Recommendation of the latest housing design model

I often listen to the friends around me. When there is a home, I hope that it is the outside and that is like that. I believe many people want to have a set of Xiao Nuanwo that belongs to their dreams, but I want to design a wonderful model with a wonderful model. You always lack some inspiration, and often cannot find the ideal model in your heart. So, let me bring you a few beautiful house design models.


1. New Chinese style:

Chinese style is a relatively free and casual style, but Xiaobian likes to use some Chinese style jewelry to decorate the indoor environment in terms of decoration. For example, a series of traditional ornaments such as Chinese painting and purple sand utensils, so that whether it is a wall or other decorations, the entire atmosphere is full of Chinese style. It makes people look serious and warm.

2. European style:

The European style has a noble and elegant atmosphere. This style is extremely particular about the shape in terms of decoration. To give people the first feeling, it is very noble, dignified, elegant, and easy to feel the strong cultural atmosphere. In terms of buying furniture, it is generally used to use a large and exquisite European -style furniture to modify the European style, so that the overall creates a gorgeous, noble and warm feeling. Emphasizing the gorgeous decoration, the strong color impact, and the exquisite shape to achieve the supreme noble decorative effect.


3. American rural style:

The American rural style is full of strong, quiet and simple romance. It is a style that has evolved from the rural lifestyle in western United States. At the same time, it has the beautiful shape of classicalism and the function of neoclassicism, which is simple and comfortable. This style attaches great importance to the natural comfort of life, which fully reflects the simple flavor of the classic countryside.


The above is the style of the house that I like. I wonder if the friends who read this article have the style I like to recommend. Is there a impulse to decorate their own house immediately? The house, stay in a happy nest with the one he or her beloved.