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Note: In addition Some pictures from the brand’s official website, the graphic content of all original, reproduced please contact the author.

Prior to the “high-performance trend” sun single series, in addition to outside tweed, worsted suit in terms of zero zXr0 has been brought from the subject of Ralph Lauren Purple Power Suit, Naples Suit Kiton for everyone, from Brioni suit of Business and Government and other objects.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

High-performance trend _ what is worth buying

In this issue, we take you into Naples geek world.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

This issue is the flagship brand ISAIA: sexy

The official website and official mall

Positioning: Sexy young middle-class literary

Features: Naples style, fabric technology, traditional arts, fashion, cutting, aggressive.

The main cooperation Fabric: carlo barbera, loro piana

With the price of competing products: Caruso, Thom Browne, Corneliani, Dior Homme, Lardini, Boglioli, Cucinelli

🙁 actual official price of each category and third parties can start with 5 discount department stores)

Suit suit: $ 3000 to $ 4500 US dollars

Pants: $ 600 USD

[Isaia52329] Isaia suits – men’s wool suits fillet yaw – serves network … Eidos Napoli by Isaia Grey Striped Super 130s 2-pc Suit 40 Long …

ISAIA suit with coral trademark suit is sexy men, adhering to the Attolini pioneered NAPOLI style, but very aggressive blaze new trails cut style, high-tech fabrics, compared to the previous brand, this issue isaia several issues brought in price the more fit the actual.

ISAIA suit Features:

Oblique pocket / pockets Rocker

In all ISAIA suit jacket, you can see the chest pocket is inclined, inspired by the classic shape of this Naples fishing, in fact, called the taschino a barchetta (ship pocket, Boat-Shaped Breast Pocket) in Italy this pocket. This pocket require longer working hours to sew, and spend more effort to organize the details of Article grid.

Naples small armhole

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Naples-style armhole small and high armhole much smaller than the diameter of the sleeves, an experienced tailor can manually sleeves and extra fabric by being called “grinze” process firmly fixed in the shoulder, to ensure maximum comfort and perfect version of the type.

Manual buttonhole

All ISAIA clothing buttonholes and button sewing can ensure long-term use in quality trustworthy. All are hand ISAIA locking eyes, makeup, stitching, sewing thread used is silk or cotton, just as with art embroidery.

Extra fabric

Relatively poor in post-war Italy, Naples, many people wear clothes to wear for a long time need to mend, every piece suit comes in a small piece of fabric will be lined up for change clothes or big, and now it has become a brand characteristics and Isaia Napoli Tradition.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Forward-looking pants

Small details throughout the whole pants, but they are designed to ensure comfort. Waist seams V-notch sports increase comfort, Sea Island cotton lining will provide the best skin feel. Finally ISAIA will leave some material remaining in the sewing, allowing each leg change width 1.5cm.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Perfect ironing

ISAIA in each suit to complete every process, every piece of fabric to be re-sewing is finished after repeated careful ironing spend a lot of hours to perfect perfection profile, but also through a half-hour after the hand-made suit complete ironing re-shaping.

ISAIA is a relatively pure menswear brand, not the same as the counterparts Zegna launched perfumes, watches, and other services.

Shirt: $ 400 ~ 550 US dollars

Isaia shirt – Men’s cotton shirt basic models – the network serves New Isaia Light Blue Striped Slim Shirt 15.5 / 39

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

ISAIA shirt king of Luigi Borreili shirt style, standard cufflinks nail talons handmade nails, fitting cut, large open angle Windsor collar / collar, high collar base, more manual labor, but not hand-sleeves, fabric more use 120s.

Sewing, tailoring, clinch, then a button a back and forth, when you wear ISAIA shirt, you will feel it the craftsmen in the production of essential traditions, skills and supreme focus. Shirt sleeves like espresso slid into the cup, the coin as ocean waves crashing into the harbor like riveting buttonholes, all naturalness. Our shirts so that each body with the traditional Neapolitan art, style complement each other, “you’re wearing a shirt really fine” will surely linger in the ears of men wearing ISAIA shirt.

–Gianluca Isaia (less likely Italian translation opportunities are translated into English the ability to turn over.)

Tie: $ 150 ~ 225 US dollars

Isaia Men’s Brown Red Floral Silk Skinny Neck Tie

Most importantly tie fabric panel, Isaia tie shiny sides are used as a silk fabric, through classic cut at 45 degrees, tie was created by traditional manual mode 7%, and then finally by hand ironing. ISAIA like Stefano Ricci, Kiton, Hermes, as provided handmade 7-Fold tie and hand-knit tie. 7 fold tie the price of $ 225 has been relatively low in Italy tie.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Socks: $ 50 to 125 US dollars

Divided into cotton, wool two materials, positioned at different price of $ 50/65, stockings will have $ 125.

Pocket towel: $ 95 US dollars

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Pocket towel into linen, cotton material, will be $ 95 more colors, but ISAIA the few bright spots in the pocket towel.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Naples, Italy PDO.

ISAIA solely controlled by Isaia family, all products are from South Pearl 2000 Italy Naples craftsmen, not set up overseas foundries.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Currently ISAIA responsible for Lane Crawford’s Imaginex Group brand marketing, belong to Crawford Imaginex brand as well as Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Paul & Shark, ISAIA, Paul Smith, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Juicy, DKNY , Club Monaco and so on. In the Chinese district, ISAIA partner is Feng Group has acquired men’s brand a.testoni of UCCAL. (Feng’s Trinity operates the Kent & Curwen, Cerruti 1881, Gieves & Hawkes and D’URBAN and other men’s brand). Yes, Italy, the UK men’s half of the industry is now in the hands of the Chinese people.

Founder Gianluca Isaia readme:

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

We wanted to build a “ISAIA” the image of men, it is a real man, a man so afraid revealed the real me, not fear, but also a shame not afraid to be emotional cry of men. Even if he was falling out of love, but he does not pretend to be brave, but will reveal my heart is a real man. His attention to detail, like art, self-motivated to work but who enjoys life passionate man. This is the image “ISAIA” We want to create the men.

Official network operators making plans

The main reason people and friends reality show

Domestic star upper body

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Well, now let’s look at the clothes in kind

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

ISAIA typically provide lightweight fabrics, natural NAPOLI shoulder line, anesthesia lining, lining cloth half, waist suit jacket.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Because of the relationship between style and positioning, ISAIA basically did not like Kiton “14Micro / Super180” like high-count fabric, pragmatic 120S has a good performance in anti-wrinkle, wear-resistant aspects.

In addition to ISAIA sans serif unstructured models, the full range of both machines are satisfied lapel + anesthesia lining of the production process.

Technology, materials PK, left to Brioni, Isaia right is, it can be seen Brioni needlework better but the gap, super 120s this piece of fabric with Brioni Isaia than this to be a lot of high-count.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

reality show:

The first: Japan united arrows cooperation in Asia in particular version 120s wool Blazer

Southern Italy Naples suit known as the traditional emphasis on broad shoulders and slender, Kiton, Belvest, Attolini been true. But Isaia in the Asian custom fit to do it to the extreme.

Jacket: isaia

Trouser: nanamica

Brace: RRL

Shirt: RL BL

Tie: RL PL

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Square: RL PL

The second wool linen blend blazer

Fabrics from carlo barbera, 75% linen + 25% wool blend, very thin. Napoli are traditional tailoring, armhole smaller, more manual labor.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Trouser: wildthings

Vest: POLO

Wallet: RRL

Watch: Vintage

The third thing: 120s wool blazer

Trouser: Brioni

Vest: banana republic

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Some ISAIA model comes with official website map

Finally, on the brand, appendix self summarized men’s ladder:

(Includes only the brand of men’s suits, vests, shirts level, without regard to the overall strength of other products, such as shoe-making system high points can not pack level. Does not consider fabrics, such as wool fabrics with llama horizontal Cambodia do not say good clothes.)


机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

(Handmade shoulder, anesthesia lining / full Mawei lining, part Kadena lapel, hand locking eyes, ultra-small armhole, completely fit body, optional 180s + high count fabrics or pure cashmere, vicuna wool and other fabrics, have their own unique manual approach, have their own factories and tailor.)

Huntsman, Anderson Sheppard (savile row), Kiton (pitti uomo), Brioni (to political and business), Attolini (pitti uomo), ZILLI

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

(2.) Top

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

(Possible machine lock eye machine naute, the rest of the same)

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Oxxford, Tom Ford, Zegna Customized, Borrelli, Belvest customization, Sartoria (Kiton), Stefano Ricci, Hermes

(3.) First line

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

(Less manual labor than the top, but solid work fine, every product is not bad)

Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Caruso, Pal Zileri, Corneliani, Canali custom, E. Zegana,

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界


机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

, Chester Barrie, Lanvin, Hermes

(4.) Second line

Loro Piana, BB Gold Label, Ralph Lauren Black Label, Dunhill, W.W.Chan custom, LUIGI BORRELLI

(5.) Practical men’s brand

BB black mark, suitsupply, POLO Ralph Lauren, Ring Jacket, BOGLIOLI

(6.) Designer brand, first-line men’s brand sub-line,

Qualified quality, high premium, often don’t make new intentions (higher consumers think that it is a blocker)

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Dior Homme, G.Armani, Thom Browne, Kenzo, Givenchy, Prada, Visvim, Paul Smith London, Burberry London, YSL / SLP

(7) graduate job (quality equivalent to the above-mentioned brands, lower prices)

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

J Press, Charles Tyrwhitt, Blue Leopard, Big Yangtui, Qingshan Ocean, Burberry Black Label, Brooks Brothers 1818, Yorgor, George White

(8.) It is recommended to give up (high premium, quality is no advantageous than domestic brands)

BrooksBrother 346, Paul Smith (non-Anglo-Italian production), Hugo Boss, Etro, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Armani Exchange, Armani Collezioni, Armani Jeans, E.Armani, CK, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Z Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana, J Crew , Beams, MCM, HM, ZARA, all Korean goods, soil tailor custom, supreme, stussy tide and other US brands.

机能潮流/潮·户外 篇五:性感西装——那不勒斯怪杰 ISAIA 宽肩细腰的世界

Note: It is not easy to buy in China, and the brand with lower influence has been ignored, such as LBM1911.

Jacket: isaia

Jacket: isaia

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