The plastic bottle is lost to the racking, not worth a few dollars, cut a shoe rack, 30 pairs of shoes are neatly stained

My dad and mother are usually frugal. I eat simple and simple to eat in the end. I have been so big, and I have never added a few new furniture at home! One of the most surprising things is: There are a lot of old shoes. Dad reluctant to spend money to buy a shoe rack, and even put a shoe rack with the plastic bottle collected!

I didn’t look at the shoe rack made by plastic bottles, but the surrounding neighbors were very good at showing, and I praised my dad to live! It is not worth a few dollars to throw it to the rotten. I just cut a shoe rack, and 30 pairs of shoes are neatly stained! I usually like my friends, I think I can try it.


1. Come on several mineral water bottles, the same size rectangular board

2. Use a nail gun or tape, add a cardboard on the four plastic bottles, and stack it in order.

Such a plastic bottle shoe rack is completed, isn’t it easy ~


PS: But I have to remind me that although this kind of shoe rack can store shoes, it does not cost money and simply get started, but durability is slightly worse than the finished shoe rack, so this can only be used for temporary shoe racks.

Since it is not very durable as a shoe rack, you can use these two methods, and you can also use this waste plastic bottle to store well.


Learn South Korea,

Use plastic bottle storage single double shoes (superposition storage method)


Come to the plastic bottle of the medium number, first cut off the top of the plastic bottle;

Then on both sides of the plastic bottle, a 2 cm wide gap is cut, and the two gaps need symmetry;


In this way, one shoe can be stuffed into a plastic bottle, and the other shoes can be placed above the plastic bottle, as follows:

It can be well settled to the shoes, so that the storage method is superimposed, so that the storage force of the shoe cabinet twice instantly!




“Barrel” storage method

: This kind of plastic bucket requires a large plastic barrel.

Come on several large plastic buckets and cut off the top of the bottle body with scissors.

Put these cut plastic buckets into the shoe cabinet, and then put the shoes at home in this way. This can accommodate more shoes, and there will not be a messy feeling of piles together, which is convenient for picking.

If there is no shoe cabinet, you can set up vertical lines, stacked storage, and will not take up more ground area.

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