How to wear “muscle men” naturally? He is the best model


“Muscle Man” and “Fashion”, everyone will naturally associate NBA.

Indeed, those players who are handsome and good -looking, in addition to comparing the test skills on the court, are also a beautiful feast. Many magazines will set up a “best dress” every year for this year. The list award of the class adds a trace of “smell of gunpowder”.

Such as James, Wei Shao, Russell, Tucker, Harden … These basketball stars are not only good in ball skills, but also their favorite style.

Because of their tall figures and muscles, they have always been regarded as a demonstration of “fitness muscle men”.

However, the best model of muscular men wearing style.

Maybe today we are talking about the protagonist


Jamal Adams


It will be more suitable.


Summer is coming soon. If you have a fitness plan, or your body muscles have already exceeded ordinary people, then after watching him patiently, I believe you will gain something.

Who is Jamal Adams?

Jamal Adams is a star player of the NFL Rugby League.


Because rugby has no mass foundation in China, it is not as extensive as basketball and low familiarity. Therefore, everyone will not remember the NFL players like NBA players.

But it doesn’t matter, even if we don’t understand the professional terms of rugby, we may wish to comment on Jamal Adams’s fashion style today.

What must be clearly,


Because rugby skills are stronger than basketball, rugby players are generally more “big” than basketball players, and muscle development is higher


Therefore, in the reference of muscle type men’s style, NFL players like Jamal Adams are more representative.

The connection between NFL and the fashion industry is not as close as the NBA. Inside, Jamal Adams that wears it is particularly eye -catching.

You can think of Jamal Adams as “NFL’s prestige”. It is also known for its unique style, with a strong personal label, and I do it.

However, at the specific style level, compared with the Wizard,


Although Jamal Adams’s style is also full of anger, it is a little exaggerated, paying attention to the actual wear effect

It can combine the highlights with reality, “fashion wisdom” is superb, and knows how to wear its own style.

#, Why does he?

I believe that everyone has read articles such as “how to wear big muscles”, and each of them is different.

In fact, the muscle -developed man only needs to follow a general principle in the wear:

Don’t make your clothes look like you are going to explode at any time


In other words, if it is not in the gym, try not to wear tight clothes as much as possible.

At this point, Jamal Adams also follows this basic principle.

For large pieces, the version of the clothing is the beginning of everything.


We can see that whether in spring and summer or autumn and winter, Jamal Adams’s selection of single products has well implemented the “appropriate amount” standard.

His style will not be too tight to make people feel uncomfortable, and it will not look too loose and make the block look more heavier. The slim version with the remaining amount is a powerful foundation for Jamal Adams style.


Where is the “appropriate” criterion here?


Even if the muscles are developed, in fact, everyone’s body shape is different. You only need to remember this principle and try to find more muscle outlines that are suitable for you.


Of course, muscles must be showing out.

At this time, choose the right


It is crucial to the style of muscle men.


Jamal Adams also knows this. Most of the time he will choose

Elastic knitted top

This texture can better wrap the muscles, leaving appropriate space and the characteristics of the fabric will not be tightened. The vaguely shows the perfect lines of the muscle.

Even in the summer, the Jamal Adams T -shirt, POLO is mainly knitted, weakened the “aggressiveness” of the muscle body, but retains the advantages of the overall body and temperament, and the natural air field is not reduced.

Not to mention autumn and winter.

Autumn and winter Jamal Adams’s favorite jackets are mostly sweater, and wool itself is a flexible material.


The elastic texture can well outline the bumpy muscle body, showing the body advantage, and the thick and warm texture also makes the tiger’s bear waist tenderness like water, and gives a rare elegance.

Jamal Adams’s figure is actually more biased towards an inverted triangle, with wide shoulders and narrow hips, and large shoulders.


But this body is often a little shorter than the actual height.

In order to pursue a slender figure, Jamal Adams will work hard in the proportion of shape.


In summer, most of his short -sleeved T -shirts are standard

Five -point sleeve long

Short pants are often just knee

This shape can better wrap the upper body and leave the slender “calf”.

The proportion of the lower body is stretching, making Jamal Adams’s inverted triangle thinner thinner and slim than the actual. Under the modification of the clothes, it weaken the bulkyness of the figure and is taller and lighter.

Also, Ye Zi has recently introduced “

Long -sleeved shorts

“The shape is also well implemented by Jamal Adams.

It is not difficult to get it here that this way of wearing is very suitable for muscle men.


Compared with the five -point short sleeves, the wrapping of long -sleeved tops is undoubtedly more sufficient. With the cooperation of shorts, the proportion of the lower body is more “exquisite”, and the effect of “lean thin” and “high” The muscle body can wear a sense of fashion and flexibility.

On the shape of the trousers and jackets, I found no, Jamal Adams jackets are mostly

“Box” tailoring



The wide box -type jacket tolerates the “thick feeling” of the upper body of the inverted triangle, and at the same time leaves the slender lower body ratio, so that the strong muscle body forms a perfect “four or six bodies” ratio.

For relatively light and flexible shorts and long sleeves, the wide box jacket here has become the elegant and decent rate of Jamal Adams.

And different styles of jackets can show a variety of style and temperament, the simple and sharp work of the work, the sports and leisure of baseball jackets, and the elegant charm of the retro leather jacket, all make Jamal Adams look more than just muscular.

In fact, the style of Jamal Adams is not too complicated. He is also based on American streets and sports leisure that many people prefer.

Many times he can see many luxury explosions and popular items on him.

But Jamal Adams is praised.

He has a very outstanding figure, and he can grasp the single product that is suitable for himself according to his body, and then form a style image with his own temperament characteristics.

Simply put, it is to be able to give full play to his strengths and know where you are.

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, Jamal Adams is also a “lascivious”.

All kinds of complicated stamps and bright colors are not uncommon on his developed muscles.

But Jamal Adams can digest well.


Through a simple and simplified way, with clean pants and inside, so that romantic items can become their own style and personality, and they can also be reflected in the strong appearance. Special sophisticated taste and skill.

Mility Clothing military style is also one of the style branches of Jamal Adams.


Similarly, it is recommended that muscle men are romantic if you don’t try military style.

Regardless of whether the style is traditional or new, a labeling military single product existence, under the interpretation of a strong body, it is easy to wear brave masculinity.

In fact, Jamal Adams is still a master of stacking.


Jamal Adams tells us that the burly people are playing with stacks. It does not need to be too complicated. The simple and clean three -layer structure will be more advantageous.

Whether it is a routine retro classic wearing jackets in the long coat, or a novel trend of short vests outside the jacket, it is a detailed and sharp technique.

I have to say that the color details of Jamal Adams played when wearing stacks are also particularly picky. The addition of red trench coats and blue coats makes the ordinary stacking shape have a unique bold personality.

It can be seen from Jamal Adams that the style of muscle men has never been the same, and many restrictions.

“Strong and burly” is the temperament of the muscular man, but it is just the foundation.

In addition, you need to expand more and sublimate, and then you can continuously enrich your style and connotation, so that you are no longer a single -limit appearance.

Can a muscle man also dressed well. Is it you?

Jamal Adams