Will you choose children’s wheel skates? Shanghai Capital Insurance Commission: 12 samples have 12 unqualified pieces

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Jin Yan) “Children’s Day” Children’s Day is approaching. When choosing roller skates for children as gifts for children, in the face of roller skates with a wide range of and different prices on the market, you know how to choose safe and high -quality high -quality high -quality Product? Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Consumer Commission conducted relevant comparison tests on children’s wheel skates. Among the 20 samples, 8 samples were too close to the ground, the connection between the shoes and the shoe rack was not reliable, the bearing card resistance, and the adjustment mechanism was too tight.

Test the 20 wheel skates

The Municipal Consumer Protection Commission purchased 20 children’s wheel skate samples, of which 17 were adopted from e -commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Tmall, and Suning, and 3 were used from physical stores such as Decathlon, Toy Battle City, involving American lions, Disney, rice, rice, and rice. 20 brands high, the price ranges from 89.9 yuan to 880 yuan.

According to the National Recommended Standard GB/T 20096-2006 “Rolling Shoes”, the testers tested the main performance of children’s wheel skates, involving sharp edges, dangerous tips, fasteners, tights, brakes, adjustment mechanisms, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes Connect with shoe rack relievals and other indicators.


Caption: Source of test results/Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission provided (the same below)

4 brakes are too close to the ground or too much angle

According to the standard, the lower end of the roller skate brakes should not be less than 10mm and the ground distance should be less than 10mm, and when the brakes are in contact with the ground, the horizontal line and the ground angle of the roller should be 12-25 °. Small affects use.

The test results show that 3 samples such as AVIGO roller skating shoes, lightning passenger children’s skating shoes, Jianrenda children’s adult adjustable wheel skate shoes, and the lower end of the brakes does not meet the standard. When the brakes of Lexiu Wheel Shoes are sticked to the ground, the horizontal line and the ground angle are over.

The connection between the 3 shoes and the shoe rack is not reliable enough

If the shoe rack of wheels is not high, it may cause danger during taxi. The standard requires that it is not less than 1000N on the bottom plate, and the test speed is 20mm/min. Keep 5MINS. Test the phenomenon of loosening, deformation, and rupture of the tested shoes and wheel frames.

However, in the test, three samples such as the high -end high -end row wheels, armor warriors skates, and swan lines of wheels were damaged after testing.

In addition, in the test, Lightning Children’s skating shoes produced by Yongkang Liangqi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. have a card resistance phenomenon during the decline of the self -weight, and the taxi is not smooth. The Baoshi Lai Children’s Shoes for Xiamen Baoli Sports Products Co., Ltd. is too tight to adjust the key, and the adjustment is not flexible enough.

【Consumption Tips】

1. The child’s first two -wheeled skate shoes are recommended to choose a casual roller skates, that is, the roller is the same size and the brake roller skate. After the child is controlled, you can choose a flat flower -type roller skates to increase the flexibility and interest of roller skating.


2. When choosing children’s wheels, pay attention to the details of the shoe shell, shoe rack, and rolling wheels. Shoe shells should prevent foreign shocks, play a role in protecting children’s feet and supporting feet. Beginners are best to buy a pair of half -soft noodle shoes or hard shell shoes to provide better support to avoid hurting ankle. PVC (plastic) is not recommended, because the roller is high, poor shock absorption, and poor grip, while the PU (polyester) wheel is flexible and grip. It is recommended to choose an aluminum alloy shoe rack. Such shoe racks are light, strong, and not easy to deform.

3. When children wear and use wheel skate, they should wear a full set of protective equipment, including helmets, wristles, elbows, and knee pads to prevent accidents.

4. The brake (brake) is generally installed on the back of the right foot, and most of them can be disassembled. When consumers install or adjust the height, they need to pay attention to the height appropriately. The minimum is 1 cm out of the ground, and the highest is the horizontal horizontal line and the ground angle of 25 °. It is easy to touch the ground when it is too low.

5. The position of the roller should be replaced regularly to extend the service life of the roller.

6. When the axis is raised for a long time, it can be removed and washed with a neutral cleaning agent. After drying, the appropriate amount of roller skating oil is added. After the maintenance, the screw is tightened to ensure that the roller rotates smoothly.

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