exceed 2000M;

The relative humidity of the surrounding air is not more than 50%when the maximum temperature is+40 ° C, and there is a large relative humidity at a lower temperature, such as 90%when+20 ° C. However, it should be considered that due to changes in temperature, it is possible It will occur the effect of condensation by chance;

It should be installed in places where there is no severe vibration and impact and is not enough to receive electrical elements that should not be corroded.