While wanting to occupy the Chinese consumer market, you are full of prejudice and ignorant, and you will be in all China.

Hot search in these days belongs to two letters.



Full name Dolce & Gabbana (Du Jiabanna).


First bright attitude.

View of the cousin –


DG did a stupid thing, and in order to wash it, it is stupid to get two-year-old. As a result, it is more and more stupid.

It is like this.

The cousin is for you –


In November, DG released the Shanghai Daxiu Promotional Film – “Biopsticks Eating”, in the film, a Asian female eye squint, the manager to eat three Italian traditional food with chopsticks: Margaret pizza, fried sweet roll , Tomato meat sauce.

DG is intended to express the beautiful scenery of Love & Peace in the intention of intention of intention, but the result is just the opposite.

This video causes a large part of the Chinese discomfort, let us have a 40-meter big knife, a wonderful viewing experience.

Things are not big here.

The general public relations routine is: admitted, deleted, promise, make sure that similar things will no longer occur.



When Asian model Michaela Phuong Thanh Tranova goes with DG founder and designer Stefano Gabbana, I didn’t expect that the other side burst into thick-

I Will Say That The Country Of IS China …


This is the founder.


This whole Chinese knows what you have positioned for this brand.

The Content of “Kinders’ Eating” is Rapida.

In order to avoid breaking chapters, the cousin puts the full chat dialog PO.


“Kinders eat” is the propaganda film of DG Shanghai Duxiu. The Great Show gathered in the entertainment circle, a big coffee: Zhang Ziyi, Wang Junkai, Di Li, Rocket Girl, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Xuedong, Li Bingbing … DG official Every day, I have a matter of justice.

As a result, insulting the foul scandal, from the first wave of the country to take the initiative to retreat, to Chen Kun, Zhang Ziyi a series and DG touch, including the Asia-Pacific brand ambassador Di Li, Wang Junkai and other Chinese stars have also followed. Do not participate in DG Daxiu.


Chen Kun was called “Gang Ge”.

He is the first star, has arrived in Shanghai, and even the airport will go straight.


Zhang Ziyi is “sister”.

Because she returned the shi directly.

This DG is talented.


Maybe people are more blank when they are afraid. DG’s next behavior, once again show a minority limit.

They said that they are blamed, stolen our INS account and the founder account, and those who say that they are exporting, not what we said.

I thought that when I was washed with this excuse, I used this excuse to shame myself. The third grade of my elementary school.

DG, you are stolen is not an INS number, or IQ.

The result of IQ is stolen, that is, the big show is completely cool.

As a senior film reviewer, the cousin has to mention the guideline – “The Chopsticks”.


This video is currently off, so you can only describe it.

Why causing great discomfort, because it does not have a suspicion of racial discrimination from the element to connotation –

First, the model image.

In the video, the model eyes are very small, plus makeup, the model’s eyes become picked up – this is a backwardness, narrow, Western view of Chinese women’s scriptures.


Second, background settings.

The shooting of the model, showing the Chinese face in the eyes of the DG: broken cabinets, broken lanterns, breaking the couple, can see the evil mirror in the old house …

Is it in the eyes of China’s brand in DG, still staying in the old appearance of the 碜 碜 before the reform and opening up?


Third, the subject expression.

The first episode “Margaret Pizza” has a narration: “Now let’s show, how to use this small stick form to eat our great Margaret Pizza.”

The traditional tableware of China is called “small stick”, with “great” advertised its own national food, and then put the two together to form a large and small disparity contrast.

Is this really respect for the culture of other countries?


By the way, we eat pizza, never disdain to use chopsticks – your hand is enough.


Also, during the whole process, the model’s appearance is extremely made. When eating with chopsticks, just like playing with sticky mud: I am disappointing, while hunting.

As if said: “How do you, how did you do it all the time to eat this kind of thing?”

Don’t say that when you eat sweet rolls, you suddenly bull out: “Is it too big for you?”



Is this a color joke?

Too Low.

In fact.


More than Chinese people, in order to let DG experience that is uncomfortable, foreign netizens also have a drama work to help them understand.


Why discrimination usually doesn’t feel discriminatory.


Because everyone does not consciously takes things to see things. And discrimination, often don’t know.

“Crazy Animal City” has seen it.


There is a saying that the cousin is deeply memorable: “The rabbit can say that the rabbit is cute, but other animals can’t say.”


Is it a rabbit glass?

No, in a warning guard servant, there is a rabbit “cute” from the top to bottom, and the rabbit listened is like a small weakness (refer to other plots, it is naked).

You see, even the praise of “cute”, the rabbit Judi can’t stand it.

Don’t say that DG commercial

I have to understand the cultural culture of other countries, and the gesture of heroes


This is not the first time DG.

In addition to “chopsticks” video, Dolce & Gabbana took a group of “DG Love China” last year, which also attracted a wave of dispute.

Promotion photo in Beijing.


Long hair is elegant, the makeup is exquisite, the head of the crown, with the old grandfather riding three rounds, the yellow bicycle.

Take the Yinlu beverage tank with Tiananmen, the big mother with a towel.


The little girl on the Great Wall is also in the mirror.

Fancy complicated models and taxi masters.

DG This group of photos, gathered the Beijing elements in the eye of the photographer, and I want to win the Chinese users with “grounding”.


As a result, after the publicity came out, public opinion has been.


Media, netizens, do not buy.

What is the super chaos of the composition, and the post-processing is also strange

This set is ugly.

Those who “can’t afford it” are in these photos

That’s right, Yellow Cheap, Tiananmen, Selfie, taxi … The streets in Beijing are really visible. But when they are with a beautiful model wearing clothes, the cousin is still a faintness.

This violation is from all kinds of Chinese elements.

China under the lens, and the Chinese, all the passage, poverty, and even the password.

DG also photographed publicity photos in Tokyo, Hong Kong.

This group of Tokyo photos, the same street is full of modernity.


Even if you catch the Japanese traditional elements, the picture is harmonious.

The cousin believes that DG serves as a luxury brand developed rapidly, and the international cargo is a luxury brand. It is also to promote the sales of the Chinese market, and will not shoot publicity as a premise with “insulting”.


Just like the slogan of the propaganda slogan, “DG Love China”.

The problem is that this China is not our familiar China.

What we see is not a beautiful, it is twisted.

What we feel is not equal, it is despise.


This word is not intended, essence is



While wanting to occupy China’s consumer market, don’t intend to understand China’s culture.

Because of the lack of understanding of Asia, China, there are countless speculation and prejudice, this kind of speculation and prejudice, the blindfolded their eyes, but also hurt our feelings.

In order to expand the Chinese market, last year, the brand has held a high-definite show for China’s royal elements.

The founder of DG, this “insulting” incident started Stefano Gabbana, which was also enthusiastic about China Royal Elements to give him too much inspiration.

It sounds like a joke now.

Do you really dump the Chinese millennium?

This is not the first port of Stefano Gabbana.

He has commented on the social network to comment. Sairna grows.

He has publicly said that the test tube baby is a chemical product.

The INS painting wind is as follows.

The founder’s attitude is throughout the brand.

DG has always been advertised, is free, passionate, casual, and unrestrained.


What is the foundation of these beautiful words.


Respect others different choices from you.

Respect the history of other countries with you.


Respect those lives I don’t know but true.

Return 10,000, if you really don’t agree, you can keep silence.


In 2016, Oscar Awards also had racial discrimination.


When introducing the Puhua Yongdao accounting firm responsible for the ticket, the organizer arranged the Asian children’s handbag to go to the stage. The host joke and said that these children are “the representative of the most professional, precise and diligent work”, and then provocatively Said, “If someone doesn’t like this joke, use your mobile phone to protest, your mobile phone is also doing these children.”

With this inferred Asian child labor, and expressing Asians will only work hard, they are good at mathematics.


After this experience, Li An, Yang Ziqiong and other people set up 24 Asian members of American Film Arts and Science, officially submitted to the college protests.

Today, the cousin wants to put this protest letter, to DG.

“We wrote this letter as an Asian pedigree, express our 888th Oscar TV broadcast, take Asians for laughter and the racial discrimination of racial discrimination, which is deeply surprised and disappointed. Given the #oscarsSowhite (Oscar is good The criticism of white), I originally hope that Oscar ceremony can provide a college method and opportunity to show an excellent example of tolerance and diversity. However, the Oscar Ceremony is blind because of the way to interpret the Asians. “

“We want to know how to happen so lack of style and prisoners, and you have something to do with unique or public prejudice, racial discrimination, and race discrimination.”

“We look forward to hearing the idea of ​​this business, as well as to ensure that all people can be present with dignity and respect.”

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