Very casual short shirt

The reason why this short sleeve is recommended is to see its simplicity, both styles or tricks, it is praise.


The style is the most conventional model, so digging sleeves, digging collars, woven shoulders, woven edges, and nails must be stepped step by step.


For tricks, a chief needle, a line of fan -shaped long needles is that simple, both good hook and good -looking.


The long needle is rowed, one needle is next to one needle, and the fan -shaped needle is drawn from one needle, so although it is hollow, it is dense and the hole will not be so large. Need to wear the bottom.


The small shirt is woven from bottom to top, two left and right slices of the rear, front pieces, and two sleeves, which need to be hooked separately and sutured after completion.

After the edge hook, the bottom edge, collar and cuffs are woven two rows of short needles, and then hook the fan -shaped flower, so that it has a solid effect.


The placket hooks the short needle, then hooks a line of grid, and finally hooks a fan -shaped flower, a grid more than the bottom coat.

You do n’t need to dig your eyes. The buttons are buckled with the same color line hook, so that the overall sense is stronger.

Short sleeves are short, so it can be paired with casualness. Jeans and wide -leg pants, wide -leg pants, Harun pants are okay, and long skirts and skirts are more appropriate.

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