The giants Kuota Xu Ziqi is amazing, the black semi -transparent dress is sexy and bold, and the skin is too charming.

You must know how to use different matching methods to show different matching styles on different occasions. For example, in the workplace, white -collar women want to wear generous and decent, but also to be stable and serious. The matching method of skin is often more eye -catching, and the effect of putting on the body will be better. The giants Kuoguzi Ziqi wear a black semi -see -through dress sexy and bold, and the skin is too charming.

Xu Ziqi’s styling analysis:

Own shoulder -style dress -show the perfect right -angle shoulder

Xu Ziqi was amazing again. Wearing a black semi -transparent dress was sexy and charming, and could not hide the feeling of lady. Xu Ziqi wore an off -the -shoulder style dress. Dress is an indispensable item in every girl’s wardrobe. The dress is very diverse in style design, and it is also very varied in color matching. The combination of style design will wear a completely different matching effect. The off -the -shoulder style black dress perfectly shows Xu Ziqi’s beautiful right -angle shoulder, which is simply too charming.


Asymmetric design -creating a sense of visual imbalance

The design method of this dress uses asymmetric design on the chest to present a visual imbalance. On the one hand, the high -side design method allows this dress to show a diversified sense of hierarchy in the design of the chest. In terms of more conventional design methods, this visual imbalance brings a stronger fashion.

Half -view design -increase sexy value


For mature women, whether in daily wear or on the stage, you can use more moderate perspective fabrics. Perspective and hollowed out. The presence is just right.

Lace fabrics -bullshit now adds a sense of exquisiteness


Xu Ziqi’s black tube top dress on her body is very simple and low -key in color design, and a basic black black is very stable. The part of the sleeve and waist is used to decorate. The sense can be found in conservative and sexy through this looming way.


Analysis of other styling of Xu Ziqi


Green one -shoulder style dress

Bright green will be eye -catching on the body, but this color usually has a little high requirements for skin tone. If the skin color is not fair enough, it is not suitable for wearing this bright green or bright Chinese red. The design of the dress on the shoulder uses the design method of the shoulder to show the lines of fragrant shoulders and collarbone, but it is sexy but not exposed.


Semi -perspective white dress

The basic white dress is very versatile, and the adaptability to the occasion is also very strong. There is no problem to wear on many occasions. However It is also necessary to use some careful machines. For example, using moderate perspective fabrics in the upper body to increase the effect of transparent and not exposed, it instantly looks much more foreign.

Tibic dress color dress

The skirt with a sling style is very friendly for the ladies and sisters with a very straight shoulder. The lines of the fragrant shoulders and collarbone can be fully highlighted through the design of the suspender, but for the shoulders slipped or figure, they are skid or figure. The young ladies and sisters are not very friendly. Xu Ziqi’s dress with a bright and rich color design method to show a visual eye -catching feeling. She is both eye -catching and rich, and she looks full of noble women.

Xu Ziqi’s figure is not a very slender type, and even with a little richness, but this kind of just the right sense of plump just shows the charm of mature women to the extreme.


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