Hepburn’s “Polo shirt” fire! Fashionable black horse

In “Tiffany Breakfast”, Hepburn’s black POLO shirt and dark gray texture skirt made me love at a glance. But because the charm of the small black skirt is indeed too great, many people automatically ignore the light of the POLO shirt. But to say it, it is the dark horse that does not show the mountains and the water in the fashion industry. Put on it, be capable or casual, choose with you.

Part1 -Basic Polo shirt


The basic POLO shirt is a more traditional style. Generally, there are not too many kung fu in terms of color, version, etc., but they must be very particular about fabrics, mostly cotton -based. It is because of enough simplicity that it can be versatile. The treatment of this large lapel, paired with leather shorts and cotton -linen suits, is handsome and handsome, and there will be a unique taste.

When you look at the POLO shirt alone, you will feel that it is relatively neutral. There is not much style, but after combining with different elements items, it really makes you unable to climb. The small long -sleeved model of the small lapel is paired with dark strap pants, a pair of long stockings and leather shoes, and the age of age is very British campus. HIN is advanced.

To make it simpler, let’s go directly with jeans. If the seasoning of instant noodles is a universal flavoring agent, then jeans are tens of gold oil. A version of the colors of all aspects of the jeans are really ordinary and boring that can save all tops.

Part2 -knitted Polo shirt

Although knitted fabrics look hard, it is indeed a fabric that can show soft and lazy. Combining it with the POLO shirt, it is wonderful. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose such a color. A little white in large area of ​​black can prevent the boring of colors, but also show a thin effect in the sense of vision. With light -colored jeans, French retro style is particularly great.


People with a better figure can naturally wear them waywardly. Is it not fragrant with tight knitted tights? With a light -colored ripped shorts and a pair of thick Martin boots, you will definitely make you the most bright existence this summer. This style can not only be worn in normal times, but also looks good when traveling.

This way of wear is my personal favorite! Special suitable for summer! The combination of light blue and white plays a role in neutralizing color. The texture of the color of the color of the color of the color is particularly detailed. A pair of tight pants can make the style more casual. Is it full of retro lazy rhythmic wind with shark clip?


Part3 —— POLO skirt


The skirt is naturally softer than the T -shirt, and you don’t have to think about how to match it. You only need to grasp the color and style of other accessories. For the design of the straight tube, it can be converged with the waist. The length of the thigh must be better to show the length of the long legs.


You can also return to the sports style, striped ball clothes -style skirts with socks and dad sports shoes, refreshing and stylish matching. For high -level players, you can also play with it. But the items in the inside must be self -cultivation. Too oversized your body is stout.

Still that, good figure is king. Following the body curve and design, it is also a knitted element, which will definitely magnify all the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. For this treatment, you need to have a good body to control.

What kind of person is suitable for choosing the POLO model? Friends with a wealthy bag, and friends who have a wealthy bag, advise you not to touch the round neck, especially the collar is particularly small. Secondly, there is no collar, except for V -neck and square collar, don’t touch any one!

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