Clothing with autumn and winter must-have cashmere scarf, warm and fashionable

Scarves are a must-have warm item in winter, and it is also a good object. The cashmere scarf also captures a preference with a soft and thin, thin and warm characteristics. A fine cashmere scarf can also create different temperament for itself.

The previous cashmere scarf is a solid color. With the maturity of textile technology, the style and patterns of the cashmere scarf are increasingly rich, meet more girl’s aesthetic needs. Today, I will take a few cashmere scarves together and how to use them with clothes ~

Full print LOGO cashmere scarf

The beige and light coffee are a relatively elegant color. Although this printing and shell scarf covers many patterns, it is not complicated, and the beige and light coffee can give people a feeling of faint, enhance elegance.

Leopard shelvet scarf


Leopard has always been a wild fashion element, and the leopard scarf is naturally eye-catching. The leopard pattern plus the wide-side design of the red green color, and the fashion is more climbing.


Camouflage cashmere scarf

The camouflage pattern is handsome and mysterious; for us, the camouflage is also a symbol of a special meaning, so everyday with a camouflage scarf, instantly become unique.

>>>> Cashmere Scarf + Cowboy Jacket

Short denim coat, small children’s gospel; with a comfortable hanging pants, there is a street casual taste. The head of the head is echoed and the color is more coordinated; surrounded by a leopard strike color scarf, keeping warm while making a monotonous monotony, there are more dynamic fashion.

>>>> Cashmere scarf + V collar needle sweater


The green college wind sweater, the styles are completely inclusive. The lower body is matched with a strong gap in the green velvet pleated skirt, and the color of the bright and dark, let the shape injection story; a cashmere scarf in the neck, and the warm temperament is gradually released.

>>>> Cashmere Scarf + Down Jacket


The pickled vegetables down jackets are equipped with the wallet of jeans, and the road is designed to make the down jacket warm, and there is more beautiful mood.


Slim jeans, with black Martin boots, comfortable, neutral dress, highlights the gentle temperament of women with a soft cashmere scarf.

>>>> Cashmere scarf + cotton vest

Autumn and winter season with cotton vests to keep warm and practical; one slim down jacket in the end of the body, the lower body, the dress, the external black down cotton vest is warm, the effect is great.


Put on a slice of the wool, which is more in line with the autumn and winter, so that the overall dress is active and sensitive; finally use a light-colored scarf to become a voyage girl, refine the whole clothes.

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