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Do you know the reputation of the country?


Guo Yu is one of the largest stationery brands in Japan, especially notebooks. According to the city’s cities in Japan, the proportion of more than 30,000 people surveyed was as high as 91%, and the proportion of still used was 36%.


■ Guoyu Stationery Exhibition Hall Picture: Guo Yu

Some people have such a question: Where is the book of the national reputation? Which products are worth buying?

A few days ago, the thoughtful journey visited the Guoyu Shanghai Exhibition Hall who was not open to the outside world, and interviewed the members of the Development Department Tian Xing, Chen Yu, and Yang Chu to bring you this big decryption!


■ From left to right, Yang Chu, Chen Meng, and Tian Yan Xingchen

This book: The right one is the best

It is indeed the Campus notebook that has been launched for more than 40 years and the 5th generation of the 5th generation -you can see a book with a whole wall after entering the exhibition hall, making you seem to fall into the ocean of this volume.

■ Guo Yu Campus notebook

Of course, for Zhou Xunjun, what is important is that he can finally ask the designer questions in person and answer questions!

Different paper of notebooks

How to choose?

Student Party and office workers

How to choose a book that suits you? The answer is revealed immediately.

①Campus notebook basic model


First look at the basic model of CAMPUS notebook, use


Weighing 70g/㎡, line spacing 8mm, from environmentally friendly planting forests, smooth paper paper

Campus original paper. The 8mm line spacing is more suitable for writing Chinese characters, which is a change made by the national reputation in the Chinese market.

Basic models also have new members. Developers specifically introduced the upper book launched last year to Zhou Xunjun. The size of this volume remains unchanged. After the shared area, the area doubles, which can be written more smoothly, which is very popular with the student group.

② Limited books


Autumn fruit limited, winter college festival limited … The limited models of national reputation are endless, and more importantly, it is more important. Many people buy it for the first time. The paper is the same as the basic model, both of which are Campus original paper.

③ illustrator design

■ Design book

In cooperation with the illustrator, Guo Yu will launch a batch of design books every year.

Generally speaking, there is no “CAMPUS” logo on the cover of the design. It is not Campus raw paper, but the price is cheaper.

④ Guoyu 澪 澪 MIO notebook


■ The meat color book in the above picture, the national reputable MIO notebook


If you like a thin book, you can take a look at the Guoyu MiO notebook. It uses special MIO paper, heavy


, 20%lighter than traditional paper. Paper




Fast drying, anti -scallion, anti -seepage


Neutral paper

Can be stored for a long time.

Throughout the evaluation of this. The advantage is that the ink is fast, not osmotic or infiltrated, and the writing is smooth. But it also has its own shortcomings. Although the anti -penetration treatment is made, the paper is thin -if the pen type with a large water gun type is used, the handwriting on the back of the paper is quite obvious. In addition, because it is an imported notebook, its line is only 7mm, and it is not friendly to friends who like to write big characters.

Overall, this is a book that is more suitable for neutral pen writing and suitable for small characters. The MO handbook also uses this kind of paper, which takes its advantages of light and easy to carry.

⑤ Business notebook


Some people pursue the original flavor and like the “Japanese local version” stationery. Then, in addition to the Guo Yu -style MIO notebook mentioned earlier, there is also this series of business notebooks.


Its main feature is the use of a high -level blue -black gray cover, which is suitable for office workers. In addition, its inner page has a 5mm square, 6mm point line, 7mm point -line, blank book and other types. Here you may introduce the method of selecting the book through the line -general, generally,, in general, in general, in general, in general, in general, in general, in general, in general, in general,


5mm is suitable for writing English, 6mm and 7mm writing Japanese, 8mm suitable for writing Chinese characters


⑥ Live pages and live pages paper

In addition to the wireless binding book, the live page is also a common sale in the national reputation book. Its advantages are that there are only live pages on both sides, and writing does not hand. Push -pull fixture is easy to open and close, and it can be operated with one hand.

The country’s reputation as a live page provides a large number of choice of live pages, paper with ordinary thickness, thick paper, smooth version of paper, and damping paper. In general, “paper with a sense of damping is still more popular,” because the user of stationery is mainly students, and writing slowly is not suitable for students.

New product: Discover pain points that are not easy to perceive

① Pillow bag

“Can it be said that it is beyond expectations?” Speaking of new products sold this year, the pillow bag must not be missed. In order to provide a limited inventory to consumers, the employees of Guo Yu can only “compete on the same stage” and grab a small amount.

Throughout the Jun, in the National Tmall flagship store, white and blue pillow bags are still out of stock.


Chen Meiyu is a designer of this product. His idea when designing this product is very interesting -if you want to sleep at noon at noon, you can use it as a pillow.


For consumers, such a “soft Fufu” bag is far more than just pens, but also camera bags and cosmetic bags.

② The original paper color correction band

“Discover the pain points that are not easy to perceive”, this is the feelings brought by the CAMPUS original paper color design designed by Tian Yanchen.

After using the correction band, a brightening trace will appear on the notebook, which makes “obsessive -compulsive patients” uncomfortable. The original paper color correction band has made a little change in the color, which is more yellow than the ordinary correction band. It is very considerate to adapt to a Campus original paper notebook with a white 83%whiteness!

Of course, the paper of the Campus notebook is still relatively white. For the yellow books and papers of the student days, the original paper color correction belt is also powerless.


For more new products, see for details → only two days left! Guo Yu opened a pop -up shop, new stationery harvested wallet

Imported articles: face value and function are indispensable

In the exhibition hall of the Guoyu Shanghai, thoughtfulness was more surprised by the “localization” of Guoyu Stationery. Not only did many Chinese production, but also many Chinese designs.

But there are also a few series from Japan, each with unique “temperament”!


① KOKUYO Me series

The Kokuyo ME series is one of the most popular series launched by Guo Yu in recent years. It was launched in 2019 and designed for office workers.

The biggest feature is that the appearance is very fashionable! The ENPITSH SHARP limited automatic pencil suit in the series of products won this year’s “Japanese Stationery Awards” design department award. The quick -dried pen vividry also uses the color matching color, but don’t be confused. Their core is actually black.

② GLOO series

GLOO is a series of sticky products launched by Guo Yu and NENDO. Among them, GLOO’s right -angle glue has changed the shape of solid glue from a consistent circle to square, which is convenient for users to apply paper corners and receive the honor of the “Japanese Stationery House Awards”.

Throughout the Jun also unexpectedly discovered that unlike the minimalist wind in the impression, GLOO also has a more lively version.

③ Bobbin series

The paper tape is popular, have you entered the pit? The Bobbin series contains a variety of small tape packagers, which is small and cute. It is reported that the “Stationery Women’s Expo” held in Japan was sold out on the first day.

Throughout the design of its hand shake the most, it will squeak when it shakes, retro and interesting.


The small fresh appearance is convenient for carriers. When the blade is not used, you can retrieve it into the scissors -Guo Yu’s pen -shaped scissors Saxa Poche is also the winner of the “Japanese Stationery House Awards”.


Although the pen -shaped scissors are not designed by Guo Yu, the version of the Guo Yu has its own characteristics -the arc -shaped blade, allowing you to use more effort. Look at the blade of another SAXA scissors ↓


How is the meticulous stationery born? Tian Yanchen told Thoughtful Jun that the needs of users and the needs of the social environment should be considered. More new products, more limited, see “Guo Yu Bo” on July 15th!


Guo Yu Stationery Exhibition Hall


Address: 1st Floor, Building B, Building B, No. 633, Jinzhong Road, Changning District, Shanghai


Source: thoughtful

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