80 elderly people shoes evaluation: high health hardness, Yierkang’s resistance to resistance is not too much

Nandu News Reporter Yang Liyun Intern Zhang Ruilin’s old people shoes are popular with the majority of elderly people because of their main promotion, softness, non -slip, and wearing resistance. On October 9, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission jointly teamed up with the Consumer Protection Commission of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui Province to release 80 old -fashioned shoes for comparison tests.

结果显示,意尔康(型号规格:8412FA88806W-90/250)、温尔缦(型号规格:111-1/250)等14件样品耐折性能不过关,足力健(型号规格:602/250)、 Top 12 samples such as Yierkang (model specification: 8412FA88806W-90/250), which have high hardness and easy to fatigue. Baibujian Super Fiber Nano series (model specification: 1903/235) has the worst elasticity.

14 samples such as Yierkang

Folding resistance is not too much

Folding resistance is an important basic indicator that reflects the quality of shoe products. The engineer fixed the sample on the fold -resistant test machine and flexed 40,000 times in a row. Check whether the sole is broken, the help of the noodle material, the slurry, and the gel of the bottom to reflect the bending resistance of the shoes in the normal dress. Bending performance.

The test results show that among the 78 samples participating in the test (other 2 pieces) samples, 14 samples have excessively turned on or cracks (7 samples do not meet their explicit standard requirements), and the length of the glue is 5.5– Between 37.2mm, the length of the crack is between 6-15.6mm.

Including the Wimbled 3D silver defense skil running shoe (model specifications: 111-1/250), which is produced by Haikun Shoe Industry Co., Ltd. (model specifications: 111-1/250), L’en Alpina casual shoes produced by Name Quanzhou Famous Rabbit Shoes Co., Ltd. (Model specifications: DSX916/245), Namey Erkang Co., Ltd. produced by Yelcon Co., Ltd. (Model specifications: L002/250) and so on.

12 samples such as Fuli Jian and Yierkang

High hardness and fatigue are easy

Elderly shoes are usually soft, bounce back, and comfortable. The comfort of the elderly shoes can be reflected by indicators such as outsole hardness and microporous bottom compression deformation. At present, standards such as tourism shoes and casual shoes have no requirements for these comfort indicators.

In terms of outsole hardness, the lowest outsole of 80 samples is 39 and the highest is 72. Due to the changes in the foot of the elderly and the decline in physical function, it is closer to children’s needs for shoes. In the recommended standard of children’s leather shoes, the outsole hardness of the shoes is between 45-65. The outsole hardness of 16 samples in this comparison test is less than 45, 52 samples, and the outsole hardness of the 12 samples is higher than 65.

High hardness shoes, when walking, forming bending is relatively large, and the feet are prone to fatigue. These 12 samples include: Fuli Jian Safe Safety Shoes 2.0 (Model Specification: 602/250), Ling Chao Middle-aged and Elderly Step Shoes (Model Specification: LC-09/250), Double Star Celebrity Eight Super Men’s Shoes (Model Specification: 7SXM-80E670-1/250), Jiufang Step Shoes (Model specifications: JF-018/240), Jiufang Step Shoes (Model specifications: JF-999/255), Crocodile casual fashion shoes (model specification: 608555555555 /250), L’-Alpina casual shoes (model specifications: DSX916/245), Yearcon Yierkang men’s single shoes (model specification: 8412FA88806W-90/250).

Bai Bujian old people shoes

The worst elasticity

In terms of return elasticity, the compression deformation of the microporous bottom is a test of the anti -compression deformation of the microporous material of the sole, and the degree of the advantages and disadvantages of the elasticity of the elasticity after the pressure deformation of the sole will be returned to the elasticity during daily wear.

The test results show that among the 76 pieces participating in the test (the other three non -microporous materials soles, the one -piece soles cannot be sampled), the best microporous bottom compression deformation of the rebound is 11%, and the rebound is the most rebounded. The compression deformation of poor micropore bottom is 40%, which is a Baijiaxian super fiber nano series (model specification: 1903/235). In addition, the micropore bottom of 16 samples compressed more than 35%, and the rebound was worse. Including competitive shoes (model specifications: J9092/250), healthy old man shoes (model specifications: 1909/250), Chenma Chenhorse shoes (model specifications: 869-1/250), etc.