What is the difference between the sub-parent hinge and the flat hinge?

The hinge is also known as the hinges for connecting two solids and allows both to be relatively rotated between the two. The hinge is mainly mounted on the doors and windows, while the hinge is installed on the cabinet. The hinge is a buffer function when the cabinet door is closed, and the maximum extent reduces the noise colliding with the cabinet when the cabinet is closed. Often some sub-maternal hinges and flat hinges, then what is the difference? Let’s take a look together!

Sublet hinges is a hinge for installation in the indoor door. Two pieces of combination overlap, on a horizontal plane. There is no misplaced and superimposed, and the large piece is surrounded by small pieces. The sub-master hie is a title of the image. The reason why it is called because the special construct of this hinge, which is formed by both inside and outside, just like a mother and child, very image, so called a child hinge .

Single-open hinge is a hinge that is mounted on the indoor door or outdoor door. Said-open hinges pay attention to the symmetry. The intermediate shaft is a symmetry shaft, centered on the intermediate shaft, the hole position and the pores may be different, but the length of the left and right hinges is the same.

These two hinges have their own advantages and features:


The advantages of child-mother stainless steel hinge are mainly assembled and easy to use. Therefore, it is also very widespread in the application of the sub-pages. Its special structure makes it very convenient during use, avoiding the double slot on the door and the door frame, directly using the screws on the door. It is not so convenient to open the hinge, it is necessary to open a slot suitable for its size on the door and the door, and two unfolded cards of the hinge in the slot, and then secure the door and door frame. Go up. It means that every stainless steel hinge is installed, and a card slot must be opened on the door and the door to ensure smooth installation. This is naturally not difficult for the professional installation master, but it is not so convenient for the general family users. It is necessary to have a tool that is used to install it.

For these two hinges, they are based on their own needs, and the hinges that different objects adapted are different. Ruian Huayan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged, spring latch, iron latch, latching door, handle, sliding door handle, stainless steel handle, hinge, hydraulic hinge, high hinge, spring hinge, spring hinge, Hardware products such as chain welding machinery, hinges are one of the company’s main products, which is complete and specific.



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