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Whenever the crocodile skin is mentioned, it gives people an expensive, rare, and high -end impression. Indeed, high -end crocodile leather bags and clothing are valuable, and the high -end brand of high -end brands will use crocodile skin.

However, there are also many crocodile leather products very cheap. It can be bought in two or three thousand, and even hundreds of crocodile leather goods. Why is the same crocodile leather? The price difference is so large. Answer.

Crocodile skin category

Our most common crocodile varieties are: crocodile, American crocodile, Nile, Siamese crocodile.

The crocodiles of these varieties have a common feature: large body shape, beautiful leather patterns, abdominal leather gradually changed from bamboo -like square -shaped to a round shape. Common characteristics, but different varieties have their own characteristics. Among them, it is worth mentioning that there is no pores in the American crocodile. Several varieties of crocodiles have air holes. After the leather processing The pores of the color crocodile skin are obvious than the matte surface (middle light) and dark crocodile skin. So many people distinguish what kind of variety is scientific.

Crocodile skin has always been based on the belly. The mainstream products of luxury goods have almost no crocodile back skin. If it is a high -end series of luxury goods, it will not use crocodile back skin. Therefore, the above crocodiles are mainly based on the back of the back, retaining rare and expensive belly. Especially the crocodile and the American crocodile almost all left their backs.

The crocodile leather works we often do are: leather shoes, belts, wallets, straps, bags, etc.


Crocodile leather, gold in the leather, and inch of leather gold. For the production of finished crocodile leather goods, it is necessary to choose the appropriate leather material according to the finished product. It is very important to maintain the integrity of the overall line. Essence

Of course, if you want to buy a good crocodile skin, you must have experience. Because the leather is scarce, there are fakes on the market. Friends are helpful.



It is the best crocodile. English name Porosus is the largest crocodile type.

The leather patterns are neat, and the bamboo pattern parts are most neat and dense. The proportion of bamboo patterns is very high. The crocodile trunk is narrow and long, about 5 times the head of the head, and the tail length is about the sum of the head+torso. With small pores, Porosus on the market is extremely rare. The use of leather materials is generally made of luggage. From the perspective of variety, the crocodile has a relatively obvious variety price difference with other varieties of crocodiles.


American crocodile

The American crocodile usually refers to the Sispei crocodile. There is no pores, there are obvious cracks above the cloaca, and the pores and cracks are an important symbol of this variety.

The bamboo lines are neat and beautiful, the lines of the round lines are clear, the round lines are dense and small. Leather is suitable for making bags, especially suitable for making small pieces of leather goods, such as wallets and key bags. This type of small piece of leather goods is better than other varieties, which can especially reflect the charm of American crocodile. Don’t misunderstand it.

In addition, making straps, American crocodiles are the best leather, which is better than other varieties. The price of the American crocodile is second only to the crocodile. Although it is second only to the crocodile, it is also a very high -end crocodile skin in the market.


Nailian crocodile

The Nile crocodile skin is one of the high -end crocodile skin. It has pores. The belly is not so narrow than the American crocodile and the crocodile. The round lines on the abdomen are the largest, which is obviously different from other varieties.

Leather is generally used to make bags. Many women’s bags on the market are made of Nile crocodile. The texture characteristics are more in line with women’s aesthetics. In short, the Nile crocodile is a high -end crocodile skin.


Siamese crocodile

Compared to the Bay Crocodile, American Crocodile and Nile Crocodile. The pattern of the belly is also very beautiful, with small pores. When it comes to the Siamese crocodile, it gives a sense of not high grade. From the perspective of the variety and leather itself, the Siamese crocodile is not bad, and it is also very very very very very very very. Yes, the Siamese crocodile is a large crocodile. The leather does not be ossification and is not hard. Many clothing is made of Siamese crocodile.



The cheapest crocodile leather, the leather ossification is severe, the leather is very hard, the pattern is very low, and it is not suitable for high -end crocodile leather goods. There are almost no big brands using Kaimang crocodile to make luggage. The price is also very low. Representative of leather goods.

The above introduces a few common crocodile skin species. To sum up, in fact, the surface difference between the American crocodile, Nile crocodile and Siamese crocodile is only the difference in lines. The following briefly introduces the division of crocodile skin levels. So big, look at the level division, it is clear.

Crocodile skin level division

The quality of the crocodile skin is divided by grades. The higher the level, the higher the value. When the crocodile skin is divided into the level, the quality is divided by the quality of the belly area. Basically, the quality of the tail is basically not considered.

Internationally adopts the cross division method: on the belly of the crocodile skin, the cross is divided into the area. There are four regions. If there are no scars in the four areas of ABCD, there are scars in the four areas. There are scars in the four areas. For the second level, in order, the third level …, of course, it is also called A and B.

The method of dividing is actually very simple, that is, how many parts of the disability flaws are. Naturally, the first -class leather is very rare, and it is naturally very expensive. For the cold -blooded animals such as crocodiles, there is no disability on the skin. It is very rare. Naturally high, if the group cares, the first level of leather can only pick them one by one, and 100 pieces can be picked out. It is not easy. Therefore, the price of first -level skin has been high in the international market, and it has shown a trend of rising year by year. Even so, the first -level skin has always been in short supply.

Different comparisons of all parts of crocodile skin

The level of crocodile skin is the best abdomen, followed by the abdomen, and the back and tail is the most inferior.

1. Abdomen: All the formulas are the softest. POROSUS and Crocodile’s abdomen can see the pores, and alligator has no pores.

2. Abdominal side: The feel is still soft, and the pattern has changed from the grid to a circular shape. The price is slightly cheaper than the belly skin, and it is still the most commonly used part of the luxury brand handbag.

3. Back skin: The back skin is rough and rough. The cheapest price. It is generally not adopted by luxury handbags. It is more common in popular brands and is widely loved by young trendy people.


In summary, the same is the real crocodile skin. Choose the best level as long as the four factors are considers from the soft feel, the uniform and symmetrical square pattern, the delicate pores and the soft luster.

Crocodile skin is different

Finally, the price, no matter what kind of crocodile, is based on leather levels. Naturally, the better the leather surface, the higher the value. The level of the Nile crocodile is higher than the American crocodile, and there may be different enthusiasts differently. In the international market, the American crocodile will be slightly more expensive than the Nile crocodile. The Nile crocodile is a little more expensive than the Siamese crocodile, but the price difference is not large. Those who can be used for exquisite leather goods must be carefully selected. The leather can do it. Of course, the leather of the second and third levels is not scrapped, and the price of the finished product will naturally be lower, or avoid scars and make small things. The integrity and symmetry of the lines will naturally be affected.

The characteristics and identification of crocodile skin

There are many ways to distinguish the crocodile skin:

1. The gap between the crocodile leather texture will have a small staggered texture, and the cowhide pressure pattern is smooth and flat.

2. The texture of the crocodile skin will not be neat, and the size is different and staggered.

3. The flexibility of the crocodile skin determines extremely anti -folding. After repeated compression, it will not deform and recover well.

What is the craftsmanship of crocodile skin?

Not only is the crocodile skin itself a scarce resource, but it also requires the process and technology that it needs in the process of packaging.


Select skin, cutting, sewing, and decoration

Crocodile skin is more demanding than ordinary leather. When making handbags in luxury brands, only crocodile skin with pores, patterns, and thickness. Because of such harsh selection standards, a luxury brand of crocodile leather handbags usually require 3-4 crocodiles to choose the required leather. Subsequently, there were precise cutting films. The hand -chisel -sized and strict pinhole, hand -sutured cutting, densely sealed sealed, and then supported the front silhouette with a specific mold sewing bag. Then use a specific ironing tool to make the leather.

It is worth mentioning that because the crocodile skin is special and the surface particles are rich, it is more troublesome in the decoration link than ordinary leather. The crocodile leather surface protruding and bones inside. After polishing, a chemical preparation must be sprayed, and then polished again to ensure that the crocodile skin is three -dimensional and the feel is delicate.




The tanning is to remove the fat, moisture, salt, and impurities of the crocodile skin itself, so that it is easy to save, and the leather is swollen moderately, and it becomes soft and difficult to shape. Some brands also try to beat Botox or chromium with crocodile leather, which can make it feel lighter, more flexible, and waterproof, as delicate as a woman’s face.


Repeat tanncing, fat, dyeing, polishing

After removing the pigment fat of the crocodile leather itself, the cortex becomes dry and non -durable. In order to make the thickness and color consistent, the craftsman will open its fiber passage to make the color and wax fat evenly penetrate, which makes the leather deep, the feel is firm, the luster is naturally natural Essence During the link, the bright crocodile skin is different from the fog -surface crocodile skin, which is more difficult to latter. Small defects can be tanned and corrected during the sewing process of bright crocodile skin. The fog -surface crocodile skin is more difficult to deal with. Once the color is found in uneven color, it cannot be repaired, and the entire leather will be eliminated. Therefore, the price of fog crocodile leather bags is even more expensive.

How to maintain crocodile leather bags?

There is a saying on the Internet that the general content is “if you learn to take good care of your crocodile leather bag from now on, then it will be the best wedding gift for your daughter”, that is, the crocodile leather bag only needs to be well maintained properly properly. Its use time can be very long. Then hurry up and learn.

1. Alcohol and other leather surface treatment solution

It is forbidden to use industrial alcohol and other leather surface treatment liquid to clean the crocodile leather bag. Alcohol and other chemical supplies must be used by professional nursing personnel. Improper use will destroy the natural luster of the protein surface layer and even fade. Crocodile leather bags are not easy to dirty, just wipe soft cloth.

2. Rain, moldy, moisture

If you use a crocodile leather bag normally, you don’t need any maintenance. It can ensure its luster and feel often used. But what if you encounter rain, moisture or mildew? You can use dry and soft cotton cloth to remove water stains or mold points. Remember not to blow dry with a hair dryer. You must air dry naturally. The rain cannot be placed for too long, and it must be dry immediately, otherwise the tidal will cause the bag to deform.

3, fat

If the crocodile leather bag is stained with fat, it can be cleaned with a dry soft cloth. If the area is too large and cannot dissipate, it can only be handed over to the professional nursing staff.

Hand sweat or some cosmetics penetrate into the crocodile skin and cause black and even cracking. This damage is irreversible and cannot be repaired. So try to avoid this.

4, stains, drinks or red wine

Generally, when you touch simple stains, you can use a clean and soft cloth to gently wipe the stains and let it air dry naturally. However, the crocodile skin is stained with drinks or red wine, and it should be dried with a sponge or dry soft cloth immediately. If it penetrates into the skin, it can only be handled to the professional nursing staff.

5. Storage

Crocodile leather bags are prohibited from baking or exposed in the sun, which will cause deformation and fading. If it is not used for a long time, the bag is plugged into the vacuum orchin or other soft fillers, otherwise it will be stacked for a long time to put the bag. In addition, the dust bag is needed when storing.

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