“Ten Yuan Store”, really can’t buy losses and be fooled? Talk for a while before going to bed

Talk for a while before going to bed, there is a world in dreams. Hello, friends, hello.

“Ten yuan and ten yuan, all ten yuan.” I wonder if you still have an impression of the ten -dollar shop commonly used in the past? From stationery, kitchenware, to small electrical appliances, cosmetics, various daily small products are concentrated here, and it doesn’t cost much to pass by a few.

Now in many shopping malls, an upgraded version of “Ten Yuan Store” is accelerating the layout. A variety of jewelry, relatively low prices, a house jewelry shop is attracting consumers to stop.

Some people said: When I was a child, I could not refuse to have the earrings in the 10 yuan store. When I grew up, I would obediently walk into the Internet red jewelry shop.

If the past ten yuan stores are “sold” in the past, these emerging jewelry stores have deeply cultivated the vertical fields and target potential consumption targets to young people and women.

Nowadays, fashion wear on various platforms is widely spread, and jewelry is no longer limited to the gold and silver jewelry that maintains elegance and symbolizes identity in formal occasions. Loose clothes with fine waist chain, short hair with small and exquisite earrings, and even sportswear can be put on a street wind chain. The accessories are becoming a necessity for many people. In order to create a sense of atmosphere, there is no need to be entangled in materials and brands. As long as the appearance is appropriate and “wearing a look”, these all laid the demand base for the popularity of jewelry shops.


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At the same time, emerging jewelry stores know the consumer’s mentality and greatly improve the shopping experience. Different from the chaos of the Shimonian store, the jewelry shop is finely classified, and the sketches such as hats, bracelets, and head hoop are reasonably placed. The stenosis of the store, many jewelry stores have large area and complicated dynamic design, to provide possibilities for slow shopping and slowly picking; unlike the simple decoration of the ten yuan stores, these jewelry shops are well -designed, with simple solid color backgrounds, with simple solid color backgrounds and backgrounds. Careful setting mirror and lighting, so that young people who come to take pictures and punch cards easily “out”.

At the same time as consumption meets social needs, jewelry shops become online red shops.

Recently, from a cheap jewelry store to an online one -dollar store, low -cost small commodity retail stores seem to have a trend of recovery. It was just as some people said: “Several yuan store track” has quietly completed several “blood changes”, which is different from the scene of the year. but,

For consumers, it is the store that changes, and the unchanged is cheap. Whether it is really “ten yuan” or a few or tens of yuan average price, even though the merchant can also obtain a lot of profit from it, the seemingly low price can always become attractive to consumers.

There is no need to compare the three houses, there is no need to choose carefully, no group coupon discounts, it is suitable to buy, and you can buy it arbitrarily. It is not a pity that even if you only use it once. These fast -moving small products have solved many small problems for people, and many consumers have brought the happiness and satisfaction of easy to get.

In the past few years, the topic of “consumption downgrade” has caused people to discuss extensively. Is the “ten yuan store” consumer downgrade? In fact, with the improvement of living standards, people use more income to meet higher -level consumption such as social and aesthetic, and buying net red accessories is also one of the manifestations. On the other hand, the pursuit of low price and low price and not buying expensive is exactly the manifestation of the upgrading of consumer concepts.

From the perspective of supply, the full development of consumer markets will inevitably bring richer supply channels and form more market competition. The small commodity industry will be new, realize a win -win situation for merchants and customers, and also create conditions for consumer upgrades.

However, it is necessary to see that buying “Little East and Xiaoxi” is often accompanied by impulse consumption and improvisation consumption. The seemingly cheap objects may also squeeze your wallet little by little.

In the consumer society described by Baltricia, a product will form a close temptation chain with other related products to induce people to continue to consume and restrain our lives. Indeed, when you buy clothes, you will think of the jewelry. When you buy jewelry, you must consider the appropriate beauty. A series of products have formed symbolic value, so that people can “stop” as soon as they buy, and sometimes even ignore real needs. Under the influence of fashion trends and low prices, many products have become “one -time” or “daily throw” and the phenomenon of excessive consumption and waste, which is also worthy of vigilance.

Nowadays, the retail industry of small commodities is moving towards the direction of creating brands, innovative styles, and optimizing the supply chain. For consumers, consumer concepts also need to adapt to market changes. Re -reflect on the slogan of “ten dollars, you can’t buy losses, you can’t buy it”, we may find:

The ten -dollar store may bring people the courage to “buy”, or the chaos of “miscellaneous objects”, and the dilemma of “throw it once”.


After all, it is better to drive consumer desires to drive consumer demand instead of the demand for consumption.

This is exactly:


Ten dollars, not much, you can’t buy a house, you can’t buy the car, and you can’t reach Moscow;

Ten dollars, casual, useful and not full of “nests”, no matter how big the house is, there is no place to put it.

(Text 丨 Tian Bula)

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