Outdoor integrated cabinet solution

1. Detailed explanation of the main internal functions and characteristics of integrated cabinets

1. The internal function of the outdoor integrated cabinet is divided into equipment compartment and battery compartment according to function.

(1) Equipment warehouse: The device warehouse is distributed on the right side of the cabinet, and is separated from the battery warehouse with a partition to facilitate the heat insulation of the equipment space.

(2) Battery storage compartment: It is used to install the battery, and the inside of the cabinet has a thermal insulation cotton to achieve the thermal insulation effect. The cabinet is also equipped with a shading cover to achieve the effect of sunscreen and waterproof. The cabinet is equipped with an exhaust device to release the harmful gas generated by the battery.

(3) Wind inlet equipment size: The integrated outdoor cabinet of the base station uses a standard size cabinet with a standard cabinet size.

Second, the main characteristics

(1) The box has the characteristics of dustproof, sun protection, rainproof, etc., and adapts to the outdoor environment in all aspects;

(2) Ventilation and heat dissipation of the equipment warehouse cabinet;

(3) The battery cabinet adopts a semiconductor refrigeration method (the roadside cabinet does not have this configuration);

(4) Each cabinet is equipped with DC-48V lighting fixtures;

(5) The cabinet has induction capabilities and environmental monitoring functions, which can realize the alarm and uploading of power loss, power failure, access control, temperature, humidity, smoke, water immersion, battery voltage, etc.

(6) The cabinet layout is reasonable, and it is convenient for the introduction of cables, fixed and grounding, and is convenient for maintenance. The power cord, signal line, and optical cable have independent line holes, which will not interfere with each other;

(7) The cables used in the cabinet are flame retardant materials;

(8) Small volume and simple advantages of site selection and construction. OLT outdoor integrated cabinets can be suitable for underground parking lots, corridors, roofs, green belts and other scenarios in the community. With a modular design, the installation is very simple. 2-3 people can easily complete the device fixing and installation;

(9) The cabinet is highly integrated, has the advantages of green environmental protection, and reduces operating costs. The entire cabinet can be designed as a single cabin and double -cabin. ③ In the space of 800mm*depth 800mm*height 1800mm (three structures), the OLT main device, embedded switch power supply (rectification module), reserve battery, heat dissipation system, ODF light matching and other parts are integrated. The cost is low, the power consumption is small, and the operating cost can be greatly reduced;

(10) Modular design, with high reliability and simple maintenance advantages.

3. Classification of outdoor integrated cabinets

Outdoor integrated cabinets are divided into single -cabin outdoor integrated cabinets, double -cabin outdoor integrated cabinets and three -cabin outdoor integrated cabinets.

2. Double -cabin outdoor integrated cabinet

The configuration form of the two cabinets: Different functional cabins in the cabinet. Equipment cabin -use heat exchange or air -cooled method (according to the use of the equipment, the use of air -conditioning refrigeration), the BBU can adopt air -cooled or heat exchange.

3. Double -cabin outdoor integrated cabinet

For the construction model of dual -network shared base stations or sites such as GSM networks and 3G networks, due to site capacity

The reason for the large amount is to use the three cabinets. Equipment cabinet 1+ equipment cabinet 2+ battery cabinet is usually used. The equipment cockpit is generally used in heat exchange or air -cooled method. The battery compartment adopts semiconductor refrigeration and air -conditioning refrigeration.

Fourth, the composition of outdoor integrated cabinet

It is composed of the cabinet body, OLT main device, embedded DC power supply system, power distribution unit, cabinet air -conditioning heat dissipation system, UPS power supply, reserve battery pack, ODF light -equipped unit, dynamic ring monitoring unit, and cabinet lighting system.

(1) OLT main device: compatible with 19 -inch and 21 -inch standard OLT main device installation.

Embedded DC power system: The DC power system of 48V60A and 90A is used, and the integration and output of cabinet monitoring on the power system are provided on the power system. With the monitoring port of the battery pack;

(2) Power distribution unit: The power distribution unit provides oil engine/municipal electricity lock input switch, mobile oil engine waterproof interface, B+C -level lightning protection module, DC output air switch, AC output air switch, maintenance socket, etc.

(3) Air conditioning heat dissipation system: A AC compressor air conditioner and auxiliary fan are used to heat dissipation. Generally, air conditioning with 500W/1500W cooling capacity with auxiliary fan is used to form a cooling system.

Battery team: Provide 4 sections of battery installation space below 150AH/12V to meet the single OLT device for more than 3 hours.

(4) Dynamic ring monitoring unit: providing access control, water immersion, smoke, abnormal municipal electricity, and anomaly alarm, and use the RS485 interface to upload the monitoring signal to the dynamic ring system.

(5) ODF optical allocation unit: integrated 12 cores, 24 cores, 36 cores, 48 ​​cores, 72 cores, 144 cores, 288 cores, 576 core FC-FC scheduling racks, for the end-end of the outer optical cable, Successful end.

(7) 4.UPS power: Generally, 2kW or 3KW UPS power supply is generally selected.

(8) cabinet lighting: Each independent cabin provides a set of 48V/220V LED lights. When the cabinet door is opened, the LED light can be turned on.

5. Main technical performance indicators

1. Use conditions: Environmental temperature: -40 ℃ ~+60 ℃; environmental humidity: ≤95 ﹪ (+40 ° C); atmospheric pressure: 70kPa ~ 106kPa;

2. Material: hot -dipped zinc plate

3. Surface treatment: skipping, rust removal, rust -resistant phosphorus (or galvanized), spraying;

4. Cabinet load bearing ≥600柜.

5. Box protection level: IP55 level;

6. Flame retardant: meet the requirements of GB5169.7 Experiment A;

7. Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the grounding device and the gold workpiece is not less than 2x104m /500V (DC);

8. Voltage resistance: The resistance between the grounding device and the box gold workpiece is not less than 3000V (DC)/1min;

9. Mechanical strength: Each surface is affected by vertical pressure> 980N.

Outdoor integrated cabinet solution