Popular trend, 7 in the European and American style of 7 hot star circles in 2022

Summer is here, sunglasses must be an indispensable fashion item this season. The fashionable MMs go out, draw less eye makeup, and a pair of sunglasses suitable for them. On the one hand, you can sunscreen to avoid ultraviolet damage to the eyes, and on the other hand, you can also make good concave shapes.

Today, I can search for you in Europe and the United States in 2022, and choose the style suitable for your face. It can modify the face shape and show your personality. Don’t underestimate the ability to repair a pair of sunglasses, it is definitely worth spending a sum of money.

1. Cat -type sunglasses release your inner wildness


Cat frame sunglasses added retro appearance in the 1970s, which are said to be one of the most delicate styles. The triangular pointed pointed will highlight your eyebrow bow, and promote the clear lines of chin. Wearing a face lines more beautiful, adding a touch of fun to your dress.

2. Perfect round sunglasses

One of the round sunglasses of the shape artifact, the perfect collision of retro and fashionable. The cool round frame can be matched with various shapes. From business to leisure, a full black suit is a bit rigid at first glance. Wearing round sunglasses can make the whole dress instantly lively. If you want to be more eye -catching, you can choose a large round frame, and use two -color gradient round lenses to add more retro. If you want a low -key circular sunglasses, then smaller frames are your first choice.

3. Shadow lens sunglasses

The shadow lens looks warm and elegant. The latest trend of sunglasses in 2022. With the love of actresses Taylor Hill and Bellahadad, shadow sunglasses have become the focus of attention. You can choose the color of the lens according to your skin tone, and the skin tone is darker, so you can control any color. The skin color is pale or lighter, so it is best to choose the color in the yellow range, which will greatly enhance your skin color.

4 Retro pilots / double bar sunglasses


In 2022, major brands, large -frame retro -style glasses everywhere. It brought back to the 1970s, with a variety of shapes and styles to choose from, from rectangular to traditional pilot -style glasses. The minimalist style of the 1970s was in the current popular style of 2022.


5 Classic Moisturizer Sunglasses

If you think that the round mirror frame is very popular in 2022, it means that the square frame is not popular. You are wrong, the classic of square sunglasses forever. Simple and modern appearance, the wild king in sunglasses. Female stars Julia Roberts, Gwwinse, wearing square sunglasses in any occasion.


6, black super large sunglasses


Another popular sunglasses this year, large and exaggerated frame shape. Remember, it must be a larger, thicker and bold shape. A large sunglasses that can cause passers -by to be amazed, wearing it on the street, you are the most beautiful girl!

7. Fashionable chain sunglasses


Fashionable and practical, sunglasses with chain. Do you think of the old flower mirror style worn when reading newspapers. Don’t get me wrong. The color of the glasses chain is bright and the color framework is matched. It is very suitable for colorful summer. Perfectly evolved a functional object into a fashion accessory.

After reading these popular models, is it super heartbeat? Do you still need to worry about this summer fashion? Choose your fashionable model to explode the street!

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