Be starting benefits! Professional running socks 9.9 special offer! Buy three get one free and one stock must be necessary

For runners, dreams need to be used



Come to measure!

A pair of good running sports socks to a large extent help us improve the sense of running and reduce the risk of injury. It is also very particular about choosing running socks. Just take a “basic white socks” and “good -looking socks” and go out to run.

Sour feet odor, sticky and humid


It is the lightest symptom, and it may be serious


, Completely ruin your happy running experience.


Why do professional sports socks must be a pair of good socks first?


Let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

1. A pair of professional sports socks will stink your feet when you wear it. Will you wear it?

2. A pair of professional sports socks, wearing sweltering, covering your feet, itching, wet sticky after sweating, and slipping. Do you still wear it?

Seemingly running socks with ordinary socks actually have many stealth functions:

Breath, sweat absorption, deodorization, reduce friction, support compression

Wait, how to choose in the sea of ​​socks?


After many rounds of trials of Xiaobian and sports friends, after the test experience, this is completely highly cost -effective and conquered by running sports socks with good reputation.


This sports socks are also produced by Gunkeen, a Chinese sports brand steel gun Gundai, which are benchmarking “Ariter Birds”. One of the [ingenuity] brands that have high requirements for product quality and [ingenuity] brand that solves the pain points of user sports and pay attention to user experience.


The functional quality is not to say! A pair of sports socks of 29.9 yuan, Xiaobian communicated with the brand many times, and finally won the lowest price in history for fans

Starting event price


9.9 yuan/double


Buy 3 pairs of pairs, Xiaobian get out of pocket

Send another 1 double


The first batch of 2000 special offers! Restore after sale!

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