Japanese beauty anchor “Astripa”, looks sweet, hot, girls are fascinated when they look at it

Recently, the editor saw a very beautiful Japanese host, and couldn’t wait to share it with you! She is Ling Nai!

She is really beautiful, and she is the white moonlight that many Japanese men can’t get. The eyes are round, like a loving little white rabbit, the bridge of the nose is very sharp, and a small mouth laughed is very charming. It is a typical appearance of Japanese pure girls. Seeing people love flowers and flowers to see cars and cars! Although her face is very harmless, her body is beautiful.

A pair of long legs is white and straight, with a small thin waist and a good grip, and the upper circumference is also very proud. The perfect right -angle shoulder, the slender swan neck, the combination of the combination, who really depends on who is confused, the sexy hot and hot, girls are not so hot, girls are not too spicy. I have to call it straight after watching: I can!

Seeing Ling Nai can have such a figure, but she has accumulated a long time. She often goes to the gym to exercise, and her diet is very controlled. She is so self -disciplined and “deserved” her figure is so perfect.

Do you also want to have such a charming figure? Xiaobian sorted out some fat reduction exercises that can be done at home or at home. It is very suitable for the post -90s “pension youth” to practice after get off work. Not much to say, let’s practice it!


Straight legs up on your back

Lie on the ground, the upper limbs are tightly on the ground, the elbows are bent, your hands are beside your ears, your legs are bent on the knees, and your legs are bent and kept clamping.

Tighten the core hard, control the body, do not shake left and right, keep the waist and hips tightly ground, and then force the abdominal muscles to lift the upper back and legs and lift it away from the ground.

Set up for 3 seconds at the apex vertex, squeeze the abdominal muscles hard, and then slowly restore it until the starting movement.

Practice 30 times.


Lift your legs and draw a circle

Kneel on the ground, and the hands are about the same width of the shoulders on both sides of the body. The elbows are slightly bent, the palms are tightly ground, keeping the back upright, the core is tightened inward. Put back to your body and lift it up until it is parallel to the ground.

Control your body, do not shake left and right, and the hip muscles drive the legs that are lifted backwards.


Practice one leg for 30 seconds, and then change to the other leg to practice.


Lying on your legs

Lie on the ground, close the waist tightly on the ground, clamp your legs, and lift it away from the ground, put your hands on both sides of the body, your arms are close to the ground, and your fingers are gripped.

The abdominal muscles drive the legs up upwards until the thighs and the ground form 90 degrees, and then work harder to lift up until the hips leave the ground.

Stay at the apex for 2 seconds, and then put your legs back to the starting action.


Find a bench with the same height as the knee, lean on the front end of the bench, bend your knees, and support the entire body with your back and foot. Essence

The feet are about the same width as the shoulders, and the toes are opened to the outside of the body.

The core is tightened inward, the focus is on the heel of the feet, shrinking the hips and pushing up, and pushing up.


Stay at the highest point of action for 2, second, and then fall slowly, and return to the starting posture.

Practice 15 times.

Squat alternate boxing

The feet are twice the width of the shoulders, standing on the ground, standing upright on the back, tightening the core inward, and the elbow bent on both sides of the body.


Keep your back stand upright, sit down, sit backwards, bend your knees to do a squat action, squat until the thighs are parallel to the ground, then slowly straighten your knees and stood up. Make a punch on the opposite side.

Then restore to the starting action and do the punch exercise on the other side.


It is 1 time left and right, and 15 practice.

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