Domestic down jacket “three sworders”: black ice, stone and polar star, no more than Boss

One go to winter, the discussion of the down jacket is extremely fierce, “rotten street” Canada goose and north endure people’s bidding behavior, while “taking” is “touted”. In addition to domestic down jackets, in addition to Bosideng, it seems not to be other.

Let’s talk about Bosideng, which is discussed into “Nethong”, its transformation is successful, whether it is from the design or warmth, it supports the down jacket that is taking into account fashion and highly configured.

Especially in this year

The world’s first “windbreaker down jacket” series

, More refreshed people’s cognition for domestic down jackets,

100g filling volume, 90% containing velvet, 800 + fluffy

as well as


The filler satisfies a standard of a good down jacket.

In terms of price,

Men’s price is priced 3599 yuan (female models 3299 yuan)

, The proportion of the proprietor is more conscience than the average price of 1500 yuan, absolutely high cost performance.

Of course,

China’s down jacket is not only Bosideng. These three old domestic goods are called “three swordsmen” in domestic down jackets. Whether it is compared with Bosideng or international big names, it is not inferior.

01, black ice

150g filling volume, 95% 鹅, 800 fluffy

Black ice is completely “propaganda” delayed, although the popularity is not as good as Bosideng, but the integrated strength is incomprehensible.


The product line mainly contains the sleeping bag and the down jacket. The biggest feature of the down jacket is to configure high. It uses rare gray duck velvet, 150g filling amount (some can even reach 300g), 95%-containing velvet and 800 fluffy,

The average price is around 4,500, the expensive is also a thousand yuan


, Real cost-effective.

It can be seen from the brand logo.

Black ice is more fashionable than other domestic down jackets

There are both conventional hooded shorts, long, and a lightweight down vest, the whole looks not bloated, the upper body effect is warm and has.

The only shortcoming is that the propaganda is not enough, and the black horse as a domestic down jacket is not to wear.

02, Tianshi

250G filling, 90% gray goose fill, 700 fluffy

Tianshi began to do a down sleeping bag in the 1990s, quality assurance and compliance with national testing standards.


Today’s products are also relatively complete, doing wind in the down jacket industry, all adopted

Gray goose


The filler is created, which is better than those of those duvet products.

It is worth mentioning that Tianshi down jacket will combine outdoors and fashion, on the basis of warmth, the style design is also as fashion leisure. In addition to the basic paragraph, there is still a hot

Parker down jacket


The same configuration is not inferior to Canada Goose


More than two thousand stone, the geese is beginning to start, the advantages are obvious.


03, very star


Compared with Tianshi, the history of the poor is more a long time.

Since the 1980s, it began to become an international big name for MARMOT.

, The historical background, Canada Goose is slightly in front of the poor.

From the configuration, the polar star down jacket has achieved a standard of excellent down jackets, both a plenty of pills, and all the exterior style is not dare to hibo.

The price of eight nine pieces, is very conscience for such a high down jacket, and get rid of the “mold” of the traditional downs, send the version of the hand-held hat style, dress comfortable and warm Bloated.


Big Down Short, don’t recognize Canada Goose, Mongkou, and domestic down jackets, don’t just focus on Bosideng, black ice, Tianshi and pole this “three sworders”, sincerely worth recommending!

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250G filling, 90% gray goose fill, 700 fluffy

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