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At the moment, it is a bright holiday season.


Next is the May 1st


There are many people who choose to pass around.

Away from home

Travel “equipment” is essential

Such as sunscreen umbrellas, sunshade, fruit boxes, water cups, etc.

“Every life” is intimately for everyone


Some “equipment” is organized

Look together ~

Double-sided sunshade fisherman cap

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The weather is gradually hot, sun protection has become an important thing to do every day. At picnic, why not wear a sunshade cap, which is capable of sunscreen and can be concave. Its old friend from “Every Life” platform is Ningbo Foreign Trade Enterprise Yacheng.

This cab holder is a peach skin, tangled in cashmere, feel more comfortable, than the general fisherman’s hat, it is very suitable for spring and summer, it is not easy to sweat.

From the look, this fisherman’s style is very good, the hat is very stereo, the hat is wide and a narrowness, can modify the head type, exquisite and casual, and it is also very delicate. The width and lower angle of the cap are determined by multiple debugging. There is a soft metal wire, when wearing a hat, everyone can bend according to the need for shading, the hat is relatively large, and the occlusion effect will be better.


In addition, the fabric sunscreen value of the hat has reached 50+, indicating that only less than 1/50 ultraviolet rays can pass the fabric, and the UVA is less than 5%.

In addition to sunscreen and style, they also have very intimate with the windproof rope, which can adjust the tightness of the rope, and it is not easy to blow in the wind. If you want to wear it, you can also remove the windproof rope.

Unlike straw hats, the duck cap, the cloth hat is foldable, usually put in the package, put on the pull box, lightly and good storage. When you want to wear, you can restore the original shape when you shake it, and there will be no difficulties.

Lighted such as invisible feather umbrella

If you feel that the sunshade of the sun is not big enough, then you will arrange the feather umbrella.

This feather umbrella is from the Shaoxing umbrella “Lilac” brand. The main thing is small and invisible. It will not give you too much burden.

This feather umbrella now has 8 colors, not only is a warm purple, light purple, sky blue, and a bright lemon yellow, orange, and a classic atmosphere of deep purple. If there is a boys like lightweight umbrella, you can also choose the classic black and deep blue in the feather umbrella.

This umbrella is only 79.9 grams, which is light than the weight of both lipsticks, and the common parachutes in the market are almost about 300 grams.

Umbrella surface material is a high-density hit fabric, which is a high-grade impact fabric with only 1/5 of the conventional umbrella fabric, with a weight of only 1/4.

This fabric is to take skin clothes, jackets, these clothes can be windy, rain, and ultraviolet, so when using such fabrics, there is no need for more coatings to do sunscreen. The UPF (UV protection factor) index of this umbrella reached 50+, and the UV index is 98%, which is equivalent to sunscreen of sunscreen index, but it is not used directly on the skin.

△ real shot map

The “feather umbrella” is lightweight, and it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the umbrella, the umbrella. The umbrella is used by aerial aluminum alloy. The umbrella uses the carbon fiber produced by Japanese Northern Company, while reducing the weight, ensuring the strong level of the umbrella.

Food grade stainless steel double-layer easy box


Speaking of a picnic, everyone will definitely appear such a picture in the mind: a group of people sitting on a picnic pad to eat their own fruit, sandwich, halogen, vegetable salad.

Xiaoli This double-layer convenient box, liner 34 food-grade stainless steel, 22 cm long, 12 cm, with a capacity of 1600ml, can put fruit, rice, vegetables, etc. The lunch box is designed, and some vegetables will not be skewer.

Usually, if you just put fruit, you can take the stainless steel liner and put the fruit into the box.

If you usually take a meal, add boiling water in the stainless steel liner layer of the lunch box, keep the temperature of the food. Of course, the convenience box can also be heated, and the lid is taken out when microwave, it is recommended that the medium is hot, and the length does not exceed 3 minutes. It is very convenient for office workers and student parties.

It is necessary to remind that this lunch box is not vacuum heat preservation, and the heat preservation is about 2-3 hours. If you want to keep the heat preservation time long, you can also cover a lap in the bag.

Cleaning and carrying are very convenient, the lunch box has a handle, and the extraction is also more convenient.


Explosive color plastic straw cup

Go out, the most water cup with it.

Take it in your hand, if you have a strap, you can satisfy you this colorful plastic straw cup.

This cup, there are 12 colors, there is a very suitable coral powder, mint green, red, light yellow, etc.

Unlike ordinary cups, this cup of cups are designed, mainly two kinds, antlers and kittens, very cute.

Many people are worried about it is plastic, will heating water will not toxic? Its plastic uses the US Tritan material, maternal and child can be used, safe and healthy, and water resistant to high temperature. It passes the certification of SGS, which is a globally recognized quality and integrity benchmark.

What is more worth mentioning is that this cup, there is a exclusive cup and strap, which is very textured in your hand, so it can be handful of shoulder, it can be portable, fashionable.

Buy a cup, go out to drink a water, it becomes more advanced. Gift boxed cups, gifts and self-users are very cost-effective.

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