How does the computer connect to Bluetooth headset? Just follow this step, easily get it

When using a computer, many friends want to configure a Bluetooth headset, but do not know how to connect. In this issue, I talk about how to use a computer to connect the Bluetooth headset.


Before talking about the steps, let’s talk about the types of Bluetooth headsets. There are two types of Bluetooth headsets: one is a Bluetooth function that needs to be paired with the Bluetooth function of the computer before it can be used; Instruments, as long as the receiver is inserted on the USB interface of the computer, you can use the headset directly. This headset is also called “wireless headset”. It is a “wireless headset” that applies Bluetooth technology. The connection method of the headset.


First turn on the switch of the Bluetooth headset and let it be in a “searched” state. As shown below:


Then turn on the start menu in the lower left corner of the computer and click the “Gear -shaped” icon. As shown below:


Click the icon to enter the system “set” interface and click “Device” in the setting interface. As shown below:

After clicking the “Device” option, select Bluetooth and other devices in the pop -up menu, open the “Bluetooth” of the details page, and click the “Add Bluetooth and other devices” option. As shown below:


After clicking “Add Bluetooth and other devices”, a dialog box will pop up and select “Bluetooth”. As shown below:

At this time, the Bluetooth module of the computer will search for equipment that can be connected nearby, because the Bluetooth headset was turned on before, as long as the Bluetooth headset function is normal, it can be searched by the computer. As shown below:

Select the search “Bluetooth headset” device, the computer will automatically connect. After the connection is successful, the Bluetooth ear will send a prompt sound. At this time, the Bluetooth headset is completed and can be used normally.

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