Zhao Yazhi’s temperament is really admirable. It is still yellow in such a big age.

#What to wear today#


I believe that in everyone’s wardrobe, there will always be one or two coats, especially in the autumn and winter or even early spring, which is the time for the C -position to occupy the C position.

The versatile is also foreign, and it can also be concave.

Compared to other jackets, the coat seems to be more feminine, less personality, a little more gentle, and even more wearing


Moreover, if the coat is wearing, there is really no situation of stepping on the mine. As long as you pay attention to the version and design, you can easily wear a sense of fashion.

Therefore, in the autumn and winter season, many sisters prefer coats, warm and high -level, and can also set out a certain fashionable effect, or it can be said that you may just put on a good -looking coat, you may be

Fashionable essence

It’s right.

For the coat itself, it is also a big age. From children to the elderly, they can almost control, and they are really super foreign.

At the same time, some coats are in color and version, all of which are

Men and women

Therefore, as daily couple clothes, it is also very suitable.

In the airport style, most of the stars are also appearing in a coat, just like Zhao Yazhi, a yellow coat out of the street,

Not only foreign, but also age reduction.


Therefore, I have to say that Zhao Yazhi’s temperament is really admirable. She is still yellow when she is so old. It is not like grandma.

In fact, in daily life, you can also wear coats to make themselves warm and more comfortable, and at the same time, they also have highlights.


Analysis of Zhao Yazhi’s dressing


Yellow coat


Highlight: Lamb hair/medium long model/straight tube

In fact, for yellow colors and high saturation, many people feel that it is not suitable for middle -aged and elderly women, and it seems a bit violated.

But Zhao Yazhi proved it with a yellow coat: even if he is old, he can still

Wearing bright colors like young people!

The effect of the focus is also good.

The medium -length yellow coat is made of lamb hair material, which brings a little warmth, and at the same time looks more playful to reduce age, so it is more skinny in wearing, and

Really white.


The straight version of the tube can reflect more figure, it is very textured to wear, and at the same time

It’s relatively thin.

Matching: light coffee color inner cloth+small white pants

In the matching of clothing, a light coffee high -necked shirt with inside is the opposite of the version of the coat.

Also even more displayed.

Especially for women with necks, turtleneck shirts are not only warm, but also show a sense of elegance.

The light coffee color is also very gentle and restrained.

The lower body is paired with a pair of white pants and white pointed boots. It is equipped with fashion and leisure, and it is also beautiful. Whether it is out of the street or daily wear, it is OK.

How to choose a coat in middle -aged and elderly women

Get rid of the sense of monotonous with bright colors

For bright colors, many people feel that it is not suitable for middle -aged and elderly people. In fact, this is not the case. In the overall dress, it can be used to decorate the clothing with bright colors to show a sense of elegance. At the same time,


It is also extraordinarily beautiful


However, it is worth noting that the saturation of the bright color system, such as bright yellow and dark yellow, is yellow, but because of different lightness and saturation, the effects brought differently.

Middle -aged and elderly people choose a bright color with low saturation, which can show a temperament.

Dressing is better.

Simple and generous


In addition to color, in terms of overall clothing, you cannot skip fancy, everything is mainly simple, so it is not messy, exaggerated, and more tender.


There is no modification of the overall clothing,

From version to color to design

There seems to be no embellishment, which is a reflection of high -level and fashion, and it is even more dressed.

Atmospheric fashion.

Therefore, for Zhao Yazhi’s dress, it can also be seen that Zhao Yazhi’s dress is really suitable for mature women. It looks elegant and unpretentious, and it is quite temperament.

Other coats wear look

White long coat

For long coats, it is not suitable for small children to wear, especially girls under 160, which looks very textured, and it is also short.

And the long version, although the warm wrapping is very good, but it is more heavy to wear, so it is more suitable for tall children to wear, supporting a strong aura,

Looking at the high -level atmosphere.

In the design of clothing, orange decoration is more exquisite and beautiful, in line with the color of the bag, so it is not exaggerated.

Instead, it is more exquisite.

Black waist coat

Black coat, in the autumn and winter season, is more common,

The design of the waist A -line version

It is also suitable for most people’s figures. It is not stressful to wear, but also shows a


In the clothing, add some tassel decoration and embellish it on the clothing, both

Sense of styling

, It can also look beautiful, while also showing temperament.

Black little incense stitching coat

For a coat, if you do n’t want to wear it flat, you can choose some designs, such as stitching is a good choice.

On the black thick flower coat, a white stitching design is added. It can increase the highlights when wearing it, but also looks particularly attractive, and the black and white stitching is also very fashionable.

Low -key but charming.

The lengthy version, without buckle, even more refreshing and handsome,

Walking with wind.