Denim shorts with hip hips and high waist, showing the slender long legs to the fullest

The matching of leggings always has a faint fragrance, which is very fresh and high -level in Japanese. The combination of the Hong Kong wind can also be tried. The pink fairy pants are too beautiful! For example, this body, yellow is a typical Japanese color. Most of the matching with this color will have a little retro sweetness, retro sweet Japanese match, of course, you can’t miss this body.


Blue leggings can be paired with white canvas shoes or canvas bags, simple and generous. For example, the white picture is matched, and the simple and fashionable sunglasses are more beautiful, and the white retro watches are more modern. Although the rice white leggings are versatile, it is still paired with a small black shoes with this color, and the trousers are more stylish and stylish.


Very suitable for white -collar women to wear. The vibrant leggings like below or the decoration of Hong Kong wind like below, and then with a handbag, it will be a stylish collection. The color is white, yes. Various warm -colored girls with small black shoes with monochrome are very secure.


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