Make property services as convenient as online shopping! The “Ten -piece Brothers” is gradually covering 28 communities in Xinhong

“Didi …” It reminded the sound. By the intelligent garbage management system, the technical staff of the Xinhong Street Urban Construction Center introduced: “When the garbage overflows, this intelligent system will automatically alarm to remind us to deal with it; Video surveillance also provides help for precision supervision after garbage classification. These functions have played a lot of role in the process of residents’ launch. “


“Can you make pocket money for recycling garbage?” Before the newly installed intelligent recycling cabinet in Aibo Si Village, Aunt Liang was curious about the “Blue Friends Garbage Recycling Box”. The recyclable classification is classified into the intelligent recycling cabinet. After the “Ding” sounds, the cash obtained by the recycling garbage is transferred to the binding WeChat account in the form of “resource coin”.


According to the technical staff of Xinhong Street Urban Construction Center, this device can achieve the front -end classification collection and improve the utilization rate of resources. The monthly plastic product release has reached 900 kilograms. If the amount is full, the system will send a prompt message to the background, and the responsible persons will come to the cabinet as soon as possible. “Now, some older residents are difficult to operate, but we will increase the strength of publicity.” Said the staff of the neighborhood committee of Ai Boshi Village.

The layout of intelligent equipment is gradually increasing the level of property services in various communities in Xinhong Street, and covers the property management work of 28 communities. In the practice of “Party Construction and Pilot and Red Property”, Xinhong R & D community smart management work has gradually found new paths in the digital transformation of community governance. Three years ago, the city was the first to apply for “smart housing management platform”. “Xinhong Street Smart Residential Information Platform”, five major functional modules, integrate property supervision, industrial committee construction, leasing management, emergency command, health portrait, and health portrait. Now the system is still being upgraded, and it is constantly empowering digital to enhance the foresight of property management. Accuracy and efficiency.

Neurons on the palm, making property services as convenient as online shopping

Recently, a resident of Aibo Ercun reported on the “shooting”: there are debris in the corridor, bicycles on the stairs, please help handle, thank you. After the problem was reported, it was resolved that day. The resident made five stars for the property service and evaluated: “Originally, I just tried the idea of ​​trying. I did not expect to make rectification so quickly. It was very efficient. I hope that it can provide better services to the owners in the later period. “


It is reported that this platform is the neuron platform that was launched three years ago -the property through the car. The street uses the “free shoot” function of the property through the property, mobilize the staff of the street staff and the community residents to find problems in the community, urge the property to make rectification, and use the system to automatically send orders and early warning. Essence


“One machine is in hand, and rectification is not worried.” Xiao Wang, a resident in Huamei, said, “This platform is easy to use, finding problems, uploading it by taking pictures, you don’t need to run to the property office, the rectification results will quickly feedback , And residents can also feedback the satisfaction of rectification by scoring, satisfaction can be ‘five stars praise’, and dissatisfaction can also be ‘one -star bad review’! It is just as convenient as online shopping. “

You can see in the management background that there are many problems. For example, there is an abandoned mattress in the corridor, a horse honeycomb on the tree, the green box is damaged, and there are graffiti at the door … All residents felt that it was “not worth” before. The “little thing” of the property may not be mentioned after not reflecting. With this platform with casual shots and newspapers, it is much more convenient.

At present, the “Xinhong Street Smart Residential Information Platform” is equipped with “Property Train” in the entire region. Xinhongfang Tube “WeChat public account takes photos to obtain evidence, select rectification categories such as maintenance and maintenance, safety hazards, parking management, etc., submits to the property management issues to the platform, and can inquire and dispose of progress in real time.


There are 147 autonomous micro -grids in the 14 neighborhood committees in Xinhong’s jurisdiction. For cases reported by residents who are not reported to the real estate disposal, the neighborhood committees come to the door to communicate and coordinate. Essence By establishing a grid case of the coordinated grid case, the disposal mechanism is sent, and the urban transport center will be sent to the main responsibility department and the responsibility department for the first time through the grid management platform according to the grid positioning and authority of the case. Disposal, form a joint force, improve the efficiency of the single disposal of grid cases, and form a closed loop of case disposal, so that residents reflect that the parts have the fall, everything is echoed, and truly achieves the “one -network unified management and one Netcom office.”

“Ground+air” neurons help community governance


Following community stubborn diseases such as motor vehicles, high -altitude parabolic, and non -motorized vehicle parking in the community, Xinhong Street will deploy perception equipment such as illegal parking magnetic, intelligent smoke, and high -throw intelligent capture in various communities. All IoT perception equipment and street house emergency maintenance systems, the industry committee’s online board, rental house inspection system, property through traffic, and urban transportation center 12345 cases gathered; Integrate the data of business system systems, comprehensively supervise the quality of property maintenance, community security, use of maintenance funds, and public income. Through platform data analysis, health portraits of various property management projects are used Social announcement provides scientific and technological means and data support for community governance.


“Hello, we are a community property. We received a prompt from the sensor sensor sensor sensor. Your vehicle stopped the road in violation of the road. I hope you can drive the car away as soon as possible, and try to avoid this situation in the future.”

The “geomagnetic vehicle sensor” in the property staff is installed in the main road and fire channels such as Aiwa Village Community in Xinhong Street, and the property will be prohibited in the parking area, and the property will receive the alarm reminder of the alarm released by the perception equipment. You will contact the owner to solve the problem. According to relevant data, compared with the same period of 2020, the phenomenon of private cars has decreased by nearly 80%.

On the ground vertical rods of each building entrance and green belt at the high -rise floor of Aibo Four Village, eight sets of triggering monitoring equipment are installed.


△ High -altitude parabolic capture, real -time trajectory map

Only when a high -altitude parabolic occurs, the system automatically captures and records the parabola trajectory, locking the throwing position. The supervision platform will come to the door immediately after the feedback property is received. After the installation and use of equipment, the incidence of high -altitude parabolic cases in community decreased by nearly 85%, which not only relieved the residents’ concerns about privacy leakage, but also deterred the uncivilized behavior of random high parabolic.


In addition to the above introduction, the “Ten -piece Brothers” of the smart community also includes 10 equipment such as elevator resistance systems, smart fire hydrants, corridor stack detection, fire water tanks, flood prevention wells. The quality of life.


Text: Xinhong Street

Edit: Mao Haiping

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