Take you to the car sealing strip

Car sealing strips are important seals on the body. The main materials are polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ethylene rubber (EPDM), synthetic rubber modified polypropylene (PP-EPDM), etc. Method. It is mainly applied to door frames, windows, engine lids and luggage lids to play a role in sealing, sound insulation, windproof, dustproof, and waterproof.

The sealing strip of the door mainly refers to the door density sealing and the door frame sealing. The door density sealing and door frame sealing strips must not only ensure the sealing, but also bear the impact when closing the door. Therefore, it must be elastic and tough. It is mainly composed of two parts: dense rubber substrate and sponge glue bubble pipe. The dense glue contains a metal skeleton, which plays a role in strengthening the gum strip. The sponge bubble pipe is soft and elastic, which plays the function of compression and deformation, and the pressure rebound. This sealing adhesion or inlaid on the door, coordinated with the body seal to increase the sealing of the door and the car body.

The sealing bar of the engine cover consists of a pure sponge glue pipe or a sponge glue pipe and a dense glue composite, which is used to seal the engine cover and the front of the body. The sealing bar of the back door consists of a dense glue substrate with a skeleton and a sponge rubber bubble pipe. It can withstand a certain impact and ensure the seal when the rear cover is closed.


Car glass seal is composed of window glass guidelines and water inside and outside the window. The windows of the window glass guide groove are composed of dense glue of different hardness, and the accuracy of the body is inlaid to ensure the accuracy of the size coordination to achieve the effect of sealing and sound insulation. There is a velvet surface on the lips of a part of the guide slot. When the glass moves up and down, the friction and noise between the glass and the guide slot can be reduced. Internal and external water cuts are composed of pure glue strips or pure glue strips and plastic parts. It has a velvet surface. In addition to reducing the friction with the glass, it also plays a decorative role.

The sealing of the car seal is very critical to the car, which will affect the sound insulation of the car. After the car is used for a long time, due to the natural decay characteristics of the rubber, the sealing of the door will decrease, which may cause rainwater to enter the car, the air conditioner is slow, the door hinge and the door lock into dust, etc. The phenomenon of leakage caused by increasing wind noise brings various inconvenience and influence to driving and riding. So, what should we pay attention to for the maintenance of sealing strips?


1. Check the sealing strip regularly, and mainly check whether the sealing strip occurs in time hardening, deterioration, damage, and whether there are cracks and fractures. If so, it is recommended to directly replace the original sealing strip at the official 4S shop.


2. Regularly use the car detergent to clean the sealing strip, and coat a layer of highly osmotic protective agent to prevent sealing aging.


3. The gap of the sealing strip is easy to stuff the dust, thereby accelerating the aging of the sealing strip, so it is necessary to regularly remove the dust on the sealing strip.

4. Be cautious about the sealing strip of the third -party purchase of online shopping. Automotive manufacturers have conducted a lot of tests about the sealing strip in the automotive research and development process. The requirements of the secondary door and the requirements of various environmental use were handed over to the user’s hands. The third -party products were not tested and certified, and they should be purchased with caution.

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