The most complete study abroad bags in history: Lightly in the epidemic, permanently bid farewell to three four

The date of the school is approaching every day

You are ready to go

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In the face of massive baggage?

Choice Phobia Disorder? Seriously delay?

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What kind of symptoms are you can give you right away from your neck?

According to the head of the neck

“Super Quanchang Studying Luggage Package List”

A item CHECK

I will never say that I have lost three or four!


# 必 旅 旅间 during the epidemic


Package / luggage size weight science

# 包包 品品


Packing the thunder area

· Travel essential during the epidemic

COVID-19 Travel Tips

The epidemic period long-distance flight,

Doing protection is the weight!

take plane

Mask must be worn

Other equipment such as protective clothing, protective eye mask, protective gloves can be sealed.

As for whether there is an epidemic prevention article such as a large number of masks from China, the neck is advised:

The appropriate amount of masks that have been used for about 3 months to prevent in case.

But there is no need for excessive carry – the British mask supply is sufficient, and the main supermarket shelves are sold, and

There is also one sex / repeated mask in Ryman / Paperchase / Boots / Amazon.

Amazon website sold cover ▼

And the supply of disinfection products is more fried in the UK!

➢ All supermarket stores, online stores have sufficient disinfection free of washing liquid trafficking

➢ Almost any place in any place (restaurant, shopping mall, supermarket, subway, train station, etc.) provide disinfection freely in the door and indoors.

Image source FinancialTimes

Second, the airliner has a very stringent provisions on the portable and consignment of disinfection items:

Cannot carry alcohol content of more than 70% in any way, or contain flammable explosive, other dangerous components

Therefore, the neck is advised

Carry disinfection and wet tissue and mini-loaded fluids, do not bring large bottle disinfection liquids, and buy them directly after arrival in the UK.


Image source Twitter @ TSA

· Travel Equipment Information Technology


Baggage / suitcase info

Long-distance travel eternal issue NO.1

Luggage size and luggage weight


Let’s hit it!

Backpack, portable baggage

Hand Bag

The choice of backpack mainly looks at it


Spa mode, size capacity and shape

Requirements and considerations! But the neck is advised,

Try to choose a tandem, a backpack / Messenger bag with a zipper, saving.

Image Source Travel & Leisure


Reasonable space

It is convenient to take personal documents and required items on your trip, and do not do it for your hands.

In order to be safe, the flight number will ask passengers to put the backpack in the upper bag or the front seat before takeoff.

There is a zipper, a closed package ensures that important document passports such as passports will not lose due to slipping.

Image source NYMAG

Recommended Brand

: The North Face, Herschel Supply Co., Fjallraven Kanken, Tortuga, etc.

Boarding the box / boarding baggage

Hand luggage

I remember that everyone can’t afford to eat milk. For boarding cases, you must consider that the seats above the seat are very limited.

When you choose, you should grasp the size of the boarding box according to each nautical information!

Each airline requires image Source Skyscanner ▼ on boarding baggage

RIMOWA, SAMSONITE, AROLITE, EASTPAK, TUMI, Ni Lai, Aihua Shi, diplomat, etc.

In addition, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, radioactive materials, toxic goods, corrosive materials, guns (including simulation toy guns), items with obvious odor (such as durian), etc., are absolutely prohibited in the boarding box!

Checked baggage

Checked luggage

Most international airlines are required

The long-width of the checked suitcase is not more than 158cm

(Royal Dutch Airlines and Turkish Airlines, but

Actual situation According to airline bags, there will be

The reference is as follows:

Specification of each airline on the size and weight of the boarding box ▼

After determining the hard requirements of the trunk, it is considered


Practical durability

The time.

First of all, we are all best to hold the checked baggage full of burst, casually, one can be overweight; secondly, there is a common feature of the luggage from all over the world, but there is a common feature –

Throw your baggage, fast

. The baggage box with poor quality is very likely to be scrapped once.



Necks are recommended to buy quality, flexible and waterproof ship. In addition, it is too much weight, otherwise it is easy to overweight.

: Samsonite, Crash Baggage, Rimowa, Han, Rui, Millet, TravelPro, etc.


Pay attention to, fragile or easy to damage the items when cleaning up the luggage items.

Lithium battery with laptop and personal electronic equipment (charging treasure, etc.)

, Perishable items, samples such as valuables, precious metals and gold and silver products, X-ray, personal needs, etc.


Can’t appear in the shipping box


Image source chinasouthernairline

In addition, the following items don’t have to plug in the shipping box:

Bedding, big bundle sanitary napkin, large cotton jacket, contact lens care solution, common Chinese food, pot bowl, etc.

Don’t let the above thing occupies most of your luggage space! These can be easily purchased in the UK.

· Package item list ·

Packing check List

The most important package list is coming!

Don’t look small

Packing list

Only place something to place

Your journey can be easy ~

The following neck is pressed according to

Luggage order

To organize a lot of baggage with you ~


Hand Bag Items

Essential file material

Travel equipment

Protective Equipment

Essential file material

Image source fulton agency

– passport:

As an international general identification, you can’t lose your passport

– ID card*:

Foreign do not recognize, but it is possible to handle domestic certification in foreign countries.

Admission Offer & Cas:


When the customs, the staff may view the relevant information, such as professional / graduation, etc., convenient

– Multiple 1 inch, 2 inch and passport sizes standard documents

Originally used in the UK to register / other country visas

– Rental contract:


Formal contract for school / school hostel

– English transcript original

– Tuberculosis report

– Diploma / degree certificate completed before going abroad

* Neck-long recommended contracts, etc. All print out to carry paper or download to mobile phone in advance, so that information can be viewed without a network.

2. Travel Equipment


– All kinds of electronic products: mobile phone, ipad, kindle

– Electronic product accessories (earphone / charging cable / charging treasure):

* Carry charging treasure needs to pay attention to capacity, generally not more than 20,000 mAh

– Neck pillows and eye masks:


It is important to be a small partner that is not easy to fall asleep.

– Microfinking cash:

The official means that the British entry and exit £ 8,000 is not required, and the neck is recommended to bring a small amount of cash. Behak the bank card as soon as possible after arrival

Because of the epidemic, most places only accept contactless bank card payment

– United Kingdom (temporary) Call:

You can purchase a temporary British phone card on a treasure, or the world roaming of the domestic call card.

– Bank card:

Visa / MasterCard, etc. can be used internationally on bank cards

3. Protective supplies

Image source loveExploring


Alternate masks, alcohol wet wipes must be indispensable.

Goggles, gloves, protective clothing, etc., you can choose to wear yourself according to the situation.

Boarding goods

Hand luggage items

Electronics & Conversion Plug

Important document copy

Travel loadware suit

Two three pieces of laundry

1. Electronics & Conversion Plugs

Mission: Electronic products not used in large / journey are recommended to put it in the boarding box

– Notebook

– Digital camera, shoot

– Game console, remote control board


– charger, conversion plug, etc.

* Conversion plug:


A long wiring board is matched with 2 China to the British conversion plug.

If you forget it, it doesn’t matter. The British airport store is available (but closed is more early, so try to bring it from China)

British plug & socket long like this ▼

2. Copy of important files

Image source thispruce

Important files are copied and put into the boarding box

In order to provide information on the official.

Extreme situation: When important files are missing, the procedures have been handled, and therefore it is recommended to copy multiple copies to different baggage to prevent loss.

3. Travel loadware kit

Image source aliexpress


DIY a set of own favorite

Wash set *

– Whether it is a delicate pig man / girl, the waiting office / plane / turning is convenient and comfortable ~

* Especially

Toothbrush, toothpaste, facial cleanser, bath (travel), wash (travel)


Wait, take the first day to stay in the dormitory, there is no time to buy, you can also have a bath bath bath!

4. Two three pieces of laundry

Image source Familyvacationcritic

Long-distance travel years experience, often the following conditions:

➢ Checked luggage has not been reviewed, so staying at the departure

➢ Checked baggage delayed 3-5 days or even a week

➢ Checked baggage and misplaced place or even lost

➢ Checked baggage by other passenger errors

In this case, it is very important to prepare a few pieces of saving in the portable suitcase!


Checked goods

Checked luggage items




Daily living living

Electronic products replaceable accessories


Beauty products



Necks Suggestions – Want to use a vacuum compression bag using a vacuum compression bag: Can save a lot of space!

If there is no special requirements, come directly to the UK

Big buying is also very convenient!


The following is the standard of consignment clothing:


– Personal underwear

Comfortable and small size, no weight

– 1 ~ 2 pieces thick coat:

The UK is more cold in 9/0 months. If you haven’t arrived in the first day, you have no time to buy quilts, you can help you with a night.

– Favorite ornaments:

Does not take advantage of the space without white

– 1 ~ 2 pairs of shoes

– From a small memory item:

Some small partners have a sleeping plush toy, pillow, towel, etc. from small, have to come to the UK together, otherwise you will miss them very much.


2. Daily living supplies


Image source chopal

Because personal habits are different, the following is for reference only:

– Strong umbrella:

A strong umbrella can help you have a demon wind in the UK!

– Portable tableware:

just in case

– sandals:

The British home / dormitory is generally used to light or wearing socks, and the small partners who are not used to remember to bring their own arms.

– Nail shearing set:


Nail knife, grinding nail knife, digging sprinkle, etc.

3. Electronic products replacement accessories

Source stdevelopers

in England,

From the accessories of many electronics to mobile phone case, the style is very based on and monotonous.

If you are a small male girl pursuing personalized, you might cry in the toilet. Therefore, you have to pick up a cool related product before you travel!

– Mobile / tablet protective case & tempered film & keyboard mouse

– Data cable of electronic products:

Most of the UK are available

– British standard / European standard conversion plug:

UK / Continental

– (Bull) insert:

Safe and reliable and multi-appliances are used simultaneously

– U disk:

Requires from time to time (not especially necessary)

4. Drug

Image source EURACTIV

Strong suggestion: Domestic common drugs can take some past,

After all, in the British disease, I have waited for GP. Basically doctors will only give you three words “plenty of water”, and finally rely on themselves.

Please follow your own situation:

– cold:

999 cold pellets, Kangtail

– Parenteral:

Jianweizu diet sheet, stomach reunion

– skin:

Caisport, Piping, Yunnan Baiyine, erythromycin ointment

– Eye:

Norfloxacin eye drops, slowing fatigue drops


– 子:

Cefacher, golden scorpion, fat sea

– disinfect:


Alcoholic cotton chip, vial disinfection washing

5. Beauty products

Image source Atelierdore

There is no country in music, and the beauty products have national borders!

European and American products basically do not have to carry too much. Although the UK also has Japanese and Korean beauty skin care websites / store, but the price is very expensive, so … you know!

Twin eyelids:

The European and American people have never seen it, so they can bring a box!

– Table mask:

Japanese Han Song, please make Jin Dare to the baggage box!

– 美:



– Domestic and Japanese and Korean Reconstruction & Cosmetics & Beauty Tools:

Super good use of the UK is not

– Warm baby:

Do not resist the frozen star, let it go!


6. Stationery

Image source VOGUE

There are very many kinds of stationery in the UK.

But the price is far from China,

For example: A notebook in the British well-known stationery brand Paperchase is at least 60 yuan, and the upper 100 yuan is even more

– 1 ~ 2 books favorite notebook:

Tropied, very unsuccessful

– pen and replacement refill:

Can bring, no place

– Hand account, sticker, tape

* There are also MUJ-free prints in the UK ~

The above is a neck preference

Check all the contents of the baggage box!


It looks simple?


There will be

100 trusted lines are not enough!

· Packing the thunder area ·



If you are not

Fitness coach or weight


Necks are recommended to step on the colored list below

You still avoid avoidance

Don’t find trouble yourself!


Image source forbes



Image Source Travel & Leisure

Image Source Travel & Leisure

Image Source Travel & Leisure

Recommended Brand


Recommended Brand

Four words rumors:

Don’t bring it!

What is the pillow? It is really too places and it is too necessary. British local prices and appropriate amounts of bedding are available, it is very convenient!

Recommended for bedding place:

Argos, Amazon, Wilko, John Lewis, IKEA, etc.

2. Health products

Image source bloomberg

Any sports fitness, health nutrition products, the most famous in the UK, a health care chain in any corner

Holland & Barrett


Can meet your needs!

3. China Food & Seasoning


Currently in the UK,

All colleges where the township (village) have Chinese supermarkets

And the price is relatively good. Not only there is old man, vegetables are fresh, various seasonings, there are moon cakes, scorpions, etc. in the corresponding holiday, all goods should be! But if you want to bring a little bit! Really are

A little home specialty, it is also possible ~


4. Most daily daily necessities


Image source GSA


The route of daily necessities acquired by the British students is generally divided into store purchases or acquisitions –

Many senior school sisters who are preparing to leave the Bank will sell all kinds of daily necessities to new students:

– Bedroom supplies:

Storage box, hanger, humidifier, hair dryer, makeup mirror, weight scale, buy vegetable trolley, battery, table light, computer bracket, contact lens care solution, cotton pad, etc.

– Kitchen supplies:

Pot Bowl, Water Filter, Kettle, Juicer, Rice Cooker, Pot, Food Seasoning, Cuisine Crack, Mixer, etc.

– Learning assistance:

Chinese-English dictionary, recording pen, notebook, printer, etc.

The above is the long luggage List

If you have any good packing tips


Remember to send a message to everyone!