Buddha Rulai necklace: Merit and good merit, always keep peace

The Da Ri Rulai Buddha is the destiny Buddha of the sheep and monkeys. Wearing it on the body, you can get more protection.


The name of “Da Ra Ra” appeared in the “Da Nichi” translated by the Sanzo Tibetan in the seventh century AD. “Da Sun” means that except for darkness, it can become a public, and there is no life and death. The wisdom characteristics of the Great Sun Rulai are like the sun everywhere and everything; the compassionate behavior of the Great Ri Rulai, the Guangze sentient beings, the sunlight promotes the vigorous growth of creatures; The meaning of “big sun” is better than the sun.

Ancient French Buddha Rulai Rulai necklace, with Rulai Buddha as the source of design, the front is Rulai Buddha, with “卐” in the chest. This is regarded as a perfect merit, the meaning of auspicious clouds. The back of the back is the Buddha sitting on the lotus seat, engraved with the four words of Ping An Yong.

Inheritance of non -heritage art ancient law

The ancient casting technology of the national intangible cultural heritage is made of traditional processing methods such as tires, hammer, carved, golden, inlaid, and filaments, and carefully carved gold jewelry. In the forging room, Fang Hua reflected.


Golden Buddha adds a peaceful life

The Great Ri Rulai Tantra is the fundamental Buddha of the universe. It is tender or dry, not happy or sad, enhance cultivation, and protect life. No need to expect the time, if the heart is to the edge of the Buddha, it is where the heart is not available.

There is a switch in the inside of the Scripture incense


Discover the top lotus. The back of the Buddha statue is designed with a hollow way to design a silhouette of the Buddha. The inside of the hollow can be used to place the Buddhist scriptures, spices or other commemorative autonomy.

On the hot summer, let go of impetuousness and calm heart. Wear the ancient French gold Buddha Rulai necklace and turn on your “decoration” world!