Lianggong launched the 20W PD fast charge Rubik’s cube socket to solve the pain point of not enough sockets

How many pits in home decoration, I believe everyone has a certain experience. For simply taking 220V sockets, most of the position settings of the socket sockets are not reasonable and the number is not enough. Household appliances and digital product chargers are seizing the use of a few sockets. right. Recently, the well -known socket brand has launched a fast charging Rubik’s cube socket that can expand 4 communication interfaces on the original socket and built up the 20W PD fast charge output module. 20w fast charge.

良工推出20W PD快充魔方插座,解决插座不够用痛点


The Lianggong Cube socket combines the socket expansion function with the USB charger. On the basis of the original wall plug, four 220V AC jacks are extended, and the 2A1C DC output module can be provided directly for digital products. Charge. Founded all -white light -consuming shells are 58mm x 58mm x 58mm. The shape is close to the Rubik’s Cube, so it is called the Rubik’s cube socket.

DC fast charge module

Lianggong Rubik’s cube output panel is equipped with three DC output sockets, a USB-C output port, supports 5V3A / 9V2.22A / 12V1.67A, three fixed voltage output, the maximum power 20W PD fast charge output; The port supports fast charging output, with three fixed voltage three fixed voltage of 5V3A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A, and the maximum output power is 18W. It supports multi -protocol fast charge. The three DC interfaces of 2A1C can be charged at the same time as three devices. The input supports 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz, and global power grids can be used.

良工推出20W PD快充魔方插座,解决插座不够用痛点

safety door

All jacks of the Lianggong Cube sockets use safety door design. The resistance of the 75N single -hole insertion can prevent friends at home from mistakenly insertion, eliminating unilateral foreign body insertion, causing electric shock danger, and guarding the family’s safe use of electricity. The communication jack can withstand the maximum 10A current, with a global maximum power of 2500W, which meets the needs of most electrical appliances on the market.

Lamp switch

The output interface panel with a light switch button with an ON/OFF pattern with a light switch button, with indicator lights inside, reminding users that the current state of power is in a state of power. Plug the socket.


良工推出20W PD快充魔方插座,解决插座不够用痛点

Use Power-Z KT002 USB tester to read PDO packets. Charging performance requirements, 50%power in half an hour.

Fast charge protocol

良工推出20W PD快充魔方插座,解决插座不够用痛点

In addition to the USB PD fast charging standards, there are many common fast charging protocols, such as Apple2.4A, Sumsang5V2A, DCP, QC3.0, QC2.0, AFC, FCP, etc., which are suitable for the use of old and new devices.

良工推出20W PD快充魔方插座,解决插座不够用痛点

The Lianggong 20W PD Rubik’s Cube socket can expand the additional four AC interfaces on the socket, alleviating the pressure of the power supply interface, and with a 2A1C 20W DC fast charging module. Convenient. The Lianggong 20W PD Rubik’s Cube socket will be listed in the near future. The expected price is 69 yuan. Interested friends can get on the car by themselves.

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