Due to the thoracotic national team, 10 plastic shifts were successful, Chen Xiaoyu blocked unscrupulous means?

I finally had a tearing lens for a few days ago, let netizens are full of eyes.

The actor Chen Xiaoyu took the ancestors to tear on the spot,

Although it is some inexplicable, it is still satisfied with the gossip mentality of the majority of melon people.


And the parties Chen Xiaoyu classmate, became the hot search character of entertainment gossip, and the popular water rose high.

Let’s talk about Chen Xiaoyu and Yulian’s tear starting at the Raw Sister 2.

In the recent romantic sister 2 record, Chen Xiaoyu and Yongzu were divided into a group.


Yongzu is automatically selected as the captain because of the highest human value.

The team of this group also had Zhang Xinyu, Chen Yuchong, Lu Yi, Jiang Yingrong, Jiang Yixia.

Because the total number of people in the whole group is the lowest, when the song, the captain’s Quanzu lost the priority song right.

Leading to her hand, a song, difficult coefficient, and performance presentation is very tested.

And the contradiction between the two appeared in the process of lyrics.

Chen Xiaoyu took the lead in proposing the first part of singing songs, that is, the beginning.

Everyone knows that Li Zongsheng’s song is a hard sang,

Don’t say it is an ordinary person amateur player.

Even the professional singer also needs to experience the unique taste.

After hearing Chen Xiaoyu,

The same group of Lu Ye and Zhang Xinyu almost show surprised and doubts.

It also puts forward their suggestions to Chen Xiaoyu, and the probabilistic meaning in the words is:

“The beginning is actually very difficult, and I have to sing very stable.”


In short, Chen Xiaoyu, is not a professional singer.

You can make the beginning part to the same group of singers,

After all, the same group includes the captain Zhu Yu, and there are two professional singers.

They are more competing for singing with songs.

At this time, the captain said ancestor, and the beginning part needs to sing a charm.


Of course, this sentence is to talk about Chen Xiaoyu, but it is quite objective.

At this time, our Chen Xiaoyu students directly increase the decibels to respond to Yongzu,

It’s hard behind, I can’t sing, leave you.

The probabilistic meaning of this sentence is that the beginning of her sing, even if the captain said it is useless.


So, the atmosphere was slightly deadlocked.

Then, the team leader Yulian’s sentence,

Completely activated Chen Xiaoyu’s lacrimal gland and made her tears on the spot.

Yongzu puts forward, then everyone tries to sing some of the respective words.

As the captain, the trial requirement, whether the manager of the identity is really suitable for the respective parties.

This is a natural and natural thing, and the performance of the captain is responsible.

As a result, when Chen Xiaoyu, it turned directly to her weapons.

After Chen Xiaoyu listened to the words of the ancestors, Chen Xiaoyu immediately issued a protest.


Yongzu is now trying to make yourself ugly.

I have to sing and prepare my own singing. At this moment, she tried to sing, just forced her.

After saying these words, Chen Xiaoyu began to cry.

And our heaven, the ancestors and other group members have seen this situation,


Chen Xiaoyu, this tears, it is simply to come, so that everyone can’t work.

But the show will continue to record, so everyone has quickly traveled to persuade Chen Xiaoyu.

The captain Jane, and even quickly apologizes.

And the exemption of Chen Xiaoyu explained that his original intention is not what she thinks.

She is thinking about the whole group, I want everyone to find my best part,

Play outstanding, not eliminated.

Belong ancestors before the lens, ran to Chen Xiaoyu, at least 5 times, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Our Chen Xiaoyu classmates, the next operation makes the melon netizens can’t see it.

In the face of the ancestors who cried to her, Chen Xiaoyu did not give her from the head to the end.

After the show broadcast, the two quickly got hot search, Chen Xiaoyu’s social account comment area directly fell.

The almost consistent station team criticized Chen Xiaoyu, called it is the latest spokesperson of green tea,

In order to want to be red, don’t hesitate to speculate, and ignore the sincerity of the ancestors, there is a problem.

In the face of the hot discussion of netizens, the next day, Chen Xiaoyu released a small written text as a response.


At the end of the small essay, Chen Xiaoyu is relaxed, and the friction with Yongzu,

It is a sentence to “there is a bit of a rib and”

Such a response, naturally, it is very dissatisfied with the majority of eating melon users.

Everyone ran to Chen Xiaoyu’s account to continue to leave a message,


I call it sorry to say to Yizu.

What Chen Xiaoyu took it, completely, it is not a high-hanging attitude.

One week later, a shampoo advertising official in China went out to cooperate with Chen Xiaoyu.

It has been a follow-up.


Chen Xiaoyu didn’t know because the new endorsement was a bit fluttered.

Still can’t stand the negative comments,

On the same day, Chen Xiaoyu under his social account,

I have sent a comment in the sky.

Specialize in attacking those fans against her, and I will directly name the ancestors.

It is not as popular as yourself.

This fans operates again, and the attention and hot discussion of netizens.

Those who have been ancestors before the ancestors.

I have ran to the shampoo manufacturer account to leave a message protest.

Two days later, the washing advertising man withdrew the identity of Chen Xiaoyu,

And delete the relevant official announcement.

The rapid response of advertisers, let all netizens express their feelings very happy.

I finally revenge it for the ancestors of the grievance.

In fact, the sentence is the truth, before the wastry 2 broadcasts,

Chen Xiaoyu is still some audience in the entertainment circle.

Before, netizens were all positive comments to her.

It is worse than now.

Chen Xiaoyu’s long face belongs to a typical gentle, white, thin,

It is a bit like a southern girl, but in fact, she is Northeast Jilin people.


At the age of 10, due to the innate physical condition,

Chen Xiaoyu entered the Beijing Dance Academy attended school and learned professional ballet.

Chen Xiaoyu, a high school, a mid-term school,

Because the dance talent quickly became the leader of the class.

Unfortunately, when I arrived in the fourth grade,

She has caused serious asthma due to practice dancing.

So Chen Xiaoyu’s parents began to consider wanting her to give up ballet and learn something else.

In 2005, Chen Xiaoyu graduated from the North Dance,


At the same time, I took the North Dance University Department and the Central Ballet.

But Chen Xiaoyu at that time, because his asthma has never improved,

Under the parents’ suggestion, the dream of ballet has to be given up.

In the process of restoring the body, Chen Xiaoyu decided to try the way of performance.

Beginning the art test of the second year.

In 2006, Chen Xiaoyu took the absolute advantage in the professional class.

Easily tested the Sinotess Performance.


At the beginning of the university, Chen Xiaoyu first electric shock TV screen.

I took my first play “Catch”.

Although I entered the entertainment circle, Chen Xiaoyu has not opened it.

Until the “small leave” broadcast in 2016.


Chen Xiaoyu played a role that does not match its actual age in this drama.

The back of a 10-year-old child.

Although the role is challenging, Chen Xiaoyu has a higher completion of the role.


Successfully let the audience remember her look and name.

In the same year, the director of “small leave” director Wang Jun was “such as a rumor”.

I found Chen Xiaoyu in the second degree.

“If the Biography” is very powerful,

From the test, it caused the enthusiasm of netizens.

Chen Xiaoyu played in the opera in the play, very judged,

After the play from the play, Chen Xiaoyu’s popularity has improved a lot, and a number of fans pay attention.

Of course, in the entertainment circle, there is not enough work, more importantly, there must be a topic.


Obviously, Chen Xiaoyu, a few years ago, knows this.

In 2018, Chen Xiaoyu appeared in a sportswell in the goose factory.

Due to excellent sports talents and sexy body leadership, netizens are hot,

I became a headline topic.


In the show, Chen Xiaoyu is in a black sexy piece of body,

With a small hard-working swimming experience, I won the first place in the 50m swimming competition.

Let Chen Xiaoyu are not the game itself, but her series of Versailles operations.

Before the start of the game, Chen Xiaoyu was nervously using his hands to cover the exposed chest.

After the competition has come out, face the host’s praise.

Chen Xiaoyu came directly from Versailles to respond.

Chen Xiaoyu is exposed, when it is very small,

Because of the excellent swimming, they are selected by the national swimming team.

And the reason why the national team should be shoulder,

First, because I have already got the admission notice of the North Dance,

Another reason, it was the birth of your own chest at the time than the same age.

Physical conditions are not allowed.

This wave responds, let everyone pay attention to her excellent history,

Also successfully lead the topic’s focus on your own good body,

For a stars for missing traffic, it is simply a suitable self-hype.


The variety of the goose factory, not only let Chen Xiaoyu have been in the hot play list for a while.

Also made her unexpected harvest, that is, I met the 5-year-old boyfriend in Xiaoyu.


In February 2019, Chen Xiaoyu was taken with the media to be intimate peers, and the two love exposed.


Subsequently, the two were officially official, and generous.

Not long after, the TV series “Youth Fight” directed by Zhao Baogang is broadcast,

Because the plot is highly popular.

And Chen Xiaoyu, which has an important drama, once again obtained high exposure.

In May of the same year, Chen Xiaoyu and his boyfriend were in Xiaoyuan, with a couple of real people showed a real fan of Mangoai.

In the show, Xiao Chen Xiaoyu is 5 years old.

Presenting the audience, it is a Mombao male image that controls powerful, emotionally unstable, immature.

Netizens have hug 不 纭 陈 陈 陈 陈

It is believed that Xiaoyu is really worthy of Chen Xiaoyu to him.

For an alien, Yu Xiaoxuan accidentally tied his collection.

Directly ignore the date of appointment and Chen Xiaoyu, put it in the home,


Let Chen Xiaoyu have been waiting for more than one hour alone at the date, and there is no call.

Not only that, but Xiaoyu is still talking to your girlfriend to prepare a surprise painting.

After a second, I don’t know what the floods in the body broke out.


Come to the temper, drop the brush directly, leaving unfinished paintings alone.

There is also the mother of Xiaoyu, I am in the show.

After 35 years old, I can consider marriage, I have to listen to her.


Otherwise, don’t give an account book, how he can.

Mom’s sentence directly gave Xiaoyuan’s “Mombao Men” label.

However, Yu Xiaoyuan’s most angry, it is also the end of the street event.


In a certain period, the two are driving on the road.

At first, the song was placed in the car, and the two followed him, talking about smiling, the picture is still very harmonious.

The last song is fast, and the prelude to the next song is only broadcast for a few seconds.

Chen Xiaoyu suddenly turned it quickly, this kind of conscious action,

It is completely anger that is driving in Xiaoyu.

Yu Xiaoxuan immediately asked Chen Xiaoyu, “What is this?”


Chen Xiaoyu made very grievable, pressed down the volume, and the little reply,

“This is the song before the mobile phone, I will not listen for a long time.”

Yu Xiaoyuan’s answer to Chen Xiaoyu is obviously unhappy, then questioning, “What is this?”

The two have been stalemating for a few minutes like this.

Yu Xiaowei was finally blown, and stopped the car directly on the side of the road.


Reach your hand to grab the mobile phone in Chen Xiaoyu.

Chen Xiaoyu did not give him, and Xiao Yu directly opened the door and get off.

Chen Xiaoqi also followed the car, then, on the road,


Yu Xiaoyu pointed to Chen Xiaoyu to have a ten minute, and Chen Xiaoyu,

The whole process has always been a good temper to repeat it.

This scene can see the audience netizens distressed.

After the show broadcast, netizens said that the mobile song list of Chen Xiaoyu is curious.

I want to check the inside information of the song inside.

I want to know why Xiaoyu will have such a big response.

However, finally did not solve the truth.

However, boyfriend in Xiaoyu, let a large number of female netizens are completely angry.

I feel that she should leave in Xiaoyu early, find a better person.


Later, this relationship did not have a long time.

In August last year, the two official officials declared.


However, it is said that the reason is still proposed by Xiaoyuan,


And he quickly was taken from the media.

In that two years, although the relationship is not smooth,

However, Chen Xiaoyu’s “love brain” is a lot of good feelings for her.

In addition to the trigger, Chen Xiaoyu’s “face” is also hot.

After the TV series “such as the Biography” and several variety shows,

Chen Xiaoyu’s face change caused the attention of curious netizens.

Netizens turned out the photos of Chen Xiaoyu as early as the early days, compared with now,


Can not be said to be completely different, can only be said that the gap is quite large.

The Chen Xiaoyu, who will, the whole face looks full,

The nose is not quite enough, the cheekbone is highlighted, the skin is also black.

Look at her now, the five senses become distinct,

The magical disappearance of the cheekbones, the proportion of the chin is just right,

There is also the skin that has become white and translucent, and it is not too much.

And Chen Xiaoxi gives the explanation that he has had 10 faces of the face.

However, people who understand the beauty are known that the whole bone is a pseudo concept.

There is no substantial role in the face adjustment.

Confused Chen Xiaoyu and the current phase change,

That is not to go on the entire face.

This year, because of the romance 2, Chen Xiaoyu’s popularity has reached an unprecedented height.


Unfortunately, these heats are relying on some negative news.

Today, with the aesthetic and vision of netizens,

Compared, the star is also required to have good ideas and forward guidance.

Dear stars, if you really want to take your own place in the entertainment circle, you need to practice well.