Retro solid wood jewelry box, do your best to storage your beauty

In this era of face value, many times we look at the face value when judging things. After all, everyone has the beauty of beauty! Faced with beautiful and exquisite jewelry, girls often have no resistance.

Girls who love beauty have all kinds of jewelry. Whether they bought them or others, they bring one or two of them every day. What should I do if the remaining jewelry should be? If you freely storage will hurt the gloss and color of the jewelry, it is better to choose a beautiful and high -quality jewelry box to classify different jewelry to protect your valuable materials from being destroyed and help you hide the bright romance.

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The ingenious wooden jewelry storage box, natural texture, retro color, is very romantic and elegant. The multi -function drawer design, different jewelry can be placed in the corresponding drawer, so that you can get it.


Design highlight


Fully locking design to better protect private space, which can prevent children from curiosity. The golden handle is not only convenient to lift and embellish the jewelry box, but it shows noble luxury. Round -up hand, carefully crafted, every corner is finely polished, and it is done for boutiques. The scientific and reasonable partition can be classified and stored according to the size of the jewelry, gently treat each jewelry, so that the jewelry is not messy.


material analysis


The storage box created by Matsuki New Zealand, the tight internal structure, enhanced the overall load, natural and fine wood texture, revealing a bit of natural atmosphere. The inside uses high -quality high dense pills, soft touch, and effectively protects the wear of jewelry. High -quality hardware united pages, after multiple opening and closing tests, are not easy to wear deformation, and have a long service life.


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