Zhang Xinyu brought the fire “long sleeve top+shorts”.

Share the most classic fashion wear, so that you can be high -level in the four seasons. Women never lack attraction, only lack the skills of stimulating charm, and will wear it to make you a tasteful elegant woman!



#What to wear today#

There are different trends every season. The season of spring and summer is suitable for the anti -season matching method. It can combine the tide dressing of the spring and summer seasons. Dress feeling.


The long -sleeved top with shorts has anti -season characteristics, but the seasonal differences will not be particularly strong. It can meet the practical needs and will not cause uncomfortable wear. The combination of long -sleeved tops and shorts can also enhance the personality of the dress, making the dressing and temperament.


Long -sleeved tops can increase the characteristics and atmospheric wearing characteristics, so that the dressing shows the characteristics of neutral style, and shorts have a variety of styles and characteristics, and the expression of dressing is also very strong. Zhang Xinyu likes this match.

Zhang Xinyu has its own characteristics. The long -sleeved top and shorts are chic and generous, and they can see neutral fashion charm. Zhang Xinyu brought the fire “long sleeve top+shorts”. The anti -season match is quite personal and shows a good aura.

Zhang Xinyu stitching hat shirt printing shorts

Fashionable charm of stitching hoodie

Stitching hoodie

Conventional fabric


Denim fabric

Stitch together, will


Solid color

Stitching together, showing the fashion charm of multi -element group connection, wearing a distinctive personality and fashion characteristics, and the dress is very temperament.

The plaid part occupies the main position, showing the classic sense of the hoodie design. The plaid element is out of date, and it can also increase the lively sense of wearing.

Denim fabric

Stitching on the sleeve, showing the personality of the denim to wear, making the dressing point stronger. Hug

Color design

Unlike the main part, the characteristics of the hoodie wear.

The design characteristics of printed shorts


The design of the printed shorts is also very personal and trend.

Oblique stripe


The form is matched on the pants, showing the trend of wearing design,

Visual attraction


It is also particularly strong.


Loose waist design



It is stronger than the waist of ordinary pants, the elastic range of the elastic waist is larger, suitable for different waist enclosures, and it is simple and generous with sportswear. It has a comfortable sense of sportswear.

Combination of stitching hoodie and printed shorts

The splicing hoodie is common in color and shorts in color, and the checkered design and shorts are selected.

Black and White

, Color combination is very classic, and it shows

Performed, chic

The fashion temperament, the quality of dress is very strong.

The combination of hoodes and printed shorts has a simple and impactful image. The white T -shirt inside is played



The role of the T -shirt is clean and generous, which can increase

Sunshine, fresh

At the same time, it can also have the effect of transition and avoid a messy visual sense.

The combination of other items

The matching of sneakers can increase

Image vitality

, And show the girlish atmosphere, let the advantages of the beautiful legs reveal, let the wear show the personality and fashion temperament, and the dress is simple and quality.

The matching of the laser bag also shows the trend attraction,

Laser bag

Different luster exudes a different visual charm of the costumes, making the image advantage more prominent.

The combination of long -sleeved jackets and shorts shows the advantages of fashion wear. Although the sleeves are long in long -sleeved clothing, the clothing is generally loose and has good breathability. Therefore, it is appropriate to wear in spring and summer.

Other types of long -sleeved jackets can also be combined with shorts, showing different style characteristics. It can be changed to wear in spring and summer. Zhang Xinyu’s other wearing demonstrations are also very distinctive.

Zhang Xinyu’s matching of other long -sleeved jackets and shorts

Retro suit with denim shorts

The retro suit has enhanced the characteristics of neutral style, showing a unique sense of fashion, so that the dress shows the high -level and personalized dress characteristics. The suit is a suit.

Establishing collar, single buckle


Design, highlighting the simple dress effect, expressing the tide connotation.

The matching of denim shorts integrates the trendy influenza into the shape. The suit and shorts show the collision of the style, which enhances the charm and characteristics.

canvas shoes


The combination modifies the foot shape and enlarges the charm of the figure.

Wide -shoulder shirt with Bermuda shorts


Wide -shoulder shirt shows

Boyfriend style

With the characteristics of wearing, the neutral charm of the boyfriend’s wind shirt is very sufficient, and it seems unique and temperament. If you want to enlarge the corresponding style attraction, you must choose shorts with corresponding characteristics.

Bermuda shorts

It is shorts with a boyfriend’s style characteristics. The pants are simple and atmospheric. The legs are loose than any women’s shorts, can hide the leg shape, and show thinness, showing the advantages of tide clothes.

Worker shirt with cyclical pants

Worker shirts are with

Neutral wind

as well as


In order to present the characteristics of the clothes, the fabrics are generally hard, suitable for wearing as a coat. It can show a good dress effect with a white T -shirt.

Cycling pants are sporty type

Tight shorts

, It has the effect of modifying the leg shape, and the matching jacket shows

Relaxed and lively

The image characteristics also make the dress more distinctive.

The combination of long -sleeved jackets and shorts can show a variety of wearing advantages and characteristics. The image attraction and temperament advantage are not bad, and 30+ women can wear it.

Master the season’s fashion elements and become exquisite tide people! If you do n’t play tall, you just talk about the most grounded drying skills to make you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and understanding!





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