Gina has a new height, gray sweater with long trousers tall and tall, the waist is as thin as P.

Elegant women never worry

It’s not fancy enough

Because as long as the temperament is raised, you can stand out no matter how you wear it.


Gina is Langlang


Xiaojiao’s wife is really beautiful. Even if she goes out every day, she chooses a gray knitted top with

Black slim trousers to concave shape

The black baseball cap looks very fashionable and full of casual style.

01. Color matching is classic

Highlights: Gray and Black Combination



You can choose the color very much. You know, both gray and black are classic colors. You can rest assured to choose them. They can only produce a collision of color.

Form more severe color impact

, But it won’t let people

I feel too exaggerated

Instead, it can make everyone feel the advanced through the combination of color distribution. Gina has a new height again,


Gray sweater with long trousers tall and tall

The waist is like P. ▼

02: knitted vertical stripe top


The gray top that Gina chose uses knitted fabrics,

In the cold autumn and winter seasons, you can keep warm after selecting a knitted sweater, because its material is soft and comfortable


, So no matter how you wear it, you will not feel very restrained.


This creates a full level

, It can also extend people’s visual effects vertically. Gina



It made me sour again. The sweater was tall and thin with long pants, elegant and fashionable.

03: Black jeans

The status of denim elements in the fashion industry

Always stable

Because it is a must -have for everyone’s travel, it is an artifact that shows the leisure style. Its material is stiff, which can make you look


More shape

After choosing black, its tolerance becomes stronger, because black itself is a very thin color. ▼

04: The overall slim version

we can find out that

The overall version of the selected body is relatively slim, because Gina’s body is particularly good, so she loves to show out through the tailoring of the self -cultivation.

Her perfect S -shaped curve

This is the advantage of hot girls. Since you have a good figure, you must present it in front of everyone. ▼

05: embellishment of accessories

When going out everyday, the embellishment of accessories is also essential.


Baseball is a single product that fashionistas will choose. It can not only play a good decorative role.

It is conducive to your concave shape and can also cover the sun. It is very practical. You can choose with confidence. It can also let you wear a female star’s aura. ▼

When going out daily, the pursuit of comfort is of course the most important, but if you need to participate in important occasions, you can’t help but have some Chinese clothes with a strong design sense.

Want to learn how to wear the delicate and charming of the little woman? Let Gina tell you ↓



① tube top dress skirt

Presumably no young woman will refuse her dresses, especially the beautiful eyebrows like Gina. You must show your most confident parts, like

It is white and thin, so you can naturally use the tube top skirt.

The tube top skirt can show her large white skin, showing exquisite collarbone and round shoulders. Women with right -angle shoulders are really perfect with it, but it is still relatively high in figure. It is not recommended to be too fat. Beauty eyebrows are used. ▼

② Light gauze chiffon material


We can also make some innovations in materials. For example, when choosing a evening dress, the material of light gauze chiffon can make you present a smart and elegant temperament. , Very gentle, very suitable for the beautiful eyebrows of ladies. ▼

③ Feather elements

In addition, the feather elements are also gorgeous. It can simply stitch it on your chest, but only a little embellishment can make

You present the gorgeous visual effect of swan

You only need to choose feathers with the same color as it, or you can decorate appropriately in the skirt, so that you can show the noble sense of princess. ▼

④ suspender skirt

Suspender skirt and

Tube top skirt

In fact, there is a wonderful work of the same work. They can completely show your upper circumcision curve. The requirements for the body are relatively high.

This is even more such with a very thin suspender


, But it can bring a very refreshing experience, so it is suitable for sweltering summer. When you go out every day, you don’t need to choose such exaggerated designs. ▼


⑤ Daily commuting wind

When we go out every day, we can also use a dress to make a concave shape.

Like a pure white lace skirt, it looks very noble. Lace itself is an element with a sense of high -level sense.

It can enhance your temperament. Everyone must remember that you must choose a lace with strong definition so as to improve the level. ▼

The appearance rate of the small floral skirt is also relatively high. Using green can make your skin look fair, cute and playful, and special, so age -reducing sense of age, middle -aged women can choose with confidence, do not worry about stepping on stepping on stepping on thunder. ▼

Gina’s body is good, so naturally you have to show his most sexy and charming through a skirt. Of course, you can’t bury your advantages with a good figure.

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