Learn Xiaomi and Huawei Chunshitang release 99 yuan smart vibration stick

Author: Gong Jinhui

This afternoon, the largest sexual product e -commerce platform in China officially released 6 major series and nearly 20 intelligent sex products. Among them, the smart vibration rod is priced at 99 yuan, which will start on Double 11.

It is reported that the six series include seamless molding series, kiss series, secret series, shared series, Iball family health series and magic color series. The products are mainly women’s smart vibration rods and men’s and women’s sharing series. Uncle Chunshitang CEO of Chun Shuitang said that in the future, Chun Shuitang will focus on women’s interesting products that focus on the vibration rods at the product level to care for women’s sexual quality and physical and mental health.

Of the nearly 20 intelligent sex products, the 4 smart vibration rods of the Magic series have attracted much attention. Uncle Chun emphasized that Chunshui Hall must achieve “Xiaomi price and Huawei quality” in the interesting industry. The 99 yuan shock stick will undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of the Chun Shuitang battle Double 11.

Uncle Chun calculated a account on the spot. The cost of producing a vibration rod in the factory was 70 yuan. It was sold to the brand for 100 yuan, and the brander was supplied to retailers at a price of 200 yuan. Users, the final transaction price is 400 yuan. In addition to the incomplete price, Uncle Chun also believes that quality fish and dragons are a major disease in the current sexual product industry.

From the perspective of Uncle Chun, the ultimate pricing of Xiaomi mobile phones is relying on the above millions of shipments, Internet value -added services, and various accessories. Although the sales of the vibration rod reaching tens of millions of sales are not difficult, he believes that the Xiaomi pricing strategy has a reference. He revealed that the 99 yuan vibration rod is not easy to integrate the supply chain, mainly to cut off industry profits from two levels:

The first is to increase the intensity of the supply chain refinement and break the chain of the industry’s interests. Uncle Chun threatened that neither brand owner nor retailers could make a 99 yuan “high -quality low price” vibration stick.

“Pure brands need to sell products through channel dealers, and it is difficult to face users; leaving the profit, retailers cannot achieve high cost performance.” Uncle Chun said that only Chunshui Hall that integrates R & D, brand and retail can only be able to integrate R & D, brand and retail. accomplish.

At the same time, Uncle Chun also exposed the profit model of the vibration rod. He believes that the vibration rod will bring the derivative income of no bandit, because girls will pursue different patterns with vibration rods. Earn the user’s return and related income. “According to the logic of Uncle Chun, other series of products or categories of Chunshitang in the future may explore the same profit space.

Uncle Chun believes that Huawei’s excellence lies in quality and is also the object of Chun Shuitang learning. He summarized the intelligent vibration rod in ergonomics, design aesthetics and use experience, and used powerful motor and food -grade silicone materials to strengthen the experience and quality of quality.

According to Uncle Chun, most of the vibration rods on the market use core motors, which are characterized by light quality, and the lower the cost, the lower the cost. Chun Shuitang adopts a Uh -alloy motor to increase the density of the hammer, and the cost increases. “Want to ensure the quality of the product. One is to see if you have a long -term brand mentality, and the other is to see if you are willing to increase product input and reduce the material.” At the same time, he revealed that the smart vibration rod uses high elastic solid silicone, high high, high The flexibility of elastic silicone is very flexible, which is 1.8 times the cost of ordinary silicone.

In addition, Uncle Chun also announced that Chun Shuitang plans to be listed on the New Third Board in 2016. In addition to continuing to deeply cultivate the love e -commerce platform and independent brand intelligent hardware, Chunshui Hall has officially launched the “Intelligent Sex Hotel” and the “Intelligent Interest bedroom” plan. The first smart sex hotel will open in Hangzhou next April.


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