Autumn and winter are essential long scarves. The “six systems” are simple and beautiful, very practical

In the autumn and winter seasons, warmth work is the top priority of wearing. A long and soft scarf can not only meet the expectations of the concave shape, but also more practical and warm. So how should a long scarf look better? We can choose the diamond buckle system, the double -layer wound system method, the cross -knot system, the folding system, the surrounding method, the interweaving system method, and so on.

How can a long scarf look better? At the same time, avoid bloating? Let ’s share with you six scarfs, hoping to help more beautiful babies.

01. Diamond buckle system, stronger sense of layering, very three -dimensional and advanced

The long scarf does not need to choose too much monotonous, because if the hem is too long, it is easy to look stunned. At this time, we can circle the long scarf around the neck, then take a hole in the scarf around the circle, and pass through the scarf. This method forms a good -looking diamond buckle. It has a double -layer scarf effect. The warmth effect is stronger, and it is also very three -dimensional and advanced. Whether it is matched with a knitted sweater or a high -quality coat, it is very high.

02. The two -layer wound system method, simple operation, more versatile

The two -layer surround method can enhance the thickness of the scarf, thereby forming a more warm and comfortable effect. The operation method is also simpler. You can walk around in the way from the front to the back, walk around the neck in front, then cross it, go around the neck, and finally tie a simple cross knot, then adjust the position of the cross knot. La.

03. Cross -knotting system, exquisite and three -dimensional, fashionable atmosphere


When we are a scarf, we need to pay more attention to the sense of hierarchy. Although this cross -knotting method is similar to that of diamond buckles, there are still some differences. First fold the scarf, and then put the first head on the other side into the place where the scarf folds. Then turn the small hole in the folding position and pass through the scarf on the other side, which forms a cross -knotting system. This system is exquisite and three -dimensional. Essence

04. Folding system is simple and comfortable, especially easy to learn

If the system of long scarf is tedious, then this folding system is very simple. First of all, we circulate the long scarf around the neck, then leave a hole in the neckline, and finally pass the scarf, adjust the adjustment, adjust the adjustment, adjust the adjustment, adjust the adjustment, adjust Just the angle is fine, is it very simple and easy to learn?

05. Surrounding the system to create a comfortable and lazy atmosphere

In the autumn and winter season, some girls who like literary style also like to wear scarves. When they wear scarves, they pay more attention to a sense of comfort and lazy atmosphere. For example, the surrounding method of this scarf is especially suitable for literary youth. First cross the scarf one long and one short, then the long scarf is around the neck, and finally put it into the hole to adjust the looseness. It is very simple, particularly lazy, and very atmospheric.


First take a long scarf around the neck, then take a hole in the side of the face, and then wear the long scarf in. You can adjust the hem of the scarf according to your favorite angle. You can put it in front of you, it can be placed in front, casual and easy to learn.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how the long scarf should be tied? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)



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05. Surrounding the system to create a comfortable and lazy atmosphere

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