Please do not get angry

After forty years of age, I found that I couldn’t be angry at all. The muscles of the whole person were stiff. Although they comforted themselves and told myself not to be angry, the body’s response was not controlled by consciousness.Heaven is weak. Usually you are busy and tired, but you can actually adjust it, but you may have been separated from the two places for a long time. There is no common language. My husband only needs to go home for three days.When he was angry, so when he returned, I was free of my body. He was okay in other places in his person. It was just a bad temper.Energy, reasoning to him, controversy, now he is older, except for silence is disgust, but he really can’t stand it like this, I feel like hell. I really don’t understand.Anyway, you have to face it, do you have to make a fire, make a noise, and make it comfortable to find a way to get angry?What should I do?Who can give a trick?

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