It is more fashionable to wear “short boots” in winter, even if everything can be carried, it also takes into account temperature and demeanor.

As soon as the winter arrives, the streets are full of warm items such as coats, down jackets, cotton jackets, or lamb hairy jackets. They have not changed much. Of course, fashionables are not satisfied with pure warmth, and they will start with shoes. To enhance fashion, such as short boots is the most popular.

Regardless of how fashion develops, the appearance rate of short boots in winter has always been stable, warmth, practical and stylish. This winter is still more fashionable to wear “short boots”, even if everything can be carried, it also takes into account the temperature and demeanor. Let’s take a look at the matching demonstration of the Swedish blogger Caroline Blomst!

1. The style of short boots in winter


Swedish blogger Caroline Bloms has always been welcomed by the public. The reason is also simple and rude. It is simple and high -level. What is more important than this in the cold winter?

1. Chimney boots

Caroline Bloms not only pays attention to the warmth effect of the coat and the lower dress, but also pays attention to the warmth of the ankle area. In winter boots, it plays an important role in its shape. Basically, most of the outfits are inseparable from the blessing of various types of boots.

And her favorite is still handsome and stylish short boots, such as chimney short boots, Chelsea short boots and Martin boots, which not only adds a sharp sense of coolness to the shape, but also makes the dress more three -dimensional.

2. Pointed short boots

The chimney boots with round heads or square heads are modern and handsome. It is suitable for creating a cool shape, and pointed short boots are more suitable for creating a mature age shape, such as pointed and echoed ankle boots, pointed flat ankle boots. Fashion and warmth without losing femininity.

Coupled with the extension effect of the pointed design, it is appropriate to use it to modify the figure in winter, it is thin and high.


Second, what are the next clothes?


It is said that short boots are versatile. Its versatile is mainly reflected in a combination of coats, and there are many underflows.

1. Tobacco pants+short boots

For example, various styles of pants and skirts can be matched with short boots, especially leg trousers such as cigarette pipe pants and straight pants. Many fashionistas like to use it to combine short boots to easily create long legs.

Like smoke pants, smoke pipe jeans or straight jeans, most people have no pressure to control.


2. Bottom pants+short boots

Pants tight black leggings are also very popular with moisture people, such as black leggings, black shark pants, black tight jeans or black leather pants. Their biggest feature is the tight pants.

Therefore, the connection with the short boots will be more perfect, making the leg shape smoother and more smooth. You can use this cotton clothes and long coats.

3. Skirt+short boots

Girls who want to add a bit of sweet atmosphere to the shape may use skirts to assemble short boots in winter, but it is best to choose a knee long skirt, and short skirts are more suitable for combined long boots.

The method of printed over -the -knee skirt and chimney boots appeared in many fashion bloggers out of the street, creating a soft and handsome mother Man style.


3. What jacket do short boots are used?

Short boots can combine various jackets in winter. Here are more recommended coats, down jackets, lamb hairy coats or leather jackets. It is relatively warm and not easy to make mistakes.

1. down jacket

In winter, the warmth effect of down jackets must not be underestimated, especially in winter cities where the temperature decreases rapidly, it must have it in the wardrobe.

Use a short or medium version to present the warmth of down jackets, with small black pants and black boots to wear a handsome feeling.

2. Lamb hair coat+short boots

Lamb hair coat has always been inferior to down jackets in the warm attribute. For example, lamb hair long coats and fur coats. Choose the Morandi color to make the dress more gentle.


In winter, small black pants and short boots make the shape no longer bloated and fat, but here is more recommended for this black micro -jeans on the right, which is more recognizable.

3. Coat+short boots


In winter, there is no more high -quality match than coat+short boots, such as black, white, gray, coffee or brown long coats, are all necessary for elegant women.

In addition to combining chimney boots with short boots, you can also replace with pointed cats and ankle boots to emphasize mature femininity. In addition, it is recommended to use blue small straight jeans to replace small black pants to create a full temperament.


4. Short coat+short boots


The short -habitation is stylish without pressing a man, like a black lamb ware car jacket, a black woolen short coat or knitted short jacket, etc. When combining short boots, it is recommended to choose the same color pants and boots to easily improve the gas field.

This winter is still more fashionable and practical. If you like short boots, you can learn from the matching demonstration of bloggers Caroline Blomst, fashionable and advanced!

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