One will be successful and bones are dry _ Zhao Erfeng runs the Sichuan edge

“Feng Lao Tzu” and “Batang Incident”

Talking about Zhao Erfeng’s operation of Sichuan, it is inevitable to say “Batang incident” first. On March 1st in the lunar calendar in the 31st year of Guangxu, the Minister Feng Qin was ordered to help the Minister Feng Quan in the mouth of the Batang Parlia in Sichuan. For more than two hundred years in the founding of the Qing Dynasty, it was the first time that the minister who was likely to be killed like this was the first time. The news came, and the court was shocked.

Map on the southern Sichuan -Tibet Line


This phoenix -Quanzhutang, Manzhou inlaid with yellow flags, as a county magistrate as a county magistrate, for more than 20 years of Shichuan, starting from Quanzhi Kai County, to be a member of the commission, all rely on cool officials. He likes to brag about his own political experience: “playing boards, cutting brains”. Under its governance, there are countless killings, even if the giants are in their hands, they will be punished without loan. It is just a rigid and rigid, and it is called “Feng Lao Tzu”, and his subordinates are: “dog slaves”. When discussing things with your boss, he lost his yarn cap on the ground and shouted: “You please ask Feng Laozi Go home! “Cen Chunxuan was handsome, severely punished, and compared Zhuge. He watched his “strength order”, repeatedly sponsored, and Quan Zhijia’s government moved into Mianlong Maodao, which became the “cadre” named in the court.


In the evening of the Qing Dynasty, the internal affairs were not repaired, and the foreign imperialists arrived. At that time, the Minister of Tibet was Thailand, and he was a mediocre bureaucratic bureaucracy. After the British army invaded Lhasa, he shook his tail and signed the “Tibetan Tibet Treaty”, which funeral and humiliated the country, and the upper -level ruling group headed by Dalai Lama felt that the Qing court was incompetent and insufficient. In order to ensure his own religious serf rule, he changed from Qiu Ying to his pride. In addition to the supply of Great Ulara and grain in Tibet, incite and instigated the Tibetan Tibetan people in Sichuan.

Seeing that the situation was seriously affected by Sichuan, Zhang Yintang, who was famous for “diplomatic capacity”, was signed to sign the treaty for the minister of Tibet. In order to control Sichuan, strategy should be in Tibet, and the Fengquan was the leading minister of the Tibetan Gang Office in Tibet, and inspected Mu Duo (Qamdo).

Feng Quan has always been used by himself. Now he has been a unique member of Fengjiang, and he is even more proud of it. There is no consideration for the complex and complicated situation and the possible crisis that will face, and I do not expect how to properly handle the relationship between the Han and Tibetan ethnic groups, unite the local toast, leader and lama forces to stabilize Sichuan, support Tibet, deal with the Emperor British Emperor Invasion expansion. Man thought it was only to remove the cruel and rape in the Mainland, and relying on the board and chopping the brain, and the side of the Sichuan of the town. Only one hundred police soldiers were taken with each other, and they went to the arrow furnace (Kangding). Because of the recruitment of 200 soldiers, 50 police soldiers were responsible for training. Leading fifty policemen themselves, sitting in a green sedan to take office. Some people persuade each other with “Tibetan darts, and less soldiers are not enough to deter”. What he said in a lot of words: “Ban Dingyuan runs four domains, and only fifty rides follow. Fan, how to use more soldiers! “

To the Batang, Luo Jinbao, the local toast camp official, and Luo Songzaba, the second battalion official, led the toast and the leader to welcome. When Feng took the whole end of the sedan, while the Tu Di and the leader kneeling on the ground, he even knocked on the head of the camp officer in his hand: “You dog slaves! Not good to obedient, our Feng Laozi told you the ghee top son You don’t wear it for a long time! “You think these toast and heads are all the emperors who are used to blessing in the local area. How can the big court be able to suffer this bad breath! Therefore, one by one who hates Feng Quan. Feng Quan saw that Batang’s climate was mild, rich in products, and the terrain was relatively flat. He was unwilling to go to Chamu Duo, and he was a word for reclamation and lived in Batang. In order to show their “thousands of members”, they also announced the three programs of the so -called governance:

The first plan: “Request to be right, to solidify the barriers”, the so -called view is the place where it is about 10,000 square kilometers in Ganzi Prefecture, which is under the jurisdiction of Sichuan. During the Tongzhi period, the local toast was chaotic. As soon as his plan was proposed, he caused panic from the Tibetan authorities, but he secretly sent someone to the Batang to incite the local toast and the leader to make trouble. Although these toast and leaders hated Fengquan, they were still afraid of the Qing court, so they did not dare to start. Now seeing the support of the Tibetan side, he is determined to retaliate.

The second major plan: “Restricted Lama, it is strictly forbidden to.” Seeing that the power of the major lamas on the edge of Sichuan was strong, but also above the toasts. The armor (bandit) along the way was rampant. It is proposed to customize according to Yongzheng in the second year of Yongzheng. At that time, the major temples such as Dinglin and Sang Pi were more than thousands of or more, and he was strict: the lama within the age of thirteen years old, the law was vulgar; within 20 years, the shaving was suspended. At the same time, it was rumored that the arrow furnace was known to Liu Ting. The Temple Lama of Sichuan is a tribute to Tibetan people. Feng Quan ignored the local customs and beliefs. As soon as this plan was announced, it was like a honeycomb, which caused a strong resistance to various temple enlightenment in the local area.

Sichuan -Qian Tu Bing


The third major plan is: “push pioneering and set up gold mines.” Fengquan was mild in Batang’s climate and fertile land. These places are toast, head, and lama site. At that time, it was opposed by Dinglin Temple Kansu (abbot), saying: “Except for the grassland of grazing beef and horses, there is no wild mountain and wasteland, and the mountains of the mountains are not moving!” Anyone who collects gold shall pay three -tenth gold tax to the Lama Lama. Feng Quan was greedy, and sent someone to the fundraising factories, which directly violated the Lama interests.

Although Fengquan did not take a long time in Batang, he was alone and intensified the contradictions. He pushed all the three major forces to his opposite side. Therefore, the local soil, head, and lama all regarded him as a piercing back. So the officials of the Da and Second Camp came forward to convene the Sanqu Zong meeting, and the conspiracy to remove Feng Quan also knew that this Feng Quan was a minister of Yanqin. Essence In addition, the inspection of the wall was sturdy, the guards of the guards were powerful, and it was not easy to succeed. Planning first pushed the wind from Batang, and then set up ambush on the road, and killed it, so that the responsibility was pushed on the A stick and the bandits.

Zhuo Keji Tu Di Ao Guan


In addition to the 50 police soldiers brought in the Basang Qing army, there were hundreds of green camps under the jurisdiction of Division. In order to disperse the Qing army’s troops, the camp officials and other officials colluded with the armored sticks, inciting Tibetans to take the field and gold mine, plunder the two places, and smash all the houses. Then set up a danger near the Taining River. When Feng Quan heard the news, it was furious. Lu went to the reclamation field, fluttered the empty, and searched from the Taining River Gold Mine. Unexpectedly, the whole army was overwhelmed. Lu Mingyang was famous for his bravery, but was caught and dug his eyes! At this time, Feng Quanshang was still in the eyes of Baba. Ten people, so the big camp officials and other officials instructed the A rod and the lama to besieged the group. In order to strengthen the momentum, they sent people to spread all over: the mission was to open a position to help, and the people had a share. Deception of a large number of Tibetans came to Batang for rewards. He also knew that the Tibetan people were afraid of the government, especially to see the grandfather of the Grand Mission as respect for God, so they sent a relatives to say that the red -bearded drinking was poor in this return (Fengquanhu and Huangzhong). And the guards led by foreigners are pretended to be pretended to be foreigners! It is also based on the basis that the soldiers led by the commissioned institutes over the years are all wearing a coat skirt and blowing the mango. The one who came back was wearing foreign devils short clothes, a large plate hat, a drum, blowing the foreign name, the ritual, and the foreign exercise! After taking off the hat, it is a bald and a monk, and even the braids are fake! Dinglin Temple Lama pretend to be a god of ghosts, saying that it is a living Buddha’s descendant. Essence For a while, the passion was burn on the spot, and the Basang French Church was burned, and then he was hugged to the roll of guns and throwing a stone to demonstrate.

Culture Temple of Mianyi Town (Old Wenchuan County)

Du Siwu Yizhong heard that he was surrounded, and he rushed to the guard of eighty green camps. I saw that the street was full of people. Feng Quanping is specializing in self -proclaiming and self -proclaimed. Who knows that he is a fierce grass bag, and he can’t stand the hard array of Tibetans who are overwhelming. On the night of the village, I looked at it, but when I saw the bonfire in the mountains and the wild singing, the night sang, scaring his soul, only lying in the cover and tears.

In the early morning of the next day, the camp officer was anxious to come and see. See what Tibetan people are sturdy, they have nothing to do, there is a constitutional driving, and it is damn! Then it is time to persuade Feng Quan to say that it is the matter. And the guarantee was responsible for persuading Tibetans to give way, preparing Ula, and sending Feng Quan to Ricang. Although Feng Quan knew that he was playing ghosts, but the Fangchi was chaotic and could not come up with any way, so he had to agree to led the team to return to Litang. At the same time, we secretly fierce in my heart: “Our Feng Laozi went back and invited the soldiers, and we must kill these fans, and Fang Jie today’s hate!”

It was not until the afternoon, and the camp officials only talked back and forth, saying that everything was prepared, and asked Master Feng to drive. So Feng Quan took his accompanying officials and fifty guards, led the Tibetan troops to leave Batang in the camp officials, and went back to the journey.

The panoramic photos of Tusi Tusi Tusi Guanzhai

Because Feng Quan set up a commissioning camp in the food reclamation station, Wu Xizhen, a member of Batang Grain Reclamation, borrowed it in another Tusan called Ketan Aden. The relationship between the two sides is okay. When the Tibetan starts a commotion, Aden persuaded Wu to say: “Now the outside is messy, the street is full of troubles, you must not go out!” The next day I told Wu, ” Master Feng is going back today, and there are so many words. You better hide in me, but you can guarantee nothing. “Wu Xizhen heard that Fengquan was going to leave, thinking that he was alone to stay here, which was too dangerous. Therefore, when he saw the wind and his party passing by the Wind Quan and his party, he slipped out, stopped the sedan seeds of Fengquan, crying and persuading him to not go to the country, and said that Zangfan had a background. Go to fierce. At this time, Feng Quan was already involuntary, and only had a swollen face and a fat man who said, “These sons are unknown, and it is embarrassed with the minister. After I returned to Litang, I made a district. “As soon as Wu heard it, he said that he would go with the wind. Feng Quan thought that there would be no official here. If the court knew, wouldn’t it blame me to escape from the duty! It would be an excuse for Wu Yiguan, not even wearing the official hat, and told him to go back to wear neatly.


When Wu Xizhen went back and put on the official hat, he took a look, and the Fengquan Brigade had come out of the distance. When I turned around, I saw that there was a mule outside the Aden Village of Yiba, so I jumped up to catch up with the wind. I don’t want the mule to be bullied, just turn around and refuse to move forward. Wu Xizhen pumped with a whip, and the mule jumped up in the air, threw Wu on the ground, wounded his left leg, could not rush, and had to hide in Aden’s house. In the Batang incident, all Han officials fled alone!

However, Feng Quan and his party left Batang, walked about twenty miles, and came to a place called Parlia’s mouth. Because it was not early, he stopped. The camp officials sent to protect the Tibetan soldiers, and all the way to fled all the way. The opponent’s ambushing armor and lama, the Tibetan troops were covered by the night curtain, and touched them from all sides. At this time, the Fengquan Guard sent the patrol sentry to the Tibetan soldiers who came from the direction of Batang. The guards ran back and lost their bodies. Tibetan soldiers did not chase a few silver dollars in the sidelines. The guards went back and did not report to the captain, but about a few companions transferred to grab. When he saw the troops, he shouted: “Come here!” Then he beat. Seeing that the Captain Guard was in the night, the situation was in critical condition, so he divided half of the troops and blocked it on the spot to let the other half escape the direction of the pond in the pond of the other half. At this time, the ridiculous Fengquan died, and he still had to take the sedan! The Tibetan people swarmed in all directions, dragging the wind from the sedan, and cut the knife to death. More than 50 accompanying officials and guards, none of them were spared.

Sotura main street


Zhao Tuofei Town Sichuan by Town

After the incident, the Qing court strictly ordered Sichuan Governor Xiliang to enter the office. Xi Liang took over the purpose, while sending the Governor of Sichuan to the patrol army to enter the fifth battalion quickly; on the other hand, Zhao Erfengchi, Jianchang Road, which was famous for “butcher”, went to investigate the matter. In this way, the protagonist of our Longmen Array appeared here.

This Zhao Erfeng was born in the recording, and under his brother Zhao Erzheng, he was a three -character Taoist. His ancestral home was in Penglai, Shandong. He followed the Confucius in the end of the Ming Dynasty with his virtues, Shang Kexi, and Geng Jing faithfully crossed the sea. The person’s body is the so -called “three class”, that is, the upper half, the lower body is short, sitting in the hall is like a tall man, but standing in a flat place is short. The eight -character long -character Hu, full of Sichuan official words, smiled at the face, not like a murderer. With only a pair of eyes, it is bright, and occasionally shows fierce light. He and Feng Quan are the same as the flags. They are also Daodai, and they are also the cool officials who are named “cadres” in the Qing court. But the power of machinery has changed, but it is far above Fengquan.

Zhao Erfeng

When he was Ren Yongning Road, the “Dragon Club” and the gentry and the group insurance organization of the gentry and the group insurance organization “Chenghui” were used to hear because of the “Dragon Club” in the lower levels of Gulin County. Kill the ring. In Miaogou and other places, they killed people when they saw people. Only the first level of merit was more than 3,000! At that time, the ancient people were rare, and the people in the Jiugou Eighteen Village were almost killed by him. Because he exaggerated the so -called “bandit love” in advance, in order to make up the number, all prisoners in the original prison were beheaded and reported to report! In this way, he earned a title of “butcher”. To the period of the Republic of China, the locals scared the child and only said: “Zhao Daotai is here!” The child did not dare to cry.


Afterwards, he played with the “bandit” and won the court’s appreciation, giving him a title of “martial arts Baturu”. In order to suppress the Yimin area of ​​Liangshan, he also transferred him to Jianchang Road. At this time, the “Batang Incident” occurred, and the court made him investigate because of his “bandit”. So he started from Leshan, led the three battalions of the patrol army, two hundred guards, and a large number of successors, and killed Batang.

However, it is said that the second camp of the second battalion and the Lama of Dinglin Temple, after killing Feng Quan, were really scared in their hearts. It is said that the wind is here, and all kinds of illegal illegal, irritating the Tibetan people, killing it; he is not able to protect himself, cast a big mistake, begging for grace. And threatened that if the court had to send troops to come to ask sin, the people would make a curse and wisdom, and to remove the difference between the stations of Batang and report all the obstacles of the documents. Essence Now that I heard that the court sent a army to enter, it was tuned to collect troops, lamas, and armored sticks, drinking blood wine oaths, killing the white horse festival flag, and driving to the most sinister campaign to the fifty miles of Batang.

The Governor of Sichuan, Ma Weizheng, a Hui people in Yunnan, came from the army, and was promoted to the Governor with military merits in the War of Resistance in France. He was brave and good, and he led the army to Batang to Batang. The army traveled to the collapse and encountered a fierce battle with the ambush Army. Although it was suddenly encountered, Ma Weizheng was in danger and the commander counterattacked. In terms of officials, the weapons are excellent and well -trained, but they are in unfavorable terrain; in terms of the Tibetan army, people have many people, and they are stubbornly resisting the terrain. Therefore, the battle was very fierce, and the officer fronts were shaken. Ma Weizheng saw the power, and the hand danced large ring machete, and he took his procedural bravery to rush, and shouted in his mouth: “The surnames! Drums hard, it will be bad!” Essence The Tibetan army was fully defeated.


After the Dinglin Temple escaped the Baru River first, in order to block the chase, the river bridge on the river bombed the river. The Tibetan soldiers who fled later, the water escaped, drowned countless. Big and second battalion officials died of chaotic soldiers. Ma Weizheng won the victory and was chased to Dinglin Temple. It was empty, so he ransacked the property in the temple, and then paid a torch. When he led his troops into Batang, at this time, the Tibetan people in the city had escaped from the Empty Ma Weizheng to fight, but it was helpless to deal with this situation. At this time, Zhao Erfeng arrived, and he divided into half of his troops and led the team to Sichuan himself.

As soon as Zhao Erfeng arrived at Batang, he sent people to check the incident: the second camp was planned to plan the main ambassador with the Dinglin Temple Lama, killing Fengquan; Now that the two camps are dead, Dinglin Temple is empty, and he has decided to fuck the old trick of Gulin’s murderer, and blood washed the Qicun Gully.

The so -called Qicun ditch, the seven small villages on both sides of the Babu River, were only two or three hundred households, Zhao Erfeng, and the villagers had already fled. Zhao Erfeng sent people to scattered the wind, saying: “The adults are here, just to soothe the people. From now on, they are the bandits in the mountains and return to the village to be good people. Anyone who will return to the village will enjoy tea, salt, salt, Several cloths. The adult’s words are followed, never say! “

The fugitives were not relieved at home, but they also heard that not only had nothing to do, but also received rewards. Villages went back one after another to watch the wind. Zhao Erfeng had already resigned in each village for a whistle. When the number of people returned was almost the same, they secretly ordered the villages to act in a unified action, asking Tibetans to reward in front of a large courtyard. After receiving the reward, when Ding Zhuang withdrew from the back door, he was killed one by one by the ambush, and then took the prize back to the distribution. The Tibetans in the back were unknowingly killed by the Qing army. Then he played the Qing court and said: “Seven Village Dajie, beheading dozens, and the official army none of them.” You think Ma Weizheng is known as the host, the battle of the wood, and the victims are hundreds of people. Now Zhao Erfeng “Pingping” seven There was no casualties in the village! In the Qing court, he naturally thought that he could do it. In addition to the special awards, he was promoted to the “Sichuan -Yunnan Minister” to supervise Sichuan -border affairs.


The Ministry of Army sent Fei Chi Flying to Investment in the Minister of Civil Affairs of the Minister of Civil Affairs and the Minister of Sichuan, the Minister of Affairs of the Dian, Duns, Tickets

In this way, Zhao Erfeng made a step step in the sky from Sanpin Road, and became the minister of Fengjiang. In order to report the court, he was ready to show his skills and make some color for Tibetans. He was wondering who opened the sword, and suddenly listened to the report of his hand. Xiangcheng Sangtong Temple accepted the Lama Lama of Dinglin Temple and rejuvenated the public! Then he immediately led the five camps and went to enter.

This Sangong Temple is the largest temple of the township of the township. In the temple, Khabu (abbot) Puzong Zhawa collected himself, and he was used to hear the Dalai Lama. When the “Batang incident”, he also sent someone to support. Now seeing the Dinglin Temple running away, she cried and complained that Dinglin Temple was caught burned and empty. Then collude with the local toast, headman, and armored stick, reinforce the village wall, and build six stone castles at the corner, reserve a large amount of ammunition, grain, butter and other supplies, and then drive the Han officials and launch a rebellion. When I heard that Zhao Erfeng’s army came to attack, he dismissed the old and weak, and Yu Zhong returned to the temple.

Zhao Erfeng arrived and surrounded the mulberry temple. Seeing the opponent’s temple wall is strong and tight, four cannons were raised, and the wall bombarded the wall. I do n’t want the temple wall to be made of granite strips, and clay is rammed. It is thick and strong. After the two feathers brought by the army, only the soil gray was blasted! Zhao Erfeng couldn’t see it, and sent the guerrilla Shi civilization to persuade the surrender. It is said that as long as the Dinglin Temple escaped the lama, the two sides reconciled the strokes. Shi Civilized shouted loudly and came to the wall of the temple, and was hung into the temple with a basket. When I met Puzong Zhawa, I told Zhao’s meaning. Puzong Zhayin laughed: “You, Master Zhao, foreign guns and foreign artillery are very powerful. Although the attacking is to say that these words that have not been ambitious! The face changes, the drink will make the men take it down, drag it to the temple wall Above, in front of Zhao Erfeng’s noodles, lived alive, and then filled with straw, hanging on the flagpole to show the public.

Green training scene

Listening to the screaming of Gangpi, Zhao Erfeng jumped like a thunder and ordered his men to attack. Although the lama in the temple uses a bright musket, the gun method is very good, and each gunner is equipped with three guns, and the other two people fill the ammunition for him. When Zhao Bing approached, the guns fired together. Zhao Bing’s casualties were severe and still could not approach the temple wall. The Tibetan has another earth -made weapon called “Russia”, which is a double -fold yak belt. Put the fist on one end and dance like a flywheel at the other end. Zhao Bing’s head broke the blood.


Sangtong Temple

Zhao Erfeng was fierce, attacking for three days, heavy casualties and no progress. Then changed the tactics, transferred a team of engineers, intended to dig the tunnel, turned straight to the temple wall, and then buried gunpowder to explode the wall. Who knows that this Sangti Temple was built on the granite body and could not be tapped at all, so he had to give up. Some people also contributed that the penetration of the bright rogue and the pebbles is small. It is better to make the soldiers form the wall digging team. As soon as Zhao heard great joy, he walked according to the plan. Who knew that the ghee that was boiled in the temple was dripped, and Zhao Bing fled with blood, and fled. Failure again. Zhao Erfeng had no choice but to surround the Sangtian Temple, and he planned to trap the other party and starve to death. However, he did not know that the grain in the temple was more than three years old for more than three years. Because of the difficulty of long -distance transportation, he did not trap the other person. He looked at the food and wanted to be hungry! He also understood that if he had a stroke, he would sweep the floor prestigious and want to stand on the heel on the side of Sichuan. In the dilemma, he had to died hard to die.

Sangti Temple and its monks


At this time, a master of the Tiechai stayed in Batang came to offer a plan. He said to Zhao Erfeng: “Adults! This Sangtian Temple has a strong defense, a lot of reserves, and can be raised for several years. The waterway, break from the attack, take the Qi Xun! “In a word, he woke up with Zhao. He immediately sent someone to investigate and investigate several streams back to other places. After a few days, there is still no signs of water defense in the temple. After many sources inquired, I asked from the local local population that the water sources in the temple depended on a stream of rocks, but the source was not known. It was Wu Yan’s suggestion again, and found a group of Han people rushed to gold. However, these golden gold husbands have a book that only disappears and can be heard that the underground potential flow comes.

A few days later, they found a spring flow in a large cave on the back of the mountain, not under the rock. Listening to the sound of the water, it seemed to flow towards the direction of Sangong Temple, so he blocked the eyes of this spring. I heard a riots in the temple that night, and saw that the Tibetans put the pot bowls and bowls on the roof, hoping to connect with rain and snow. Knowing that this chess played.


At the time of the winter, it was drought without rain and snow. Two days later, the temple had reached the point where it was drowned by drinking. It was really impossible to send someone to sneak out for Daocheng for help. Those who do not want to send a letter are caught by Zhao Bing, found a secret letter, and translated them, but wrote: “Sang Fai is a sacred place where my Tibetan monks and monks have spoiled, and now they have been siege for a long time. It has been broken, and it is not guaranteed to protect the night.

Zhao Erfeng believed that he would count it and count the time. He sent his hands as Daocheng aid. After a night of fire in the mountains, he shot fire and shouted in Tibetan: “Daocheng’s aid is here!” After hearing the news, he dug and blocked the temple gate. The soil stones came out of the nest and rushed away at the fire. Not too far, the officers and soldiers were ambushed in the dark office with dense fast guns. In addition to a few escapes, most of them were wiped out. Puzong Zhawa was not a matter. He still wanted to return to the temple to adhere to it. The officers and soldiers had swarmed in. Sangti Temple was broken.


At that time, Zhao Bing was also very difficult. The grain had been eaten out, and the cowhide bags that were carried and transported grain were hungry. Zhao Erfeng’s order was very strict. In order to prevent the sudden attack in the temple, the ambush in the trenches was not allowed to sleep day and night. Ranxiang passed supervision. If someone fell asleep, he asked for military law, so the soldiers were exhausted. On the night of breaking the Sangtian Temple, a sentinel Ding flee collectively with a gun. Not far away, seeing the light of the fire, the guns and guns were unknown, knowing that the temple had broken. Hurry up and fought back, just hitting the few hidden troops that rushed out and drinking water by the stream, and then a random gun, killing it as much as possible. Afterwards, the whistle officer met Zhao Erfeng, but he set up an ambush, and he fled the ghostly words. Zhao Jian had so many people, but he was numb, and a great reward for it.


More than 600 monks in the temple were wiped out. All property was also looted. The battle of the township that lasted in March ended. This is the most difficult time for Zhao Erfeng to use soldiers at the side of Sichuan. In the second year of Chengdu Qingyang Palace Flower Club, in order to show off his martial arts, Zhao Erfeng displayed many grabbing gold and silver utensils to display, saying that it was “the land city was surrendered.”

The Sangtian Temple was broken, causing a great shock of the Tibetans on the side of Sichuan. In their eyes, this Sangti Temple was as strong as a rock, and it could not be broken at all. Therefore, I felt that the Lord Zhao was really powerful, so they expressed their surrender, and even the Zizang officials who had always been unruly and were ordered to be ordered to lose their money to the Tibetan officials. I don’t want to jump out of a three -rock head and send it to a high war book, saying: “I heard that the soldiers Zhao was strong and strong, and the place of our three rocks was not large. You come to compete! “Zhao Erfeng was furious, and he was preparing to go to the crusade. At this time, Xiliang was transferred to the governor of Yunnan, and the purpose of the DPRK to declare Zhao Erfeng back to the provincial protection in the name of “Sichuan Minister”. Zhao Erfeng also received his brother’s book, saying that the court had successively served as the Governor of Sichuan. It was not possible to take care of the Three Rock Head people, and Xing Chong rushed back to the provincial capital to pick it up.

Zhao Tuocheng Town Sichuan Bianbian

But he said that Zhao Erfeng had the dream of being the governor all the way, and returned to Chengdu. Unexpectedly, things changed again. The court meant that he wanted him to take over as the Governor of Sichuan, but because the newly -replaced minister in Tibet was still a mediocre and incompetent person, which caused the Tibetan bureau to do it. When he was stiff, Zhao Erfeng was renamed the Minister of Tibet and the Minister of Sichuan and Yunnan. In order to let him work smoothly, there was no worries, and his brother Zhao Eryi was renamed by General Fengtian as the Governor of Sichuan. Let his brothers join forces to operate Sichuan and Tibet for the second time to go out of Zhen Sichuan, and prepare to go to Tibet to take over.

Lianyu heard that Zhao Erfeng, Chaozheng, came to replace himself, and was very dissatisfied. He relying on his pet ministers, he sent someone to go to Beijing to play activities. On the one hand, Zhao Erfeng is a famous butcher, and his means are very poisonous. For example, Tu Sang Po is an example. If he comes to Lhasa, he has your braid soup! The Dalai also felt that with Zhao Erfeng’s thorn, it was better to leave Lianyu. So he petitioned the Qing court and retained the Minister of Tibet in Tibet.

Zhao Erfeng had entered Cha Mu Duo at the time. When he heard this, he also knew that Lianyu’s background was deep and easily offended it; second, he felt that he had laid the foundation on the side of Sichuan, and only had to make some results. The governor’s position is afraid that it will not be able to run! Why should you go to the bitter cold place in Tibet to start from scratch. Moreover, I heard that the British are strong there, and they will cause some diplomatic disputes! When they go, they actively invite the rabbit to the minister in Tibet, and specialize in Sichuan -Yunnan side affairs. It happened that the joints of the United and Henan joints have also been opened, and the Qing court used “Dalai Lama sincerely, Zhao Duqian’s resignation”, pushing the boat in the water, and agreed that his request Zhao Erfeng was worn with “Qin Ming Headou, and the Ministry of Military Ministry of the Ministry of Military The identity of the minister stayed in the sides of the town.

After he stayed, the first thing was to send troops to send soldiers and crusade Sanyan. The lessons of Sangtian Temple have not been able to attack for a long time. This time, the troops were prepared in advance. Two iron -rack leather boats with dozens of people are specially customized in order to copy three rocks from the upper reaches of the Jinsha River. And equipped with the German system “The Amy Sizong cannon four gates. This kind of cannon has a wheel, which can be disassembled in three sections to facilitate the transportation. Each of the cannon heavily weighs twelve pounds, which is specifically used to destroy the Tuzhai stone. Three thousand people, with Fu Huafeng as the Sanyan Military Affairs Supervision Office (commander), divided into five roads, pointing directly to Xiongsong Village, Sanyan Center. He led the group to cooperate, selling strength, and even raised his own cousin to kill his head! Therefore, he became Zhao’s close relatives, and he was awarded the titles of Zhifu. Although Zhao Erfeng personally deployed himself, he raised him as a former enemy command.


The five -way army moved separately, murderous, and went straight to Sanyan. After Zhao Erfeng led the three battalions of the patrol army, he was entering the place of Gongjue, and a big leak came out behind the report. It turned out that after Sang Pai was beaten, Wu Yanda, who had made a suggestion to cut off the water source, was appreciated by Zhao Erfeng, and he kept him as the position of the titles of Zhifu and stayed in the township. Due to the strong and firmness of Sangti Temple, he stored the Grand Grain in the other, so that Wu was guarded. I do n’t want a few defenders to bet on the night, accidental fire, lead to ignite the fire, the general needs food to burn the light! Zhao Erfeng heard the news, furious, he has always advertised the strictness of the army, how to tolerate these things! , Wait for him to calm down Sanyan back and investigate.

Zhao Erfeng was worried that the grain was burned, and the army was difficult to last. Suddenly, Jiebao came, saying that Sanyan had been settled! This time, the battle was that Zhao Erfeng mobilized the most in various military operations in Sichuan. In fact, he also understands that there are not many Tibetan Tibetans, and you do n’t need to spend the atmosphere. However, he deliberately drew his mind. Once he hit more, he could win the voucher steadily; the other was to exaggerate the record and invited the court. But the rapid progress was unexpected. After receiving a detailed report, I learned that the matter was as follows.

The so -called Sanyan is the transliteration of Tibetan “stiffness”, which means evil. There are many mountains and mountains in the whole country. There are no production. Except for hunting, they live on a collective robbery. It is neither by the Qing court nor the jurisdiction of the Tibetan side. The folk customs are closed. Since the Sanyatou people brought the tall war book to Zhao Erfeng, they did not see any movement, thinking that the other party did not dare to fight, and then put it on the matter. Now that I heard that the Qing Army’s Fifth Road Brigade came to attack, they ordered the villages and villages to prevent blocking each other.

The magnificent Diaolou Castle Group

At that time, the first road of the Qing army took Gu Zhanwen. In order to grab the leadership, he led three hundred troops, including the rapid progress. Within five days, he took the lead in reaching Xiongsong. The remaining four roads are still on the way due to the risk obstruction. This was originally an excellent opportunity for the Tibetan Army. I do n’t want to be a reckless husband. I do n’t understand the tactics such as danger, setting up, induced enemies, and copying tactics. Put the gun in front, the woman is in the back of the medicine. However, the Qing army used the nine sons fast guns. Therefore, once the fire was fired, they suffered heavy injuries. When the person was not good, he threw the gun, led the team to wield a big knife, and came to fight hard. They made the 枪 他们 他们, mistakenly thought that the Qing army’s rear guns were also loaded from the muzzle. Once it was rushed, he went to the Qing army’s muzzle. Poor is the ghost under the gun!

The rest of the villages and each village heard that Xiongsong was broken, the leaders were dead, and the dragons had no heads. In this way, the rest of the Qing army had not yet arrived, and Sanyan had been settled. From the end of the army to the end, it was only ten days before and after. In terms of Tibetan people, dozens of people died and dozens of people were injured. In the Qing army, only four were casualties.

Zhao Erfeng was rewarded, happy and worried. What likes the progress of the war is so smooth, and within ten days, I will collect my whole work. The best thing is that he used such a soldier, but he only chopped dozens of people. The record was unavoidable! But he was worthy of the old rape, and he dug a hollow thought and compiled a ghost to report to the court. How to make a mechanism first and arrange for deployment; how Fu Huafeng commanded Ruo Ding and directly pounded the enemy’s belly; how the soldiers of the men would kill the enemy heroically, give up their life, and brag about it. He also said that in addition to dozens of beheadings, thousands of bandits were drove into the Jinsha River drowns, so that the river was blocked. He also knew that anyway, the imperial court was far away, and he bragged himself, and he was unintelligible. Sure enough, after the play, the court descended, praised him, and rewarded the meritorious people who had the folding. Because the progress of the battle of Sanyan was unexpectedly smooth, Zhao Erfeng thought that Fu Huafeng was the blessing of the world, so in the promotion, he planned to be the first to Fu Gongju. In this way, Fu Huafeng picked up the top of a second -grade Taoist. As for Gu Zhanwen, who really desperately fights, Zhao thought he had too little killing, except for him to stay in Sanyan, there was no reward. Gu Zhanwen was resentful. Later, during the 1911 Revolution, he led a team anyway and was the general representative of the Batang People’s Army.

In 1929, Fu Hua had a closure of the disease at the age of 61

Just after Zhao Erfeng dealt with the Sanyan in Gongjue Xing, he heard that he reported it: a mutiny in the township, and the soldiers hijacked the officials. After the looting of Kuyin, he flowed into Yunnan! Open, in addition to the combination of the Yunnan side, it also caused the patrol army to lead Fengshan to the hunting team.


Where did Zhao Erfeng know that the mutiny of this township was incited and planned by his close relative Wu Yan. Since Wu Yan was detained, he knew that Zhao Erfeng was vicious. After returning, he never had his own good life, so he was waiting for the opportunity to escape. Just on this day, Zhang Zhanbiao, who was guarded by his guardian, yelled at his boss to take Liu Yizheng. It turned out that this one was a native of Sichuan, and he was born in the army. Due to the fighting of the fighter, he was promoted to the sentry officer with military merits. His boss of his top boss, Liu Yizheng, Henan, and his temper was extremely rough and obedient. On this day, I scolded Zhang Zhanbiao for a dog blood, and said, “You, you have no good things!” After Zhang Zhan’s bid, the more he wanted to get angry, he scolded himself alone.

As soon as Wu Yan came to see the opportunity, because Zhang Zeng was his subordinate, he talked to him and pretended to comfort him. After listening to Zhang Shu’s saying, he provoked: “Men’s husband, how can he be affected by such a villain! It is also a loss of you, if you get me …” He didn’t say anything. When Zhang saw his words, he asked: “Master Wu! What if you do it?” Wu said with a whispered to him, “The world is big, where can you be safe? Then he killed Liu Mao (Nordi) Mao, and he left! “Seeing Zhang Yinyin’s words, he seemed to have been tempted, and said,” I am familiar with the people in Yunnan. After the matter, if you go back with me, I must try to place it. “

Zhang Zhan’s specimen is a courageous rough person. When he heard his old boss said so, he decided to start with the other who had been slapped by Liu Mao (child), his brother, his brother, rushed into the camp, and rushed into the camp. The ministry caught Liu Cao (child) Mao, and snatched the army and Ku Yin. Then the queue was promoted to review Liu Cao (child) Mao. Liu Mao (child) Mao knelt on the ground and wore his life. Zhang Zhanbiao stepped forward, kicked him, and scolded: “Ge Lao Tzu thought you were a tough guy. It turned out that his mother had a pus value for you, and he would not kill you, vomit you two sake of saliva, and roll it for Lao Tzu!” Holding the head and rats rushed away. Back to the camps that were looted, thinking that he had no way to control, and it became a huge change. Today, he was so shameful. Zhao Erfeng knew how he made himself!

Zhang Zhanbiao waited for Wu Yan to go straight to Yunnan. Because everyone grabbed a lot of money, his soldiers did not want to “fall into the grass as king” with him. Along the way, they fled, and even Huang Guangyi slipped. In terms of cloud cutting, the news of the Sichuan edge mutiny was sent, and someone was sent to the ferry and closing. Zhang Zhanbiao and others could not rush to the border. At this time, Fengshan chased his troops and hit it. This one died, but he didn’t panic, while fighting, betting on the while, playing around for fun. It wasn’t until the food bomb was exhausted that the soldiers escaped, and the soldiers and the soldiers fled and Wu Yan fled to the Tibetan people in the mountains to hide. These Tibetans were scared by Zhao Tuhu, and they drunk his grandfather with wine, and then bundled the Fengshan camp.


The snow scene of the Aba Prefecture area in 1941

Wu Yan wanted to wait for the opportunity to escape. Who knew that Zhang Zhanbiao wanted to rely on him to settle in Yunnan, and he stared at him very tightly. Now he was caught. On the road to Fengying, he cried to Zhang with a nose and tears, saying: “The family has a seventies of the mother, no one supports it!” Whatever you want to urine! This is just a matter of this matter, just the Lao Tzu has taken it! “Wu Yan listened, straightened his head. Zhang Zhanbiao just turned around.

When Fengshan took Zhang Zhanbiao and his party, Zhao Erfeng immediately opened the interrogation. First review Wu Yan. Zhao asked: “Mr. Wu used to be a guest in the past, and now he is the four steps. Why?” Wu Yan crisply, his head was like garlic, and he said that he had been hijacked by Zhangbiao. Zhao turned around and asked Zhang. Zhang Zhan’s knees were kneeling, holding his braids with both hands, and no fear. From the insult of Liu Mao (child), he was responsible for himself. He also said: “When I smell today, I don’t say that I have the bidding of the brain, that is, the ten brains must not live, and what is the same!” Zhao Erfeng ordered that Zhang Zhanzhang Ling Chi Gang died. Beheaded. Only this Wu Yan, because Zhang Zhanbiao did not confess his instructions, Zhao Erfeng read that his broken mulberry temple had achieved his achievements, and he led him to all his achievements and sentenced him to life imprisonment. It wasn’t until Xinhai that he slipped back to Yunnan.

After the three rocks were settled, Zhao Erfeng thought that he was on the edge of the Sichuan, and the Tibetans had bowed their heads to surrender. First of all, it is necessary to seize the seals and people’s seals and people in various places to cancel their rule of rule, and to set up the governance of the officer. Just at this time, the brothers in the largest Tusteig family on the edge of Sichuan gave him a great opportunity to send troops to intervene.

Things passing through: Derge’s old man, Dorje, became a monk since he was a child. After studying Buddhism in Lhasa, his family affairs were managed by his brother Ang Weng. Seng Ge met a woman who sells green wine in Lhasa, Shiro, who sold the green wine, and the two played fieryly, and they concealed their husbands and fled back to Derge. Originally, according to the tradition, the eldest son monk Ge inherited the position of toasts, but Ren Qing had the real power of Deg, and refused to submit it on the grounds that his brother had become a monk. The monk grid was weak, and there was no way to do this. Shiro Music was very spicy and capable. In contrast, the monk had now married his wife and returned to the throne. And watched his wish among the local people and strive for support. Seeing this situation, Ren Qing gave birth to a matter of retreat, and he agreed with the monk’s succession. However, it was proposed that the wrong origin was small and the origin was unknown. It was not qualified to be a maternal woman, and he had to throw it away first. So the two sides developed into a fight.


Ren Qing’s side, there are many people, and the monk’s eyes are not supported. Num had already heard that Zhao Erfeng was going to collect letters and heads from all over the country, and sent someone to lose Cheng, expressing his willingness to hand over all power and support the return of the soil in Derge. Zhao Erfeng took the opportunity to enter the soldiers and defeated Er Tusi Renqing. Renqing fled to Lhasa.这样赵尔丰挟其屠户淫威,先后在盐井、乡城、稻城、巴塘、理塘、河口、三坝、道孚、鑪霍、瞻对、甘孜、邓柯、德格、麻陇、同普、 In Zha Ya, Gongjue, Jiangka, Sanyan, De Rong, etc., or seized the seal of the toast, or expel the Tibetan officials sent by Lhasa. The establishment of a member (equivalent to Zhixian) was established, and the Han officials were sent to manage the administration, and his plan to change his soil was completed.

Correspondingly, he has also taken some measures in the construction of Sichuan. In other words, in terms of agriculture, the establishment of four counties can be founded in the four counties, and the rice, rice, and cotton are planted. Foot price, build a river mouth steel bridge, set up Sichuan -Tibet telephone lines; in terms of industrial and mining, the establishment of a tingling plant, official pharmacy, paper factories and mining opening; in terms of education, there are more than 200 schools of official talks. For the top three tests, parents are free of Ulara’s service in order for three, two, and one year.

Tibetans are in car and wooden bowls

In short, Zhao Erfeng did in Sichuan, in terms of subjectively, it was based on the brutal and brutal feudal autocracy to consolidate the rule of the Qing Dynasty. However, from the objective point of view, there are also development of Sichuan to resist the invasion of the Emperor and suppress the upper layer of Tibet. The positive factor of the tendency to split reaction forces. This cannot be abolished by person.

In 1941, Zhuo Keji, a soil of the costume

Through the implementation of the above measures, Sichuan has initially provided the province. As one side of Zhao Erfeng, Zhao Erfeng asked the court to set up provinces in Sichuan to build Wei Sichuan, Aid Tibetan, and Shoukang. On the one hand, the “Xikang Province” governor of the “Xikang Province” governor of the proposed “Xikang Province” was built on the other side. At this time, it happened that the two -year New Year’s Eve of Xuantong was based on the practice of the Qing Dynasty. Every year, the provincial capitals of civil and military officials should go to the presence of the “Long live emperor, long live, long live, long live”. Zhao Erfeng supported this example to set up the “current” tablet in the Guandi Temple, and led the civil and military officials to hold a congratulatory congratulations. At this time, Batang, it was awareness.

Soon, the Governor of Chuan Zhao was transferred to Beijing. This is a good thing that he has dreaming for a long time. Why is this? It turns out that he played a hand -made gun, so that he would take the blessing general in his bag -Fu Huafeng, and took it out of his position. Sure enough, the DPRK did not allow it, and he resigned again. After doing enough, he used the word “Fu Hua to know the sidelines, so it can be used” as the word. The purpose: “If it is proposed to handle”. So the murderer -shaved demon king was surrounded by the guards, and went back to the province to take over. Along the way, I remembered that I had the “Wenzhi martial arts” operated by the seven -carrier operation, and I couldn’t help but feel a little floating. As everyone knows, it is the wave of fighting for the people of Sichuan people like a fire. He never dreamed that in this historically advanced torrent, he would end his head!

On December 22, Zhao Erfeng was deceived by the Minister of Military and Political Minister Yin Changheng to hand over military power.

It is: those who look at the head of the head are still shaving their heads!

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