It’s not irritable on the way home on the way to go home.

In less than a month, the annual Spring Festival army is about to start. The high -speed exports of major cities have also begun to enter the most congested moment of the year. Many drivers have opened various entertainment projects to relieve irritability. When people wait at high speed, get out of the car to cook noodles and exercise.

Of course, if it is a small block, it is also effective to install some unzip toys in the car. For example, the doll -filled emoticon bag shakes the doll, no matter how congested the section of the road, you can make your mood better!

This helmet uses the design of ducks, which can not only protect the head from harm. And it can also prevent the car drop accident. Secondly, the printed pattern of the little yellow duck, it shows the unique charm of the brand. In addition, it also uses the design of the magic sticker, which is convenient and practical.


Little yellow duck car car decoration car on the same vibrato and the same social network red helmet motorcycle outer breeze duck car decoration


This car decoration uses high -quality spring material and has good wear resistance. And it can also be designed according to the original car shape, which can effectively prevent the car from falling. Secondly, the design of shaking the head can not only better protect the head, but also play a good role in protecting it.

Douyin explosion electroplating head shake head doll spring human spring villain toy spring car decoration wholesale

This car decoration is made of high -quality alloy material, and the texture is hard and difficult to deform. Coupled with the design of the doll’s ears, it is full of fun and vitality, giving a dream and cute feeling. The base design of the head can effectively prevent dust from entering, and at the same time, it can also protect the eyesight of the eyes well.


Glowing Douyin explosion car shaking head shaking doll Emoticon creative package


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