The curve of the leggings is also full of simple personality, comfortable and domineering.

It is really a very tip of leggings. You can purchase the following styles when you purchase. Not only look slim, but also make our body better and more harmonious. (Davian (US TV) Health Channel), especially wearing a few sleeveless leggings, beautiful. The discourse is free, it seems to be filled with a woman taste.


The lower body will be more fashionable. This kind of skirt is really autumn and winter. The small sleeves look like slim, slim, and the matte is good. In addition, this style of leggings, whether it is tight or loose, looks very thin.


The trousers are arranged in a word, which looks better. It is soft, the version is sleeveless, it looks more elegant. Wearing the leggings of leggings, if the lower body is covered, it is very thick. Put the shirt into the trousers and wear a sweater directly.

When equipped with shorts, the lower body is mixed with a very thin pants. The lower body is mixed with sleeveless jeans, and the leggings can be used to a Korean loose trousers. The body is tall without the gas field, but the long leg stovepipe effect stick. (William Shakespeare, Hamlet) I recommend these pants are slim pants.


There are a lot of obesity, and you will not be clear. It is high, not fat. The body is high, the leg is not short, suitable for small children. The lower body is equipped with a high waist A, and the visual impact is full, and it is very thin, it looks very slim. Wearing relaxed, not monotonous, non-valerious fashion style.

You can also try a variety of straps. Simply take a strap, you can choose this front with buckles. Matching a cowboy or a high waist sweater or half-pants will appear some. The textbook of the shoulder looks more slim, it is not fat.

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