The collision between minimalist wind and bone porcelain plate! Classic black and white stripe design, thin and strong high -density bone porcelain, delicate and easy to clean

Three meals a day are necessary details to enjoy food and enjoy life. Food also needs beautiful instruments to accompany. A good -looking plate can enhance the pleasure of dining.

Eating well is more important than anything, and the happiness of life is in the details of this bit.

Good meals have many styles, and different styles bring different mood colors. If your restaurant just needs some fresh elements to join, you can prepare a set of different styles of dinner plates to add a different literary atmosphere to life.

Today’s house Sir recommends the product we launched by ourselves-

Zaijia Modernist minimalist wind stripe porcelain plate.

Regardless of the density, whiteness, whiteness, or transmittance of the bone porcelain,

They are far better than ordinary ceramics on the market.


It is not only as simple as it is used to put food, but it is of great significance to dine or put it in the home for decoration.

What style of your home can be well integrated.

The quality of high -density bone porcelain, the most practical material, and the price is very affordable,

The original price of 499 yuan, now the limited time preferential price is only 249 yuan!

[Zaiji minimalist modern wind stripe porcelain plate]

Original price | 499 |

Limited Time Offer

Three -piece suit


¥ 249


Black and white stripes and dinner plates are fully collided


The simplest and most unique

Black and white are the eternal popular colors of the fashion industry. As the most basic color matching pattern,


Black and white stripes have also entered the aesthetic highland and become classics in the classics.

In addition to the evergreen tree in the fashion industry,

Black and white stripes also become frequent customers in home design.

It has been deeply integrated into our lives.


Striped dinner plate,

The simple stripes are the most suitable for small and fresh enthusiasts,

The simple stripe design gives people a visual extension and a strong life.


Even a small striped plate, there are species

Fresh naturalism,

It looks relaxed and comfortable on the table.

The designer starts from the concept of soft and hard contradictions, and does not add too much modification. It uses randomly paved stripes to eliminate the toughness of porcelain.

Gentle and powerful, it also eliminates the usual coldness of minimalist wind.

Poke chart can be purchased

On the other hand, the designer also hopes to use this plate to bring a little interest to your daily life.

You can use it to shoot the most unique circle of friends, and you can also improve your home style.


High -density bone porcelain, thin and tough

Pure glaze filling color, soft lines

This time our first choice is the bone porcelain plate.

The cost of bone porcelain is high because the bone porcelain is added to the porcelain soil to foam the grass and bone meal of the antimony of the animal.

In the process of firing, bone meal will form calcium oxide. The higher the calcium oxide content, the better the color. Made like this


Porcelain glaze is smooth and transparent, with less holes.

Compared with other pottery and porcelain, high -temperature porcelain only uses materials such as kaolin, and the cost will be much lower than the bone porcelain.


Although it can save money, we just want to make better bone porcelain plates for everyone.

The bone porcelain feels warm and moist,

The sound tap is very nice, very crisp, and other porcelain species cannot be compared.


There is also a very important point, the bone porcelain is smooth and clean!

Mild oil stain, rinse basically water, dry it! Severe oil stains, just a little detergent. For tea dirt and coffee dirt, it is easy to clean all year round oil. Washing and wipe it for a while.

The striped bone porcelain plate is used this time

High -density bone porcelain white plate is the bottom,


Use the colorful glaze as the surface to fill the color.

The white tone disc, with simple lines, highlights the most primitive basic role of the plate.

The three sizes are arbitrarily placed at will, which can hold any dish,


It can be stacked to create the effect of western dishes, which can also be used separately and is casual.

The smallest can be used

Shengfang nuts, decorative jewelry

Wait for small objects.


The middle number can be used

Place fruits or placed at home as artworks.


Put it on a rack or on the wall,

Easily create minimalist wind.

And the material we selected at home is still

High -density bone porcelain,

The whiteness and light transmission are far better than the common high -density ceramics, thin and strong, and the porcelain is delicate and transparent.


The stripes and words on the plate are all adopted


The upper -class environmental protection glaze, does not contain lead cadmium, no heavy metals, nano -technology is easy to rinse, without residual.

When you don’t know what tableware you use, or what you give for friends, choose this set,

Black packaging is also simple! It will make your friends fall in love with the moment you receive the gift!


1. Do not contact the product directly or put it in an oven and microwave oven to prevent the product from damaging it;

2. Do not use sharp items to scrub to avoid scraping surface lines;

3. Because the density of the entire porcelain tire is consistent, the bottom of the hemp surface will form a polishing effect on the plate surface. Do not stack it directly to prevent damage.

[Zaiji minimalist modern wind stripe porcelain plate]

Original price | 499 |

Limited Time Offer

Three -piece suit

¥ 249

Poke chart can be purchased

Poke chart can be purchased

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