Zheng Hehuizi Black and White Skin Skirt Beautiful Personal Personal Earrings embellish fashionable and eye -catching

On July 28, 2021, in Shanghai, Zheng Hehui participated in the conference of “You Are My Glory” to shoot a set of photos.In the photo, Zheng Hehuizi Bows Black and Black and White Skin Skirt is beautiful and playful.

Zheng Hehuizi’s filmmaking atmosphere was full.

郑合惠子黑白拼接短裙靓丽俏皮 个性耳饰点缀时髦抢眼

Zheng Hehuizi black and white stitching suspender skirt is cute and capable.

Zheng Hehui’s chest bow is particularly playful.

郑合惠子黑白拼接短裙靓丽俏皮 个性耳饰点缀时髦抢眼

Zheng Hehui’s black short skirt shows beautiful legs, fresh and sexy.

Zheng Hehuizi leaned on the wall with one hand, and the back -shaped needle ear decoration was particularly eye -catching.

郑合惠子黑白拼接短裙靓丽俏皮 个性耳饰点缀时髦抢眼

Zheng Hehuizi looked back and beautiful.

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