The “Double 11” tourism special product promotion is seductive, and the “pie” should also prevent traps

The annual “Double 11” carnival shopping festival is approaching, and many online tourism platforms and offline travel agencies have launched promotional products to seize the tourism market. Industry insiders remind: While paying attention to “pies”, they must also beware of traps. They must not blindly follow the crowd and raise awareness of rational consumption and legal rights protection.

The homepage of a platform began to push the “Double 11” tourism products. webpage Screenshot

“Tourism+Double 11” heat does not decrease

In the eyes of many tourism companies, “Double 11” is like fragrant. Although affected by the epidemic, tourism promotion is still hot, many tourism companies have launched the “Double 11” promotional activities, and consumers have also responded to the purchase of “Double 11” pre -sale products.

The reporter searched for major online tourism platforms found that at present, the “Double 11” discounts launched by tourism companies mainly include full reduction, low -priced spikes, large subsidies, “red envelope rain” and so on. Travel packages are mainly domestic and district tourism. Outreach travel, such as Sanya 5 days and 4 nights, the original price is about 3,000 yuan. , Sports car tour experience. Tour in the area, such as Guilin, followed the group for 5 days and 4 nights. The original price was about 3,400 yuan. After receiving the discount subsidy for the full decrease, it was only 1700 yuan and it was marked that the refund was not damaged.

In addition to various tourism discount packages, many online tourism companies have also launched many preferential events with major hotels, such as “Flying Pig” and “Marriott Traveling to Enjoy Home” to start a series of “Traveling Tide Play” pre -sale activities. The official platform shows that the Marriott members can participate in the pre -sale to the Flying Pig’s “Marriott International Group Flagship Store” within the designated date, including 11.11 yuan to 300 yuan coupon bag, multi -category hotel package, food package and other choices, so as to be generous Polite and high -quality travel experience meet the diverse needs of members.

In terms of offline travel agencies, the discounts of “Double 11” are synchronized. The person in charge of a travel agency in Nanning told reporters that during the “Double 11” period, the travel agency launched the “government subsidy group” in the district. Hezhou Fuchuan, Guilin Gongcheng and Yangshuo 299 yuan three -day tour. Hotels, etc.


At present, the “Double 11” discounts are mainly in district tourism. There are very few Guangxi people who travel outside the province. Affected by the epidemic, the travel agencies have not issued a group for the central and high -risk areas announced by the country.

“Delicious pie” or hidden trap

Travel special products are endless. In addition to the affordable price, the online celebrity villas recommended by “Little Red Book”, the wine dishes promoted by tourism posters with hot spring hotels, and the selling points such as tickets will be sent to the attractions. , But behind the seemingly “delicious pie” may hidden heavy traps.

Ms. Zhu, a citizen of Nanning, told reporters that she had bought a 99 yuan ticket blind box during the “Double 11” period, and she started to choose from, but the destination was random. After more than a week of buying, she could only dismantle the blind box and promote the poster on the poster. It is said to go to Sanya Lijiang and other places, but the actual scenic spots and scenic spots are some places that have never been heard and do not provide consignment services, so they choose to return directly.

“I also have friends who have bought similar blind boxes. Before preparing to travel, they were told that the air ticket was temporarily canceled, but it was not refunded. It only refunded the handling fee according to the corresponding proportion. “Ms. Zhu said.

Mr. Zeng, who has many years of experience in travel industry, said that the “Double 11” in the past years, 1 yuan, 11 yuan, 111 yuan discounts, spike tourism products abound. However, after receiving a lot of complaints on the discounts and spike products for tourism companies.

Mr. Zeng introduced that online tourism service companies will bundle air tickets, hotels and scenic spots to sell together. Although there are large discounts such as such package products, it is very difficult for consumers to unsite the product or change the date of travel. Even if they agree The change of the signing will also be charged a high amount of procedures. Some electronic tickets only implement preferential purchases for specific guests, and some need to make up the difference on the spot on holidays. Consumers buy a lot of disputes without reading online tourism products.

More citizens will pay special attention to the safety factor and supporting services of special products when traveling. From the perspective of random interviews and investigations of reporters, more than 90%of the planned interviewees are most concerned about the service quality and safety guarantee of the land and destination. ; 16%of the routines for travel are most concerned; less than 5%of the respondents are most concerned about travel costs.

Mr. Xu, who loves tourism on weekdays, said that recently intended to travel with friends in the district. They paid attention to some preferential gift packages launched by tourism agencies. Save worrying. “

Please buy through regular channels or high credibility platforms

Mr. Zeng, a person in the industry, reminded that as a consumer, in the “Double 11” linkage carnival of the tourism industry and e -commerce, if you buy a special product, you must first choose to buy on a regular and credible e -commerce platform and travel agency. It is worth noting that the name of travel agencies indicated on the Internet, especially some well -known travel agencies brands may be counterfeit. Consumers must buy through relevant travel platforms or the official website of travel agencies and WeChat public accounts. Confirm the phone and beware of online fraud.

Mr. Zeng also specially reminded that special products often come with harsh terms, mainly because it cannot be refunded, and time cannot be changed. Consumers must carefully read the details of tourism products before buying. Plug in gimmicks, and pay for the safe journey. At the same time, pay attention to preserving data such as screenshots, chat records, electronic orders, and payment records of promotional activities. If losses or disputes occur in the future, these can be used as an important weapon to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

It must be reminded that at present, the local epidemic in my country is sporadic and local aggregate epidemic is overlay. In addition, it is the high incidence of influenza in the epidemic season. It is essential to choose to travel in autumn and winter to fully do personal protection.

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