The 9th balance car has become an electric car? The first smart electric car of young people is coming!

In this era of “all things is intelligent”, we are full of a large number of “intelligent” coats, but in fact, we lack practical functions. Fortunately, there are still many companies in low -key smart products that really make life more convenient and better, just like the 9th electric electricity I saw at the 9th robot conference, each smart technology is only To simplify user operations and improve user experience. It proves to us that it is really intelligent and can really ride better.

According to the battery life and configuration, there are five models of Electric Es 9, which are E80C (priced at 4799 yuan), E90 (priced at 5999 yuan), E100 price (6899 yuan), E125 price (9999 yuan), and E200P Price (16999 yuan), this series of products was exclusively launched on December 17. Among several versions, E200P is a high-performance version facing senior players, with a speed of 100km/h, a maximum battery life of 200km, 0-40km/h acceleration time for 3 seconds, and equipped with ABS double disc brakes, Bosch 10 10, Bosch 10 Anti -dual channel anti -holding brake system (ABS), and Maggis semi -hot moisture tire.


According to the new national standard of electric vehicles, No. 9 Electric E is an electric motorcycle, which means that it is necessary to get a motorcycle sign and test the motorcycle driver’s license. This is definitely a good thing. Standardized can bring qualified products and safer transportation. On the basis of specifications, what are the “real intelligent” functions of Electric E Electric E? I will interpret them one by one.


Really smart one: more convenient unlock/lock

No. 9 Electric E is equipped with NineBot AirLock induction unlocking technology, Ninebot Rideygo! These two intelligent functions allow users to bring any keys or remote controls when they go out. As long as they bring their mobile phones to the vehicle, they can be unlocked automatically. After the riding, there is no need to lock the car. The smart faucet lock will be locked in an instant, which is convenient for simply getting off the car. This is more convenient than the keyless entry on some cars. No. 9 Electric E E100, E125, and E200P are equipped with electric faucet locks. After parking, the handlebar is turned to the side to automatically lock the faucet, and no longer need to compare with the keyhole every time.

Really intelligent two: high -performance sensor spread throughout the car, Zhilian every cycling details

No. 9 Electric E is equipped with electronic side support (parking induction) and seat detection system (cushion induction). It can actively perceive whether the parking status or ride status to prevent users from being unliked (such as when a cart). Turn the throttle by mistake.

Really smart three: No longer afraid of thieves anymore

There is a sentence circulating on the rivers and lakes: “No matter how beautiful the sound is, no dare to make a sound in front of the van.” One of the biggest pain points of electric cars and motorcycles is that it is easy to be stolen. In order to solve this problem, the No. 9 robot is equipped with GPS, Beidou, and base station triple positioning system and geographical fence technology for No. 9 Electric E, which can accurately lock the vehicle position. At the same time, when the vehicle is abnormally moved, the AHRS attitude induction system can push the phone as soon as possible to help you find the actions of the car thief in time.


Figure: GPS, Beidou, and Base Station Triple Positioning System

Real Smart Four: Smart battery management system battery is safe and durable

The safety of electric vehicles has always been one of the most concerned issues, especially the safety of batteries is one of the important factors for electric vehicle safety. The 9th electric E series uses the 9 -year sedimentation of the No. 9 robot. It independently develops lithium battery intelligent BMS 5.0. It has the MIL_STD 810 troops -level seismic performance, IPX7 waterproof level, 20+security protection, smart charging, and smart multi -battery parallel technology.


At the same time, the No. 9 Electric E80C also pioneered the smart lead -acid battery BMS. The power was more accurate, the battery life was far away, and the life expectancy was longer.

Really intelligent five: OTA wireless upgrade, the more ride, the better

The benefits of OTA wireless upgrades have been seen on electric vehicles, and it can help vehicles becoming more and more powerful like software updates. The No. 9 “Cloud Brain” system connected by millions of devices can provide OTA wireless upgrades covering all systems covering all systems through the built -in ninth cloud box intelligent controller. Essence Including the output characteristics of the motor, the response of the throttle, and the involvement of the kinetic energy recycling system.

Figure: No. 9 Electric E supports OTA upgrade

Real Smart 6: APP monitoring real -time grasp of the state of the vehicle


The 9th electric E-series products can be connected to the mobile phone. The SEGWAY-NINEBOT APP has a very comprehensive function. Users can understand the specific data of each cycling, the status of the car, or online repairs, problem consultation and ordering accessories. In addition, APP also has a certain mild social function, which can interact with global riders to share wonderful cycling routes and cycling life.

Figure: Segway-Ninebot App

In addition to the real intelligence, the hardware parameters of the No. 9 electric E are also very dazzling, exceeding other brand models at the same price. No. 9 Electric E is equipped with strong high -power direct drive wheels, with a rated power of up to 5kW, and equipped with 74V high -voltage power lithium batteries with high energy efficiency, less fever, long life, and can support stronger power output and higher limit. speed. In this case, the powerful braking capacity is very important. The 9th electric E is equipped with a large-sized punch brake disc at the first 220mm+rear 180mm. The 45km/h-0 brake distance is only 12m.

In terms of lighting, No. 9 Electric E is equipped with intelligent light -sensitive matrix LED headlights. It not only has a wide range of irradiation and a long distance. It can also automatically adjust the brightness with the environment of the environment. The taillights use integrated embracing LED taillights and automatic return to the turning light. Night recognition is high, and it is safer to drive. The waterproof capacity of the vehicle meets the IPX5 standard, and the battery waterproof capacity is as high as the IPX7 level. Support water gun washing the car. Even if the vehicle falls into the water, the battery will not enter the water, and the cycling is more at ease.


No. 9 electric vehicle is also good at other designs. It is like a triangular structure that rides a more stable golden ride, the inside of the cushion is calculated in a comfortable and precise cushion, and the next 22L seat storage space that can be installed. These details are the ultimate pursuit of better riding.

In the end, I had to return to the problem of face value again. The homogeneity of electric vehicles has always been one of the main reasons why such products cannot move towards young groups. In order to solve this problem, the No. 9 robot launched the body color customization solution for the No. 9 electric E. The color of multiple parts of the body can be selected. In theory, there are 100,000 colors. Go to the No. 9 robot official website for customization.


I think, one day you ride No. 9 Electric E and another person’s No. 9 electric E “contrast”, and you need a WeChat. After all, you can choose the same color combination in more than 100,000 colors. It must be the most special fate.

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