Latex gloves anti-wear thoughts

Latex gloves are prone to damage in the application, in order to better increasing the use period, reduce the damage rate, the latex gloves should have excellent anti-puncture performance, Liboda performance, elastic performance, anti-aging performance, etc. Physical machinery and equipment performanceTo enhance its ability to afford the ability to damage the effects such as La Shenyi, tearness and puncture of the touch, the natural environment, etc.The above performance is related to the thinness, material, production process process of the gel gloves.


Different types of latex gloves The difference in anti-puncture performance is relatively large, and excellent anti-wearing performance is beneficial to increase the use of latex gloves.

Using the equipment performance tester to test the puncture compressive strength of latex gloves, the whole process of experiment is simple, the intelligent system level of machinery equipment is high, and it is easy to operate, the test results are reliable, and the anti-puncture of the test sample can be practically reflected.performance.Tensile properties and tear properties of latex gloves can be tested.