Thirty years of persistence, “keeping” the consumer’s heart and National Day Golden Week to Hunan Road shopping malls to “stroll”

Yangzi Evening News (Reporter Zhu Yan) In the hearts of many old Nanjing people, Hunan Road Mall must have a seat. In many people’s eyes, Hunan Road Shopping Mall is even more feelings. In late October, Hunan Road Mall, which has adhered to the 30 years of the business district of Hunan Road, will usher in the “Standing” birthday. In addition, the National Day Golden Week is about to come. Customers “go home and sit”.

30 years of persistence, “guarding” lived in the heart of consumers

Compared with the current luxury and high -end shopping malls, whether it is layout or brand, Hunan Road Mall seems “satisfactory”, but the quality of the goods is good and the price is also close to the people. Hunan Road Shopping Mall has always taken the line of parental people, and many residents who live in nearby communities are “iron powder”. “During the past 10 months of the enclosure, although it had a great impact on the operation, Hunan Road Mall always adhered to the largest sincerity to serve customers.” Wu Ke, chairman of Hunan Road Shopping Mall, told reporters, “We use holidays to use holidays Promotion of promotion on membership activities to attract consumers, such as gifts, etc. In addition, it also locks old customers through WeChat and the Internet, such as double points. “Wu Ke said it.

Hit the “service card”, chat with customers “as friends”

In the context of many shopping malls pursuing fashion and popular consumption groups with strong consumption groups, Hunan Road Shopping Mall “rebounded pipa”, positioned “good quality and low price”, and competed for “cost -effective”. shopping mall.

Not only the price is “good -looking”, the friendly service is also a highlight. Here, the salespersons who sell clothes are very experienced employees. Even if people do not go to the scene, they can give accurate opinions about roughly tall, thin, fat and thin.

Chairman Wu Kezhi also told reporters a small story. Some time ago, a Xinjiang customer went to the “Jianxi” women’s counter to buy clothes on the first floor. The enthusiasm of the tour guide’s work was moved and left WeChat. After the Xinjiang customers returned to their hometown, they also contacted the shopping guide WeChat and continued to buy the clothes of the counter via WeChat. “This also shows that our employee services are very detailed and patient, retaining guests. This is also one of our characteristics.”

This golden week, multiple gift discounts are waiting for you

During the National Day, consumers shopping for more than 50 yuan, a piece of transparent soap, and a pair of cotton socks with more than 200 yuan. In order to thank the members of the mall for many years of support and love, the Golden Week will carry out feedback from membership points and good gifts. Membership points reached 10001 points or more, a five -piece set of cooking utensils; A set; redeem a water cup below 2000 points. In addition, Ribeca women’s shoes are 50 yuan, Apple sports shoes are 78 yuan, jubilant casual shoes are 99 yuan, Wanli, and Murlinson leather shoes 130 yuan. Anna children’s clothing is as low as 20 % off, the water children’s new models are 5.5 % off, the Liying room goes out to take 2.5 % off, the new 50 % discount of Aifa Bai children’s autumn products, Xuanze children’s underwear is as low as 20 yuan. From 150 yuan in Jiu Mu King’s West Pants, Owen silk light cotton T -shirt is 70 yuan. Episal and Jianxi’s clothing starts at a discount.

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