Recently, these soft -bottomed mothers sandals, the models are not expensive, the key is not tired

Mother sandals flat leather pregnant women’s new summer anti -slip model summer middle -aged mothers sandals, combine fish mouth and hollow pull -up style to release the elegance and charm of women, very suitable for wearing in summer, keep the footsteps all day dry, and give you to you High -quality life taste.

Ginseng sandals female flat -bottom elderly summer sandal sandals anti -slip


The hollow design is faintly available in your feet, leisure is also sexy, wearing very refreshing and comfortable, not covering your feet, not stinky feet, light details can reflect the grade of the shoes.

Summer mother sandals leather soft bottom middle -aged and elderly sandals women


The simple upper, the slope design, has a sense of comfort, shows a sense of leisure, has a versatile effect, wearing feminine, black styles, you can wear skirts to wear elegance.

Summer new sandals women’s shoes off -toe rivet thick heel


With a national style of fish mouth sandals, the weaving upper shows the mother’s temperament well, and the fish mouth is also a kind of feminine element.

Autumn new leather and women’s single shoe nation


Sandals women’s new leather mother shoes, flat bottom design, is also very comfortable and versatile. High -quality leather materials, exquisite, showing quality, showing sexy toes. The forefront -mouth toe that has always been popular, full of charm

Leather flat bottom sandals women’s college in summer Roman fish mouth

Mother’s heels, non-slip and wear-resistant soles, 40-70-year-old soft bottom leather sandals, while ensuring wear resistance, good comfort, simple and stylish styles are super beautiful, choose a pair of flat sole sandals. Foot, time

Sloping nurses shoes female leather mother shoes women’s shoes spring and autumn

The leather slope and sandals are novel. No matter what kind of foot type can be controlled, the inside is breathable, the upper feet are comfortable, the flat heel is better walking, and the magic post workmanship and material are very good.

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