Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials: purple tea tray is not the best choice

The tea tray is not only a variety of shapes, but also the material, there is a bamboo, wood, jade material, purple sand material, synthetic material, etc. Many comprehensive considerations. In this article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages on the most common tea tray on several markets. Finally, in accordance with the integrated item, you can use it after reference.


Zisha tea tray

Advantages: 1. In different material tea trays, it is medium-priced and cost-effective; 3. Due to the hottest in the purple sand industry, the style selectivity of the purple sand tea tray is also more selectivity.

Disadvantages: 1. It is more difficult to manage. If you accidentally leave the water tea stain; 2, too hard, too hard, and Zisha pot match is a pair of people, one is not careful;

Comprehensive evaluation: Current price is still possible, but the family is not suitable, friends who open tea room can be purchased, because on the one hand, there is enough time to clean, on the other hand, the idle rate will not be too high, it is easier to raise.

Ebony tea tray


Advantages: 1, the ebony wood is better and very delicate, no strange flavor, corruption and not easily deformed, it is relatively easy to match; 2. Wooden class is not easy to stroke the teapot;

Disadvantages: 1. It is easy to be scratched by hard objects; 2. Maintenance is more expensive, not idle, otherwise it will be easy to crack;

Comprehensive evaluation: The solid wood tea tray is the most fit in temperament, but durability is definitely less like jade or purple sand, I personally recommend household purchase.


Bamboo tea tray

Advantages: 1, there is no chaos and fragrant fake behavior, cheap price;

Disadvantages: 1. Short service life, easy to crack; 2, easy to accumulate tea stains and tea stains are not easy to be cleaned, health problems are worrying;

Comprehensive evaluation: The price is relatively easy to accept, entry-level tea friends or friends who use tea in the office can purchase small drawer bamboo tea trays, provinces and convenient.

Blackkin tea tray


Wukinshi tea tray is the most popular tea tray in recent years, in a treasure search tea tray, the most like is this material. Uking is a fire, of which black and inner Mong Mongolia are most representative.

Advantages: 1. It is easy to raise more in line with modern breath. If you match the engraving words and various types of decoration style, it is very good; 3, easy to raise and raise high-end atmosphere

Disadvantages: 1, the texture is hard, it is easier to crush the teapot; 3, individual tea trays is easy to accumulate or not smooth, and it will leave a mark.

Comprehensive evaluation: Aesthetics is greater than practical, cost-effective, and is suffering from “radiation” problems. Personally recommend in a tea room or are commonly used by places where guests are used, and home is not recommended.

Electric tea tray

Advantages: 1. Electric wood is strong, it is not easy to deform and crack, and durability can be comparable to jade classes; The tea tray will also show soft color;

Disadvantages: 1. Electric wood belongs to the synthetic material. Personally feel that the collections are not high;

Comprehensive evaluation: Household or commercial occasions can be, prices are also moderate, but after all, chemical products require relatively reliable purchase channels.

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