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Many people bring professional fishing tools while fishing, but they are really casual for fishing stools. In fact, do you know that fishing actually has a special chair to sit. You can give you an excellent experience before you successfully catch fish. Let’s introduce the price of fishing chairs and some categories.

1. Fishing chair price

See the weight of the fishing chair

The weight of the fishing chair must not be too light, because if it is too light, it will be very unstable after inserting the umbrella, and even the fishing chair will turn over. Generally, the weight of the fishing chair is 4-6kg. It’s too heavy to carry, it’s too light and unstable. It is best to keep around that weight.

Look at the cushion of the fishing chair

The cushion of the fishing chair should be durable and breathable. It is usually Oxford, because it feels soft, good moisture, elastic, good abrasion, high cost performance and more comfortable. The service life will also be relatively long.

Look at the function of fishing chair

Choose a fishing chair that you want to have a function according to your personal needs. The fishing chair does not need to be much, and the important functions must be available. For example, there are several turrets, whether there are umbrella racks, fish racks, bait boxes, lamp racks, tea cup racks, and raised places. These can be used to make full use.


The thickness of the steel pipes of the legs of the fishing chair should be above 1mm. This thickness can bring you a solid sense of security. The scale of telescopic should be around 13cm. The claws should be 5cm in diameter. Such parameters can be stable whether you are a lake, a reservoir, or a Diaoyutai. Looking at fishing accessories and tools, fishing chairs are equipped with functional brackets such as function brackets, turret brackets, umbrella brackets, fish care brackets, night fishing light brackets, and bait boxes. The general brackets are made from aluminum alloy depends on your personal need to configure. Generally, fishing chairs are wearing a set. Whether the travel folding is convenient for this without standard parameters, the thickness of the folding thickness is 10cm, the width of the folding is 33cm, and the length of the fold is 55cm.

2. Fishing chair pictures

Fishing chair brand 1: Weihai Guangwei

The company was established in 1987. After more than two decades of hard work, high, fine, and sharp products have entered the development generation, development generation, production generation, and reserve generation of virtuous cycle tracks. In particular, there are more than 100 series and more than 8,000 specifications of glass fiber fishing rods and carbon fiber fishing rods. It has now become the largest national fishing gear group company that integrates scientific research, production, and economic and trade that is based on the export of high -end fishing rod fishing tackles. Friends who want to change the fishing rod don’t mind buying this brand.

The fishing chair products produced by Jiayu Ni are novel and high -quality. Now the second generation of Jiayinni fishing chairs is also launched, receiving praise from fishing enthusiasts. It gathers the function of fishing boxes and fishing tables, which can be folded, and it is very convenient to store it. In addition to this, it is also 3 cm in the back. The canvas seat cushion is more durable. It is more comfortable than the plastic fishing box and aluminum alloy fishing table, and the design is more in line with ergonomics. Do not feel too heavy or so on fishing.

Multi -function fishing chair, including foldable seats, the second feet of the seats are equipped with support racks for supporting fishing rods and brackets for supporting fish bait plates. Connect with the support rack and bracket activity suit, the seat is set up on the back of the seat, and the burnt arm of the curved arm connected between the back and the sunshade umbrella is connected. This practical new seat can use the folding seats in the existing technology. It can remove the support frame and brackets and then fold the folding chair to effectively ensure that the folding chair is smaller after folding钓鱼杆、鱼饵盘放置在支撑架、托架的方式,避免以往把鱼饵盘和鱼杆直接放在地上的现象,同时在座椅靠背上设有二互相活动的曲臂来支承遮阳伞,使The parasol can be rotated at the same level to cover the rain and the sun diagonal shot for users, which is very convenient to use. Even in the wild, don’t worry about bad weather affecting our mood.

The fishing chair is designed for friends who love fishing. Fishing in a desolate place, putting on a comfortable fishing chair, you can obediently wait for the fish to hook it. The price of fishing chairs will be judged according to their weight, raw materials, and functions. The brand of fishing chairs is recommended for Weihai Guangwei, Jiayu Ni, you do n’t know how to buy it. You can choose any products.

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